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  1. @cat shepardThanks so much for sharing your Icelandic adventures. We'll be there next August, and I'm picking up some tips from your narrative. So sorry you had an accident, but it doesn't seem to slow you down!! Laura
  2. Good afternoon! We did both a full transit (Pacific to Atlantic) in 2009 on the Zuiderdam, and then a partial transit in 2016 on Coral Princess. On that cruise we were able to disembark in Gatun Lake and take a tour of the new locks (not open yet), and then go to the Gatun Lock observation deck to watch our ship go through! We then went to Colon to meet the ship. Laura
  3. @JazzyVso glad to hear your vision is improving, and you could read so much better. Continued prayers for full healing! @mamaofamiYou're taking on so much all at once. I hope you remember to take a break and take care of yourself too! @rafinmdPraying that your tests come back with no invasive issues. Laura
  4. Hi Roy, No we did go to Ausable Chasm many years ago - in fact, it was one of the hottest days at Lake George, so we thought with all that running water it would be cooler at the Chasm. WRONG!! Being trapped between the rock walls, it was actually hotter in there! Laura
  5. Good afternoon all! We returned home from our short visit to Lake George...it was as beautiful as I remembered (haven't been there in 11 years - too busy cruising most years!). I just finished reading today's Daily, will now go back and read Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care of yourselves!! Laura
  6. Good Saturday morning! Not sure about yellow pig, I love emojis (sometimes they say what you can't easily say in words!), and peach ice cream is always worthy of a day. @mamaofamiso glad to hear your good news. It sounds like Sam is getting back to his old self. The mobility will come with more therapy and time. Meanwhile, make sure you take care of yourself!! We've been to Bonaire once, in 2012 on Caribbean Princess. We didn't do any tours, but just walked around the town square with the vendors. I bought a beautiful beach scene photo print. I'd love to go back and see more of the island. I probably won't be on for a few days - DH and I are heading to upstate New York to Lake George for 4 days. I've been going there since 1961 just about every year....until we discovered cruising! Once cruising started, I had to save vacation days and vacation $$$ for that. Since we haven't gone anywhere since 2019, it's time to go back and enjoy the beauty. Stay well, hope all who need healing will get it, and celebrate safely!! Laura
  7. Good morning everyone! We've been to Sitka on all four of our HAL cruises (not sure about the Coral Princess cruise). The last time in 2019 (Maasdam 21 day cruise) we just walked around town and visited St. Michael's church. It's a lovely small town to visit. When I saw tapioca pudding it brought back so many memories. My Nana used to make the BEST tapioca pudding. My mom tried everything she could to make it as well, including the measurements (Nana would measure some of the ingredients in an egg shell - hard to get the exact measurement for that!). Every time my mom would make it I'd tell her it wasn't as good as Nana's! She understood, and after a few tries gave up totally. I haven't had it since those days - what a great memory. Prayers for all needing them - glad to hear @mamaofamiis getting the help needed with Sam. It sounds like he is determined to make a good recovery, which makes us all happy! Have a wonderful day, Laura
  8. It means "Blue Hulled Beauty" - the way HAL fans refer to the ships. Laura
  9. We saw these statues as we drove through Dublin on our tour. I took a picture through the bus window.
  10. Good morning! Love being a kid, love blueberries, and really enjoy video games! I've been to Dublin on our Pacific Princess cruise around Great Britain. I would love to go back and spend more time, but we enjoyed our whirlwind day there. We took a tour of the Dublin Castle, including the chapel and state rooms. Then went to see the Book of Kells at Trinity College library (since I work in a library, that was a definite must see!) By then we were hungry, so we found Duke's Pub and had Irish Stew with Smithwick's...yum! (and DH had a glass of Guinness for dessert!) Prayers for everyone with health problems....hoping today will bring healing to you. Cheers for all on our celebration list - nice to see such a long list! Have a wonderful day everyone! Laura
  11. Good morning everyone! Love chocolate - actually I've always said that the bottom layer of the healthy food pyramid should be chocolate!! @cat shepardhave a wonderful time on your trip - we'll be in Iceland next year, so looking forward to your photos/information. @mamaofamiso sorry to hear of Sam's fall at home. Hoping the aides/nurses/PT will all be able to work together and help with his recovery. Thank goodness for your wonderful children! @rafinmdhoping your rehab goes well. After my son (37 years old at the time) had congestive heart failure, he went to cardiac rehab for a couple of months, and he felt it helped him a lot. Hoping everyone has a good day (take care, Floridians in the path of Elsa!). Stay safe so we can get on our BHBs again soon! Laura
  12. Good morning Dailyites! We were in Corinto on our Panama Canal cruise (Zuiderdam) in 2009. It definitely was not one of my preferred ports - we got off and wandered through the vendors in town. They had some (odd?) artwork, and some homemade items, but it wasn't much to see. Hope everyone stays safe (good luck Florida with the storm!). Praying for everyone on the Care list, drinking (coffee!) to celebrate with the Celebrations list. Enjoy the day! Laura
  13. Happy Fourth of July! It's been a quiet day - I went to church in the morning, and read a bit this afternoon. I like quiet days! We were in Bar Harbor in 2010 on the Eurodam. I posted a picture the other day (unusual ice cream day) of the lobster statue outside the ice cream store in town...once with that was enough. I'll add a couple of pictures from downtown and from the top of Cadillac Mountain, with the Eurodam in the background. @mamaofamiThe news about Sam is so good, but the facility's attitude is SO bad. I hope your DD and DS can get this all straightened out with a minimum of stress. Please take care of yourself! @smitty34877Thanks so much for the adorable photo of Camilla - what a precious baby! Glad she's closer to home and family. Prayers for all on the Care list. Cheers to the longer Celebration list! Take care everyone so we can get to sail soon! Laura
  14. Hello everyone from a cooler New York! Hoping the heat will dissipate for those still suffering - this has been a crazy summer temperature-wise, just wishing that the rest of the summer will be more "normal," whatever that is. Haven't been to today's port, but will enjoy any photos. Happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors!! Love ice cream, but unusual flavors??? When we were in Bar Harbor, there was an ice cream shop that sold lobster ice cream. I'm kind of adventurous but that was NOT a flavor I would try! Stay safe, and enjoy the day!! Laura
  15. Good (HOT) afternoon from New York! It's been in the low 90s here, and very humid so it's quite uncomfortable. I'm definitely not a summer person, much prefer winter...you can always put more clothes on when it's cold, but there's only so much you can take off in the heat!! Glad to hear from some of our PNW folks that the temperatures are starting to drop for them! Haven't been to today's port (yet) - it's on our cruise next August, so I'm enjoying the pictures. This has become a wonderful place to see new ports to add to our bucket list - thanks to all! @smitty34877adding my prayers for Camilla and her parents...hoping things will quickly improve for her! Stay cool, stay safe so we can all enjoy our cruises soon! Laura
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