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  1. CC members have never disappointed me. As always you all have the answers and love to share with the rest of us. Thank you all so much, you've will have helped make me and the grandkids very happy as we watch "the anniversary couple" sail from Seattle. 4 days later (Aug 24th) my husband of 37 years an I sail from Boston on the Rotterdam. This will be our 4th trip aboard her, but the first since her latest remodel, and we'll be just 12 days shy of our long-awaited 200 days on HAL. Thank-you again wonderful cruisers! Grannynurse
  2. [FONT="Courier New"][/font] I haven't been active on the HAL board for several years. I posted from 2003-2011 under "grannynurse" There used to be a website to find port sea cameras to watch ships sailing from different American ports. Does anyone know if this web site still exists. My daughter and her husband are sailing from Seattle in August to celebrate 25 years of marriage and I'd like to have my grandchildren watch the sailing with me. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance, this means a lot to us. Grannynurse
  3. I've been thinking about you a lot lately, It's primarily the reason I came back to CC. I'm getting frustrated trying to learn to navigate as this new format seems so strange to me. Our last cruise was to Alaska in2011 with our son Brad shortly after his wife died. Thankfully he got off the Amsterdam a much-changed Brad. We're leaving for another NE/Canada cruise, the 2nd on Rotterdam, but the 4th time on board her. I still think about our night in Ireland together singing.... do you remember? It was the 2003 18 day transatlantic from Boston, wasn't it? We went again in 2004 on a 35 day, which one were we on together? This coming cruise is a 17 day to and from Boston, I wish it went further south, we'd try to see you again. I lost your telephone number and haven't stopped kicking myself. Hope you see this and answer. BTW I requested to befriend you, what do I do next? Miss talking to you, GN Myra
  4. DAM is Dutch for either city or town. BTW have you seen the DAM Ships hats and Tee shirts? grannynurse
  5. I'd go with the ivory in a dressy silk or satin blouse or a plain long-sleeved formal top in ivory. You could accessorize with silver jewelry. GN
  6. Thank you for the good wishes and poetry. You do such a "dam" good job!!! Grannynurse
  7. If you're on board by noon you could see the food and Beverage manager, or call room service as early as possible. If you're in a suite visit the concierge as soon as you can. We had a sailaway for 10 people that was iffy (we didn't ask until 1pm) as our boarding was delayed due to the Noordam's late arrival, BUT the concierge managed to come through for us with hot and cold hors d'ouerves. GN
  8. The folks who did the reviews on the Eurodam inaugural reported that the aft suites were smaller with narrower verandas than on the Vista ships. We had an aft SC on Westerdam which was huge. It had 8 interior closets, 4 in room and 4 in the dressing room and the wrap-around veranda was big enough for a ball team and a dog run. I do have pix on webshots under Riosmom101 (Westerdam in Alaska). The suite pix are on page 4 of the slide show. GN
  9. If you have purchased a category guarantee you will possibley get an upgrade at no charge. There is, however, always a chance you will be offered an "upsell". We were notified of an upsell to a penthouse yesterday. I won't say for how much more but it was a high price. This was our first upsell offer from HAL which we have sailed exclusively for almost 10 years. We made a counter-offer but it wasn't accepted. We sail in 3 weeks ( we have a suite guarantee) but haven't received our cabin assignment yet. We usually get an assignment about 3-4 weeks out so it should happen any day. I hope this answers your question. GN
  10. I agree with Ruth. She has a few more TAs under her pile of chocolates than I do and she can tell some "rough sea" stories. We never lacked for anything to do, and when when got off a 35 day RT in NY, my DH didn't want to leave the ship. Trans atlantic is my favorite style of cruising and we're leaving on another two weeks from this Saturday (Eurodam). I can't wait. I will miss sharing the cruise with Ruth though. GN
  11. Peter Harris is very visable and very funny in a British sort of way. John, Who will master the Eurodam for the April 25th TA? Thanks, you all-knowing cloggie! GN
  12. My 2 HAL favorites are the Very-Berry Cosmo and the Grapefruit cosmo. The very berry has fresh smashed berries in the bottom of the glass and the grapefruit (at least on Westerdam) was made with an eigth of a whole grape fruit) but then again, I ask for the shaker too. GN
  13. The staterooms on the veranda deck are veranda staterooms (with numbers startin with 6); they are considered mini-suites with none of the deluxe suite amenities. The Real suites are on the Navigation deck 7. We were in 7026 port side, it's a lovely room. The A cabins on deck 6 are nice too, but are rectangular, not square, about 292 sq ft. with veranda. The SA suites (deluxe) are square and approx. 550 sq ft. GN
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