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  1. I rarely will book a tour with the cruise company (unless I have a bunch of on board credit or limited time in port) I will usually research and book independent tours and share them on my roll call, or join someone else's tour. I do not like using consolidators as a rule because you have no idea who the tour company will be. My one experience with a consolidator was Cruising Excursions where we had a couple good tours and several not so good. We had booked a package for multiple ports. I would never use them again. I highly recommend checking out tours on your roll call. On the other hand, if you do decide to use Viator, don't forget to use the code SEPT9 for 10% off that is advertised here on CruiseCritic.
  2. We are flying nonstop to Rome in October and I booked a really cheap fare on Alitalia using eZAir. I wanted to reserve the extra legroom seats, and when I called they only had 6 of them left on the plane, I had Princess ticket my airfare so I could reserve the seats I wanted. It made my ticket into a restricted fare, but the price won't go down, and I'm happy with the flight, so it was the right decision for me..
  3. Ok, thanks, that clarifies it.
  4. Not according to the itinerary in my cruise personalizer.
  5. Gee, everything sounds so organized (not). Maybe I will contact the tour organizer in Lima and see if they can answer the question. I don't know how we could possibly go directly to Santiago from Lima without leaving the airport first because the itinerary mentions something about leaving luggage at the hotel in Lima when flying to Cusco and picking it up when we return. Unless the tour managers take care of the luggage? Too many questions.
  6. You are correct, its not there. Very strange. I guess I will add a tour of Lima to the list. Perhaps you want to join us. I am looking at one of these tours: PACHACAMAC:Transfer from your hotel 30 Km south of Lima to the pre-inca complex of Pachacamac. Thought to be an oracle and also royal dwellings, the site is clearly divided into three parts; the first and oldest temple of rustic design, the second, known as the temple of the sun, and the third or temple of the moon, known as Aclla Wasi, which is clearly of Inca design. CARAL:Transfer from your hotel for a full day´s guided visit to Caral, the oldest civilisation in the Americas. Dating back to over 3000BC, this earliest of settlements developed almost simultaneously with the civilisations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China. Full day tour before returning to Lima and your hotel. Thank you everyone who is sharing all this helpful information. I really appreciate it. If anyone has any other tour info or advise, please continue sharing .😊
  7. https://www.princess.com/find/cruiseDetails.do?voyageCode=6006&tourCode=T0S02A Here is the link to the cruisetour itinerary. Scroll down to March 4th. It mentions a panoramic tour (whatever that means).
  8. The tour description says fly back to Lima and enjoy a panoramic tour of the city. Continue journey to Santiago....Was that just a quicky tour on the way to Santiago, or did you really have time to see the city? I am trying to plan my day in Lima pre-tour and was thinking about going to the Caral Archeological site or Pachacamac, but I don't want to miss seeing Lima either. Does anyone remember how comprehensive the tour was?
  9. I guess the The Detourist Program is at least a year old. Here is some info that was posted: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2554042-quotdetourist-programquot/
  10. I was just about to post a link to this discussion on the roll call.
  11. I Me too. (except maybe not the 5am part and maybe not the guinea pig lunch) Thanks for all the information. I'm sure I will have many more questions over the next few months as I plan this trip. In fact I just thought of one for you or trvlwrld. Did you book any independent tours while on the cruise where you can recommend the companies? So far, all I have booked is the Falkland Islands.
  12. MN SYRUP CRUISER and trvlwrld,, If possible, I would love to hear your experiences about this tour including: About how many people do they usually have on the tour? What was the average age? How strenuous was the trip, especially the Machu Picchu portion? Any suggestions for people taking the trip? Thanks
  13. Thank you very much for the information. I will try to get a reservation (that I can cancel if necessary) at the Swissotel in Lima That's the same place they used the year before.. Thanks for responding. I have been trying. The first time I called they told me they had no idea what hotels were being used, but the pre-tour reservations were full . They couldn't explain how they were full if they didn't even know what the hotels were. They put me on a wait list. When I called back a month later, they still had no information (it should be available maybe 30 days before departure), and confirmed that there was a note about me being waitlisted, but there isn't an actual list, so I have no idea what number on this supposed (not) list I am. Very frustrating. In the meantime, I booked a hotel using Hilton points in the Miraflores area assuming that's the neighborhood Princess would use.
  14. Thanks for responding. I am talking about the 5 -6 day pre-cruise Cruisetour which starts in Lima , same tour in the opposite direction of lorri111. If possible, I want to book the same hotel pre tour that Princess uses (but they can't or won't tell me what it is). I want to fly in the day before the tour starts.
  15. Someone posted this on the South America site and TripAdvisor several months ago and there hasn't been any response. Now I am looking for the answers too, so I thought I would try here. Does anyone know the hotels Princess usually uses during their land tour To Machu Picchu? . Someone on this forum must have gone Dec 2018- March 2019. I am especially interested in Lima, but would like to know the others as well. . All I could find was a post from cruise critic UK listing hotels from DEC. 2017. Princess tells me they don't know what they will be yet. Thank you.
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