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  1. We got off the Crown Princess on February 25th after 3 weeks of sailing and had about $700 refundable OBC due. I was pleasantly surprised when a check from Bottomline arrived in the mail by March 20. Our friends that travelled with us received theirs at the same time. I guess we were really lucky for such a quick turnaround. I would definitely contact Princess since Bottomline has no record of your refund. Good Luck!
  2. I am wondering why it is taking longer for some to receive their refundable onboard credit versus others. Our cruise ended on Feb. 25th and the check from Bottomline Technologies came last weekend-less that 4 weeks from the end of our cruise. One thought I had was maybe it depended on where the onboard credit originated, even though both were fully refundable. We received onboard credit from FCC, military service, ports missed so port charges refunded, taxes refunded as a result, good will credit from Princess for missing these ports and having time in ports adjusted, and finally a huge ch
  3. Thanks to all of you for the replies. Our refund of the onboard credit came today by check from Bottomline. It has been about 3 1/2 weeks since we disembarked the Crown Princess. I think the reason this came in a timely manner was because it came from a third party, Bottomline, rather than from Princess. I hope that the many Princess customers who have had their cruises cancelled will have success in getting their monies returned as quickly as possible.
  4. Thanks for all the responses. Our credit is all refundable.
  5. For the first time ever we disembarked a ship with several hundred dollars of refundable onboard credit in our account. When can we expect to see that credit and do we need to do anything to recover it? I don't even want to consider calling Princess because I am sure their lines are busy with all is currently ongoing.
  6. We took the Stars and Stripes tour through Princess when we were on a Hawaiian cruise last February. This was our second visit to the Arizona but the first time that we were able to tour the Missouri. It was not yet open for touring on our previous visit. We felt we had adequate time to tour both sites. The tour was pricey but we felt this was a bucket list item and wanted someone else to handle the transportation and the tickets. We did the complete self guided walking tour of the Missouri with no rushing and even had time to get a quick bite to eat. Our tickets for the Arizona movie a
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