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    NCL Compass Rewards/TA dilemma...

    I really appreciate everyone's input and thoughts..they have really helped me out a lot. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post...
  2. Charlotte4444

    NCL Compass Rewards/TA dilemma...

    Actually, the back of the certificates state... "This certificate has no cash or monetary value and may not be used to pay any credit card balance" So...I don't have $1000... I have a points..that can be redeemed into certificates that are worth NOTHING..unless I book another cruise...it took me 2 years to save up for the past trip..and paying $1000 to the TA will put me in the hole for another 5 years.. I saved and decided on the cruise relying on those compass rewards.. So..it will actually be me that will be harmed if I pay her $1000. I wanted the orignal agreement to be fulfilled...if it turns out any other way..than it will be my loss.. And I don't see that as fair.. The TA was very confident when she took my certificates and credit card number...like she knew what she was doing... I was relying on her professionalism..I guess I have to follow her every step of the process... "Make sure you send out the certificates today..oh..make sure you send out the certificates by certified mail...be sure you brush your teeth in the morning....make sure you get your commission..."
  3. Charlotte4444

    NCL Compass Rewards/TA dilemma...

    I have a copy of the certificate which says on the front under where it says Dear Ms. ______ "Congratulations! By making the NCL/Orient Lines Mastercard one of your favorite credit cards, you have earned the attached Compass Rewards Certificate. Simply present the Certificate to your travel agent with your final payment for the cruise. Please remember that your sailing must take place before the expiration date printed on the Certificate." Many court cases have been decided against the TA because they provide incorrect actions or information. The client is reliant on the supposed expertise and reliability.... So I will just be refering to those if I get to court...
  4. Charlotte4444

    NCL Compass Rewards/TA dilemma...

    Also..on another note..the TA didn't go out on a limb for me.. she went out on a limb for herself. She made a mistake..and she was trying to rectify it. Norwegian wouldn't reimburse her the $1000, they said they could not take responsibility for the postal system... She wasnt' asking NCL for the points to be reissued to me..she was asking to be reimbursed..and this is what NCL gave her...not to her satisfaction at all..so now she is after me since she can't seem to get what she wants out of NCL. I have all the letters she sent NCL..and the ones they sent her..never did NCL contact me.
  5. Charlotte4444

    NCL Compass Rewards/TA dilemma...

    What if I get the certificates reissued from MBNA and give them to the TA? She can have them...NCL can have the points back.. If I get them reissued in my name and give them to the TA..then she can deal with NCL I wanted $1000 off the cruise to Bermuda LAST May (2006).. I did everything correctly..I don't see why I should be punished for something that wasn't my fault. I never signed a contract stating that I would reimburse the TA if the certificates failed to reach NCL or were lost. I paid her in full...using my credit card and the compass rewards..beyond that..it was her fault with not sending the rewards through certified mail..
  6. I'm hoping to get some advice or insight from felow cruisers on my pending problem... I redeemed points on my NCL credit card for $1000 in vouchers good towards a future cruise. On the vouchers it stated I simply give them to a travel agent..and they will take care of sending the certificates in along with my payment. As you can see..that was a mistake. We wanted to sail on the May 28th, 2006 trip to Bermuda on the Crown..we were interested in getting a Mini-Suite and the TA said there was a mini-suit available. She booked us on an AG Guarrantee. Then I looked up the category on NCL's website to find out the room has fully obstructed views. So I complained to the TA..and she said she couldn't do anything about it and that our room might improve since it was a "guarantee" cabin. Well, in fact our room did change..it was downgraded..NCL informed our TA that they couldn't give us a mini-suite and we would have to settle for an ocean view room. Yet..we couldn't cancel without suffereing penalty fees. Anyhow..we decided to go...the TA had NCL charge my credit card for the amount of cruise minues the $1000 in vouchers. The TA mailed the compass rewards to NCL, without using any tracking. So of course, NCL never received the compass rewards certificates. In order to get our travel documents released form NCL, the TA had to charge her own credit card $1000. She wrote letters trying to get NCL to reimburse her for the $1000, but they still did not receive the compass rewards. The copies did no good either. We made copies..but those aren't excepted..even with the reference numbers. Finally, the TA got NCL to deposit 1000 points into my compass rewards account with Mastercard so I could request certificates again. However, this was in September of 2006, after the cruise was completed and they will only honor them for a "future" cruise. Now the TA is threatening to take me to court unless I pay her $1000. I don't want any more points...and to be honest..I don't really want to use NCL again. I asked for the certificates to be issued to the travel agent..but the credit card said that is out of the program guidelines. I am stuck with 1000 points I don't want...and the TA is after me for $1000. I'm tempted to just go to court..because I don't see how she has a case. It was her mess-up for not sending the certificates with tracking... Anyhow...any advice or opinionjs would be helpful... Thank you!