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  1. @cruisemom42Happy birthday - have a glass of wine for me! My DH got a call from the VA today, so he will be getting his first shot tomorrow. They actually could have taken him today, but we're getting snow and the roads were a bit icy (where were the plows????). I'm still trying to get an appointment, but I'm not a quitter so I'll keep trying! Have a great evening, thanks for all the beautiful pictures and happy posts - what a great place to visit every day!! Laura
  2. @rafinmd...Roy, I'm so sorry to hear of Roger's passing. My prayers and thoughts will be with you in the days ahead. Hoping that your procedure can be done by catheter. Laura
  3. Prayers for all who need them, but especially @rafinmd, we will miss his beautiful photos and interesting commentary. Feel better Roy!! Laura
  4. Roy, I'm so sorry to hear your brother is having problems. Praying for healing for him, and that he will try to follow the doctor's orders. Laura
  5. My compliments to everyone on this wonderful, friendly place every day - Rich for the maps, special days and quote; Roy for the lists (SO glad to see the care list smaller than the celebrations!); @summer slopefor the drink recipes; @cat shepardfor the wine information; and EVERYONE ELSE who posts photos, cartoons, and such positive messages every day. I am so glad I found this and have been reading it multiple times a day...I check in for the early posts, check back around lunchtime and then dinner, and also check it the next morning to see the late posts. I feel like I know you all and hop
  6. Duct tape is an amazing tool, but not the only one needed: Duct tape is good for when things move and they shouldn't; WD-40 is good for when things don't move and they should. Just my thoughts! Laura
  7. Carol, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Thoughts and prayers for her family and friends during this time. Laura
  8. Masks aren't a deal breaker for me - maybe we won't get the usual cruise crud illness! Laura
  9. The reason Punxsatawney Phil saw his shadow is because of all the television lights shining in his face!!! We got about 15 inches on Long Island....and more predicted for next weekend. It's really winter here! Have a good day, stay warm and masked! Laura
  10. Good afternoon from a chilly New York (definitely not as cold as the frozen tundra!) DH and I prefer beer in bottles, but on our cruises we try to taste local beers. I've attached a few pictures from the Caribbean cruises...enjoy!
  11. So sorry to hear your brother is not well....sending prayers for healing.
  12. Talking about handwriting....my DH is a lefty (in spite of the nuns at school!), and his handwriting is atrocious. When he was going to school at night, he first tried writing his reports for me to type them. After the third word, I had NO idea what he was talking about! We ended up with a working compromise - he would type the rough draft of the report, and I would retype it and make all the grammar and spelling corrections. (This was back in the days of electric typewriters, not computers!) Laura
  13. Good evening everyone! Late to reading tonight, I was at work during the day and wasn't able to get on this site. @kazu, such good news about Marley - glad to hear! I have a sunrise photo from 4 years ago today, as we approached Curacao. I also have an evening photo of the Queen Emma swinging bridge. Hope you enjoy! Laura
  14. Good (I hope!) afternoon! It was a very unexpected morning - DS was in a minor car accident on his way to work (rear ended by a young lady who stepped on the gas instead of the brake at a red light!)....so he borrowed his brother's car, and I had to go to the collision shop (the car was towed there) to take care of paperwork. Luckily he was not at fault, so hoping the repairs go smoothly. On this date 4 years ago we were at St. Maarten on the Oosterdam. We stopped at a beach bar for a beer, and ran into two of my DH's friends from home!! Small world!! I'm
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