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  1. I really am starting to regret booking my first cruise with Celebrity.....Celebrity is a good choice


    I think life is too short to be worrying about what everyone else is up to........ I agree.


    I came on this site for imformation and ideas....You'll find lots of information and ideas here.


    not to be preached to by what was stated above ' the better than the norm people'.....there's an ignore feature you can use to block individual posters and you'll also learn which threads suit your tastes so you can skip ones that don't.



    Happy Cruising!

  2. I remember back in the early 90's when soda, tea, water, and coffee were free on the ship. If my husband sips my drink, or I his, I don't see the problem. We will, of course, both have different packages.


    A Question for the panel of judges...


    Would this scenario be considered stealing too? Or would this be ok since they both have packages?


    What I can say is that comparing one wrong to another wrong leads down that gray slippery slope. Bad behavior doesn't justify bad behavior - even on a relative scale.


    Now back to the issue at hand - the alcohol package. [Disclaimer] I won't be purchasing a package simply because I don't drink more than 2 glasses of wine with dinner and my wife can't drink alcohol (medical condition). So for me this has been an academic/interest thread. However I want this program to be successful for =X= and I want it to continue for passegers who like it.


    I think labeling someone a thief based on your own judgment of what is and isn't acceptable (ex. some think one sip makes you a thief, someone else half a drink, someone else 2 drinks and so on) this is what leads to the gray slippery slope. And that has been my point all along. Let Celebrity manage and monitor their program and let us cruisers refrain from labeling and namecalling. jmo.


    I also won't purchase the alcohol package because even with hubby and I sharing (which I wouldn't do anyway) but even if we shared we wouldn't get our money's worth.


    But it does bring up an interesting point. So many here are worried that sharing will cause Celebrity to pull the plug on this. Well, I think you should also be worried about those who order a lot of drinks. Because in the end Celebrity would rather have a person who buys one drink card and shares with their spouse if they drink say 2 drinks each per day (28 total on a 7 day cruise) vs. someone who buys a drink card and doesn't share but drinks 12 drinks a day (84 drinks total on a 7 day cruise).


    Celebrity isn't worried about the morality of sharing drinks on a drink card. They care about the bottom line and will pull the program if it hurts profitability. Period.

  4. Yes I do. I've broken the speed limit.


    There you go. And some people might consider it much worse to break speeding laws than to share a drink on someone else's drink card. After all, your speeding to work could endanger someone else and even result in an accidental death of an innocent bystander. And it's doubtful anyone will die if someone uses their card to get their spouse a drink. Again, I'm not condoning sharing I'm just pointing out that all of us may want to examine our own actions and perfect ourselves first before riding around on a moral high horse judging others.

  5. To those specific people that I have mentioned in the prior paragraph, the lyers, cheats and frauds, yes I am judgemental. I disapprove of inappropriate/illegal behavior.



    My question for you is do you consider yourself a lawbreaker?


    After all, you admitted on the other post that you will break the speeding laws on your way to work. Is seems you think it's ok for you to pick and choose what laws to abide by.

  6. What? You are coming in late and saying what?


    I am suggesting the whole idea of theft is off the mark and that its actually fraud.


    When I think of fraud I think about someone like Bernie Madoff, not a husband buying his wife one drink every 3 or 4 days on his drink card. But I guess to some there is no difference. Stealing is stealing and fraud is fraud, right? :rolleyes:

  7. this thread was supposed to be asking if MEN hated wearing suits on vacation -


    its turned into a fashion thead dominated by the women.


    Go figure..


    Now it's switched back away from women and instead it's talking about men again and whether they should wear a t-shirt under their dress shirt in order to cover their fat hairy (or not hairy) nipples.


    Better? :p

  8. "try walking a mile in the mocassins of women" bfore you complain. Let's see even in south florida with 90% humidity and 95 degree temps, women have to wear panty hose, bras, tummy tighteners etc. Do you think that's comfortable??? For formal nights, women have to wear the most uncomfortable undergarments (ask your wife or significant other for a look as they dress) and their gowns are also heavy and uncomfortable.


    Except for the heels and makeup, I wish I could wear a dress. It takes my wife all of 5 minutes to slip on her outfit. At best it weighs all of eight ounces and her few undergarments look like they weigh nothing. A dress looks pretty comfy and well ventilated to me. I could almost ball up her whole outfit and fit it in my shoe. Takes the better part of a suitcase to fit two of my suits. :p


    Thankfully my outfits are more like snydermann's wife. I love getting dolled up and feel bad my hubby has to wear a heavy suit. Now the heels... yep, they're a bit of a pain but if hubby can wear that heavy suit for me I can wear the heels for him. :p

  9. Strike a Pose!




    Post your most exciting, most outrageous photos on any Carnival Ships.


    From the statues in the Casino Floor, to the Lido Deck Funnies


    What's your most Unique Photo on Carnival?







    Wow, some really great photos. Love this thread. I'd love if anyone would include the model camera they used. I'm still looking for a new travel point and shoot.



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