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  1. Yes there is a club restaurant which now is reserved for Suite guests & Perla Diamante member's if there is room, however that said you may purchase Diner for one night or the week, again depending on room now, since the new rules. We as suite guests do eat there and on most ships they do find room find 'Paying Guests' Although to be honest the almost the same two dishes are served in every restaurant & now even the club is overcrowded. The best bar is the aft wine bar or the classic bar opposite, both tend to fill up when piano payer is on but are great when he/she takes there breaks. (Cost a fortune a) made us all laugh when it was first announced way back when we were on the Europa but she is a lovely ship.
  2. Hi Pauline, As far as the UK is concerned the Classic cabins get nothing added. These are selected cabins and you will not get a choice of dining times. However you can go to see Maître 'd & maybe get your choice of times if any are available. The premium cabins come with a drink package and choice of dining times all in all if you like a couple of glasses of water & wine with your meal then the premium cabins are worth the extra money. Yes with Costa different Countries sometimes have different terms but overall these above apply to most. I believe there was an effort to have Costa provide water free in Australia like the US, but never heard the outcome. The general rule with Costa is 4/5 drinks or coffees a day is more than enough to cover up-grade to Premium.
  3. Sorry but never heard that you can do any of those things, only ever got OBC once in 24 years with them, however I would have to check shareholders divi's. With Costa there are different conditions for many Countries so this may concern depending on where you are from. There are gifts that can be pre-purchased for yourselves or others on board, see 'mycosta' at bottom of their web site.
  4. It really does not matter as the two they use are next to each other, any transport you use will be able to see ship as they drive terminal road. You will be dropped off very close to lower floor where your cases are taken then make your way upstairs to the booking hall, in general Barcelona is fairly good in boarding quickly once gates are opened. Have a Great Cruise.
  5. tenpin

    Back to basics

    Well we had one cruise with Windstar, never again, wonderful Itinerary, luxury ship & perfect food absolutely outstanding service, but could never accept a lot of other passengers speaking down the crew. Top dollar but not for us rather cruise four times for the price of that one seven day cruise.
  6. tenpin

    Back to basics

    Lynn there will always be negative comments about Costa, I have even had words with a poster on trip Advisor who constantly derides Costa, but has never cruised with them. We have done over thirty cruises with them not once did we give them a poor review on service, food or anything else, I do regret the way they have gone over the past few years I do believe that the choices are now limited but nevertheless the wonderful prices that mean we can have even more time cruising. They are different to American lines being really multi-cultured, but you only need to listen to anything in English., & mostly the English speaking host is the person to stay in contact with, lots fail to even contact them or attend the meetings thus missing out on tons of information. Go with an open mind meet the others at all English meeting's & enjoy the experience of a truly multi cultured cruise line. There are free sun-beds in many places try to avoid pool areas during sea days the staff will clear sun beds if not used in a hour on most ships.
  7. I am sure you will enjoy your first Costa experience & indeed looking at most cruises on the UK Costa site it seems that all cabins are available, however once you start to book & choose a suite 90% are 'Sold Out'. Even with our last cruise we had the only Suite left when we booked but five weeks before going there were six available one of which we changed to. My moan is that we cruised with them up to four times a year choosing a Suite, now you get a suite up-grade by cruise once this year twice next if you are Pearle Diamante members like us (85.000 club points) leading to people booking getting the up-grade then deciding not to go for any reason, same with the small loss if you book a year ahead leading to less available being offered. Costa are now treating their first time cruisers better than the most loyal long term clients. We love Costa even considering how bad it is compared with twenty years ago we could put up with that given the cheap prices now, but not the constant changing Club rules.
  8. Have Costa finally lost the plot with their constant changing of the club rules? We have attempted to book a Suite on a Costa Med cruise Sept/Nov this year, we can not find any ship that has suites available all are sold out. Is this of the stupid up-grades they are giving out along with the low £50 lost if you cancel within 45 days of sailing, now even the Samsara does not have it's own restaurant what's next no club dining rooms for us pearla diamante members & paying to use the lifts & have our beds made. With nearly a years sea days with Costa we are out, going back to others lines, even P & O has got to be better than what we are not getting as loyal club members & being subjected to constant rules changes. I am fed up with writing to H.O. rarely get a reply & when you do you are fobbed off with platitudes.
  9. Costa's world tours that start in Europe have more Italians & French on board rather than English speakers until they get to Caribbean where they seem to pick up a few more English speakers for part cruises. All our tours a few year's ago were in two or even three languages with ours the last, unfortunally by the time it got to us most of the others on the coach were talking above the guide. Even so it was an amazing trip and in the end we used ear plugs and just took in sights there is enough information out there now to find before a trip. If the price is right & going to places you want to see, go for it, otherwise choose an English/American line.
  10. Hi Just to let you know that USA guests in the Caribbean do get water in dining rooms this may well apply to Canadians to. We met some American's on the Neo-Romantica in the Med two years ago and they demanded & received water at the table but never seen it since apart from USA bookings/sailings.
  11. Do ask any questions only to pleased to help if I can. European or Caribbean cruise? & Nationality depends to what is included for instance water in dining room for USA guests but not Europeans booking same cruise. .
  12. Hi Claudia, Sorry to darken your day but;...…………………………..none of the above in a classic cabin. Water is available in the buffet at meal times from machines. Your best bet is either buy a drinks package which to be honest is reasonable considering on board prices. Again you can view all these by going into the Costa web site, 3/4 coffees, fruit juice & water by glass plus a wine or two at lunch or diner will cover overall cost. or water package on cruises over a week Pranzo & Cena rough gives beers, soft drinks & water/wine by glass Piu gusto is only slightly better than Brindiamo which is the best all round deal. Intenditore is the top package. we in the UK now get packages included in premium cabins & Suites. Please note that everyone on your booking has to have any package.
  13. Hu Claudia, Burgers are 10 E and pizzas 8.50E If you go to the Costa web site scroll down to 'mycosta' and log in with name and cruise number then click on Restaurants that will show you all charges for extra dishes as well as other venues on board. Beware they may all be in euros rather than dollars if you are cruising the Caribbean.
  14. Well for a bit of 'a blast from the past' our first cruise in 1974 was one of the best costing almost as much as one on Costa today. First on Costa 1985 when Costa was rated one of the best for food right until the Concordia incident when they started the decline. Not sure how others think but our cruising friends would rather pay more for better service and food with Costa than put up with this slow decline. Okay having a bad day, wife's gone out for a Girl's few days leaving poor old tenpin having to cook and make my own bed. I even gave her my credit card.
  15. I hate those free up-grades we like to have a suite, if you could call them that not much better than a balcony just with a dressing area & bath. Yes the Intenditore is a plus and so called butler service okay but my gripe is we can hardly ever find a cruise were there are any suites left, got the last one on Fascinosa for May only by booking last September, also now with this refunded deposit bar a £50 penalty how on earth can anyone tell what they want to do in 2020/21. We cruised with Costa 3/4 times a year but we don't get an upgrade yet some can cruise with them once this year twice next for a suite up-grade if they have enough points. No suite available at our full price we will go elsewhere. Gripe over but Costa is going downhill.
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