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  1. Not sure about the boundary issues but I know you don't have to rent snorkel gear if you have your own and won't have to pay the outrageous price.
  2. So some learned something new, and the rest got to feel smart for already knowing it….winners all around! 🏆
  3. I’ve been fine with my iPhone but get booted off with my iPad 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. Which seems to argue for making the max unlimited from the start.
  5. Radio I’ve been following both legs of your live review and I just want to join everyone in thanking you for all you’ve done over the past two weeks. We’re on the last October sailing from Bayonne and I’ve found all the pictures and information you’ve given us all to be so helpful that I’m feeling more prepared. I do have one question, did you notice the AC in the public areas being excessive or overly chilly? It’s something I’ve noticed in the past with other ships and the desire to keep things ventilated now makes me wonder if things have gotten worse.
  6. I agree, the shape is different but the size appears to be the same.
  7. I’m on the 7 day Oasis with three sea days, although coco cay could also be considered a sea day since the DBP works there….price has been vacillating between $53 and $61 for the past 4 months.
  8. Oh good to know… thanks. I can definitely wait 🙂
  9. Can you get OBC instead of a refund? The refund will never post before my cc payment is due on Wednesday and I don’t want to wait three months for a credit balance check from BofA. Cruise is in two weeks.
  10. Well that is disappointing.... either they are sold out on both of our sailings or they've been discontinued.
  11. I don't think so.... our Oasis sailing on 10/24/21 still shows suites available and that is only weeks away. 10/10 and 10/17 show even more. Two months out seems a bit early to remove them from inventory in the hopes that the Royal Up bids will be enough. Then again, trying to apply logic and consistency to the Royal Up program is probably a fool's errand on my part.
  12. I can't find where to buy flowers in the Cruise Planner... are they no longer available or am I looking in the wrong place? Granted it's been a while lol
  13. Those are the two I’ve been interested in but haven’t sailed yet. Of course having purchased the old Renaissance class ships from Princess is a major factor.
  14. I canceled the JS bid but the remaining bids have minimums that are almost as high as a paid upgrade.
  15. A couple of weeks ago I upgraded to a Junior Suite from an OV Large Balcony. I had already put in Royal Up, bids but because the JS was in a location I wanted I just paid for the upgrade. When I went to Royal Up page to delete the JS bid, I saw they still have me listed as being in the 2C balcony, after two weeks being booked in a JS. Is that going to change or am I stuck with those bids?
  16. OBC has also become less useful with the new promotions… I’d spend most of it on jewelry if they didn’t downgrade it all to crap in recent years.
  17. True…Royal and Celebrity include a love seat in their most basic cabins, no need for deluxe or premium level. And I agree on laundry, I hate that there’s no self-serve laundry on those lines, which I sometimes prefer over the free Elite laundry service….they seriously shrank a pair of my jeans once on the Pacific Princess. The problem with Princess is I’m finding fewer cabins on fewer ships that I want to spend extended periods of time sailing in. I know a lot of people just want a place to sleep and store their stuff while they spend most of the time all over the public areas of the ship, but for me it’s like choosing real estate albeit temporarily. To be fair, I’m fussy about hotel locations too.
  18. If there was a price drop in the suite guarantee after you switched to it, you should be able to take advantage of the Best Price Guarantee, which results in OBC in the price difference from what you originally paid. That’s been my experience FWIW
  19. It may depend on which beds. South Beach beds and cabanas were removed because it’s been comped out as a crew zone.
  20. I’ll go one better and say that Princess Plus has become such a good deal that the free minutes have become meaningless. Last year and this year we were supposed to sail under BSE which would have also made the minutes unnecessary, as well as the minibar. Only the laundry remains useful under the new promotions, so I really hope they don’t mess with it. That being said, there are other annoying things Princess is doing that are making me look at other lines. The incredible shrinking balconies on Royal class is one. The hatchet job on the Island is another, along with selling Pacific, the last of the small ships. I’m not leaving Princess, but I’m certainly willing to expand horizons with more of an open mind than I had, which is probably not such a bad thing 🤷🏻‍♀️
  21. Exactly…. I only go to the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty when I have out of state guests. Even a west coast trip is a relaxed time of beach, bar, restaurant, visit friends type of vacation rather than sightseeing. In Europe, unless I’m in Greece which we visit often as my parents were born there, I try to do some “traveler” type things and some “locals” type things. As for “ticking boxes”….there are some places and landmarks that are referenced in books and other popular culture so often that I’d like to have my own perception in real life of what it’s like to be there. If wanting to see those places, in addition to the “off the beaten path” or local interest sites, makes me a typical American then so be it. I just find it bizarre on an international site for people who share a common love of cruising to disparage a group of people for how they are perceived to see the world. You do you indeed.
  22. Are the vendors in the actual resort or just outside?
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