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  1. He can also say he's the Queen of England, means nothing. Proof of vaccination will mostly likely be provided online anyway, how does he think he will stop it? Furthermore, he only has jurisdiction over FL businesses. Cruise ships are subject to US maritime law, and a state governor's attempt to regulate cruise ships would likely violate the Commerce Clause, meaning Congress has the sole power to regulate commerce. His claim of being able to control cruise lines is a non-starter.
  2. It's not a horror contest. However if you insist on comparing, I'd agree your example is more horrific than the tacky passenger.
  3. I don't think they need to skirt it...federal law supersedes state law and I'm not sure the governor has jurisdiction over cruise ships which are regulated by maritime law. Same with airlines which are also regulated by the feds. A state governor can't stop an airline from requiring a vaccine, so I don't see how he can regulate a cruise line. Besides, it wouldn't be in Florida's financial interest to take a position that would essentially shut down sailings from Florida. That would be political suicide on his part.
  4. The weeks on a couple of Greek islands has been an annual practice for us for a few years, up until last year of course. I think of it as retirement research, which I sometimes enjoy as much as cruising. Every year since 2016 DH and I each would pick an island and we'd spend a week on each. That being said, we do have a 28-day Rome to Ft. Lauderdale sailing booked for November 2022 on the Island Princess.
  5. There is a lengthy post by Bruin Steve on the previous page which nicely sums up how the hopeful are looking at the summer Apex itineraries. While cruising this year may not be in the cards for me, returning to Greece in the fall for a land vacation is something I'll consider if things improve, so I understand the interest. I'm a Greek citizen by birth so I can travel there any time, but my husband is not.
  6. Guess it is a good thing none of the cruises are scheduled for today. Greece is not opening to US travelers until May, so today's restrictions are subject to change just like everything else this past year. Those who don't want to hope for the best don't have to. I have been following this because although I've been able to travel there as a dual citizen I am still waiting until my husband can also come with me.
  7. From the article posted above: Most of Europe has been off-limits to most U.S. citizens for over a year, and the continent is currently grappling with a third wave of coronavirus infections and a surge in new, more contagious variants, making it unclear when its borders will reopen. But some European countries have started to welcome vaccinated travelers, including American tourists, and others are making preparations to ease restrictions in time for the summer season. Vaccine and health certificates that would help speed travel are under development, which could make it easie
  8. Yeah that made no sense since the disembark date in FLL was 11/2/21, after the ban on >7 day cruises in US ports would be over. These cancelations weren’t done with a lot of thought, especially since the European itinerary cruise immediately preceding the TA is not canceled. How do they think the PP will relocate to the Caribbean without crossing the Atlantic? 😜 Such a premature decision with nearly a year to go, during which anything can happen.
  9. We were booked on the Venice to FLL portion also. Strange they canceled it when there is so much time between now and then, and more importantly the ship wouldn't even reach the US port until November 2, after the end date. Obviously not much thought went into choosing which cruises to cancel, especially since they could have had this one disembark in the Bahamas if they were worried about it it being a technical violation. It's almost as if they let the computer decide rather than looking at each cruise to see what they could save.
  10. What I’m anticipating is that the private drivers will have a limited list of the usual excursion sites, restaurants and shopping locations that the passengers would have to choose from, and those places would be closed to the locals while the ship is in port.
  11. If a single tour operator can control a bus full of 50 people, I’m sure a private car driver can manage 2-4 passengers. Private cars through the cruise line will probably become very popular as they seem to be the best of both worlds.
  12. Just noticed where you're from.....I work at Sullivan CF in Fallsburg
  13. I thought about that.... but if that's their plan, they'd be taking a huge risk of people not booking another cruise. Plus the hassle and expense of Princess staff canceling and rebooking what could be perfectly good sailable cruises by the time we get there.....I just don't see them giving up so many "birds in the hand" to make a few more bucks when the cost of losing bookings could be so high. What I don't get is why not just change the ships or itineraries without canceling the cruises? Then people could just decide if they want to keep their booking anyway and Princess wouldn't ha
  14. I know the feeling....I'm worried about next year's transatlantic on Pacific Princess being canceled if they're truly getting rid of the smaller ships, since she's the smallest!
  15. If the ship were made up entirely of CC members I'd agree with you, but CC represents a small fraction of the cruising population. Many passengers do ship excursions so the ship will still be less crowded. And don't forget, the ships won't be at full capacity, so it will be no worse than a sea day but with half the usual number of passengers than what were used to. Speaking of sea days, maybe crossings will become more popular. The QM2 does them every week.
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