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  1. I may have missed it, but we love the nutella donuts and mozzeralla and tomato paninis. Those nutella donuts were only out once if I'm not mistaken and so delicious!
  2. Mu husband loves these! We stop there every morning for one (or two)
  3. That's interesting. Thanks so much for sharing. When we were on in mid/end of June we were hoping they would have had this, but they hadn't started yet. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. What a nice perspective! I am hoping that there will be others (even a handful) around his age, but I'm sure he will meet and talk with people of all ages. Thank you!
  5. Enjoy it! We love the holiday sailings when we can do them!
  6. Thanks - I had the same thought. Tbh, we were on Celebrity mid june for 11 days and there were about 10 people ages 18-23. They all did fine. Just hoping there are a handful that may be on before heading back to school later in January
  7. Thanks for the observations and suggestions. Last year we were on for the holidays and NY - this will definitely be different :-)
  8. Thanks for that.Where we live,college goes back about Jan 22,so we're still on "break". Hoping maybe others will be in the same position
  9. Hi all, I'm hoping someone who's cruised before on this itinerary at this time might be able to help me with this. I'm looking at the Crown Princess 10 day Caribbean in early January, however we have a 19 year old son that will be with us. I'm wondering if there are some families with kids/young adults on board at this time/on the longer sailings? To clarify, we enjoy Princess and have no issue with people of all ages, but I know it would be nice for him to find a few friends closer to his age. We've cruised over the Holidays and have done 7 days right after New Year before, but I know longer cruises tend to have less families. I appreciate your insight and experiences Ilana
  10. Wow, love that tip! This is a great thread as I'm reading through.
  11. As a Montreal I would say either rent a car, but there's so much construction as you approach Montreal that it can be frustrating drive, or take a bus. I've known people who've done this and it's not a long drive. Enjoy your cruise and your stay in Montreal.
  12. We did a B2B over the holidays and honestly the biggest advantage for us was just not having to pack up after the first 7 days. I hate that feeling and was glad to avoid it ;-). Sometimes, the price of the B2B may be less comparatively, but not significantly.
  13. Hi All, I'm wondering, for those who have done a Christmas cruise with Royal Caribbean, what is to be expected? I know the ship will be decorated beautifully, but what will they have in way of activities, special meals ect? Thanks so much! Ilana
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