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    Best time to cruise Alaska?

    Hey OrlandoPro2007. June is great time to be there for fishing. It is well centered in all species for activity. Last time we were up there, we caught three large halibut. (75, 91, & 105 lbs). Wow, what a fishing trip. Go GATORS....................
  2. Halibut

    Denali trip

    My wife and I cruised to Alaska several years ago. We were on one of those huge ships. Loved Alaska, cruise ship experience was ok. We are looking at this cruise line to give us a better experience next year when we go to Alaska again. Denali from what we have read is a magic place, and we will not miss it on our next trip. Very interested in seeing what the folks here that have visited it may say regarding your question. Our most exciting experience on our last trip was catching three large halibut. Wow, that was really something. Well, don't want to hog your thread. I see you are from Florida, "GO GATORS"........ :)