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  1. Aha! Clearly the secret is "the crappy picture"! I'm none too fond of my own 🙂 I got the tip from the Royal Caribbean Blog, and it worked for me. Clearly, as with all things Royal IT, your mileage may vary.
  2. I stand corrected. In my case we checked in and were NOT expedited, and then after I scanned passports it flipped.
  3. You get "Expedited" if you have a photo and you scan your passport (instead of typing in the info).
  4. I've been looking to see if purchasing onboard is an option - can you confirm that it's not? (Darn those "Good Ole Days"...) We'll be on Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas if it matters.
  5. Can you only buy the passes once you arrive? I thought I read somewhere (yes, very helpful info) that you can buy them onboard ship. We'll be on the Anthem at the end of July - anyone bought transportation passes onboard?
  6. This must be an Oasis thing - and we were warned that categories were changing. We're booked on the 2/23/2020 sailing and got bumped from our Deck 12 balcony. Found out when a new emailed invoice out of the blue showed our category as "GTY" instead of "2D". We had booked direct, so it's not a travel agent thing. What they told us (3 separate phone calls gave the same answer) was that they were upgrading the category of our original stateroom to hold 3-4 guests and we were no longer qualified as a 2-guest booking. On the 3rd phone call, they also gave us a $100 OBC for the miscommunication, stating that they "should have" called us when they bumped us. So now I'm $100 richer, booked into the balcony stateroom next door to my original, and nabbed the $18 drink package. What could go wrong?
  7. In fact, they work *BETTER* on the ceiling. Whatever "weight" you buy (25 lb, 100 lb) is the strength when you pull directly away from the magnet. Even the 100 lb version slides right down the wall if you put too much weight on them. We put 80 lb hooks on the ceiling and they held up a fully loaded beach bag.
  8. We got the following email yesterday regarding changing our "Ultimate Dining" to "Unlimited Dining" on our Oasis trip February 2020: ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, Thanks for booking the Ultimate Dining Package for your upcoming cruise. We wanted to let you know about some recent enhancements we’ve made to this package! First things first, the Ultimate Dining Package is now known as the Unlimited Dining Package, and it’s just that, unlimited. Now, you can dine at any of our specialty dining venues for lunch and dinner, and as many times as you want! Your appetite is the limit. Some other great benefits include: Discounts on bottles of wine! 40% off of bottles under $100 USD and 20% off of bottles over $100 USD. You thirsty yet? Note: Discount only applies when dining on your using your package. Savings on exclusive dinging experiences: 20% off when booking Chef’s Table and any Culinary Experiences onboard. Plus, now Playmakers (available on select ships) has been added to the line-up of venues. You’ll get a $35 credit to use since this venue is a la carte. We hope you’re as excited as we are about these changes. We know they’ll take your inner “foodie” experience to another level. And as a friendly reminder, we’ll book a courtesy dinner reservation for your first night, and once onboard you can alter it to fit your schedule. Then, the rest of your dining reservations can be made onboard. We look forward to welcoming onboard soon! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  9. The "rule" was first two nights. Some people reported that their mileage varied 😉 and they were able to book different nights.
  10. You made me go look. Chops+1 is now offered (at $75pp) on our Anthem 5-night cruise this summer. I already have the BOGO purchased in my order history at $49.99pp. And for reference, the 3-night package is $89pp. The BOGO is no longer offered. I'm going to "let it ride" on the BOGO and see what we can get for final reservations once we board. No sense in spending an extra $25pp just to book a different night. I also saved my email receipt in case they try to cancel me out.
  11. Have to disagree with Sparks1093 on this one. We have a very similar outlet expander (also has a couple of USB power ports) and have used it without a problem on our last 5-6 trips. What you *CAN'T* use is anything with a surge suppressor. And I can believe SRF's comment that they might confiscate actual extension cords.
  12. Not for us - had previously purchased "Ultimate" for $199 on an Oasis 7-night. Now listed as "Unlimited" for the same $199. Which ship/nights showed an increase? FWIW: My order history also now says "Unlimited" as others have reported, so apparently the transfer is automatic for those with a prior purchase.
  13. Here is another thread that has been discussing the updates.
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