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  1. I'm with you on that one! 🍺
  2. I wish there was a "Blech!" icon to use for something like this. LOL
  3. Wow! Excellent shots. The "grayness" really brings everything out ... very crisp and clear. (Note to self - Vic, book a cruise to Alaska in 2023! Regards, Vic 🙃)
  4. You're not missing much in the real world. Same ol horse manure, as usual.
  5. Koningsdam is docked in San Pedro at Berth92. You can get a great view of her on the port webcam. And Grand Princess is docked behind her. Not sure when both are sailing, tho.
  6. In my numerous times on board, I've seen teens dressed better than some adults. 🤯🙃
  7. What really makes me scratch my head in wonder is why won't they upgrade the cabin bathrooms ... It's obvious the money is (was) there. But the useless OM took precedence. Go figure. 🤔
  8. Hmmm ... Consequences of ringing that bell. The individual that does, has to buy the whole room a drink. 🤑
  9. Easy access from both sides. Even though the deck plan doesn't show it, there are exterior doors at the end of both port, and starboard passageways. I was a "deck 6" resident a few times, and love the location. Very quiet. Try to get a cabin starboard ... less noise due to the kids playroom entrance is port.
  10. Your English IS perfect! I don't know why you thought otherwise.
  11. Hope not. 🤯 😵 They should concentrate on upgrading the cabin bathrooms instead. 🤐
  12. Now it makes sense. Thanks Steelers! 👍
  13. Worked like a charm for me. (Thanks Thrak!!) But since I'm here, might as well mention THAT is the only way I can use the app. Every time I try signing in with my email user ID, a red message says to link my Princess ID to the app. Que?!? 😵
  14. So what's the "Blue Lane" (and green, orange, etc) for? 😵🤔
  15. You forgot to mention robes in public areas, and cabin chairs. 🤯🤣
  16. Have a few drinks at Crooners, get tipsy, sing with the piano dude ... Repeat. 🙃
  17. Brother, just what I needed again. 😠 But I won't worry about it unless an official letter arrives in my mailbox. ( I was one of the unfortunate souls that was affected by the last one. Got a letter from Carnival Corp regarding that, and nothing out of the ordinary happened to me. Until a few months later when strange emails were threatening to exort me unless I paid $843 in Bitcoin. I ignored them, and nothing happened. Just ride it out, and wait for an official notification.)
  18. I agree with Scott. It would be better for the OP to drop the car off in San Pedro. A long while ago, I was rental car shopping, and found out Enterprise has a location a few blocks away from the cruise terminal. (But I'm sure others have as well.) Hope rsail203 reads this before they finalize anything. 😎
  19. I agree as well. If I were going (wishful thinking 🤣) I wouldn't complain about the ports, or lack of. I'd sit back, and enjoy the ride. 🍺🌴
  20. Believe it, or not, I've never heard this one. Time for bed! LOL Good night, Lestat. 😁
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