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  1. I agree, kale is not on my meal plan....but I'll happily celebrate Canadian Beer Day!! Laura
  2. A very late but heartfelt thank you to all who wished us a happy anniversary! It was fairly quiet - I had a medical procedure in the morning, but we went out to dinner (a BBQ restaurant we like, and it was delicious!). I really appreciate all my Daily family here - hoping we can meet on a BHB in the future!! Laura
  3. @JazzyVHappiest birthday wishes Vanessa - hope your day will be great and the year ahead awesome!! Laura
  4. Good morning everyone! Good days to celebrate - Frugal Day works for DH and me, we both hate to waste money or time. National Custodian's Day is appropriate, as DH was a school custodian for 10 years after being laid off from his previous job. He loved being around all the elementary school children. I was PTA president at the elementary school (before he started working there), and always felt the custodians were more important to the school functioning well than the principal! We were in Granada in 2012 on the Caribbean Princess. We did a tour of the island, including Nutmeg World and the Grand Etang National Park. The flowers were beautiful everywhere we went. We also so a building destroyed during the fighting, and a monument to the USA thanking them for helping. Everyone we saw who knew we were Americans said thank you...very humbling. Today is DH's birthday, we're having pulled pork in the crock pot for dinner. We'll probably celebrate at a restaurant during the week, as our 47th anniversary is on Tuesday. It's getting harder to coordinate with our 2 DS's schedules where we can all get together. Hoping everyone has a wonderful day and weekend. Prayers for all on the Care list, lifting a glass to celebrate with all on the Cheers list. Enjoy!! Laura
  5. Good Sunday morning! As usual, I've been reading everyone's posts, and feeling the love shared within (and without!) our Daily family. Love the collection of days, not interested in the drink or meal, but @rafinmd's alternate sounds delicious! Also, Graham and Pauline @grapau27your meals always look so beautiful! We were in Charlottetown in 2010 on the Eurodam. We took a trolley(?) ride seeing the beautiful homes. We didn't go to the Anne of Green Gables house, believe it or not I never read the book! This was our weather affected cruise - we had to stay in Charlottetown overnight instead of sailing to Sydney, due to Hurricane Igor coming through. I did get a nice photo of sunset over Charlottetown. When we left the next morning we were hit by a following low pressure system, with extreme waves and wind....I was in the Crow's Nest that morning, and a wave broke on the windows up there!! By mid-afternoon things had calmed down, and the rest of the cruise was uneventful. Prayers for everyone on our Care list, especially @smitty34877's DGS with Covid. Cheers for our Celebration list, including @Sharon in AZ's Jakob home from the hospital and recovering. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Laura
  6. @mamaofamiHappy 62nd anniversary , so glad you will be able to celebrate together. Good health and healing for Sam so he can return home soon!! Laura
  7. Good morning everyone! Love the days, would like a cheeseburger (if someone else cooked it for me!). We've been to Willemstad on our Oosterdam cruise in 2017. We enjoyed riding on the Queen Emma swinging bridge as it opened - but didn't realize how long it would take to close, and it got pretty HOT out there! We visited with friends from home who have a time share there, connected to the Sea Aquarium. We could watch the trainers work with the dolphins in the open ocean from their balcony, then bring them back inside the aquarium complex (they knew where their next meal was!). We went to the Sea Aquarium while there, and I loved petting the rays. We didn't see much of the island, but had a wonderful day with good friends.
  8. Good evening! Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts - I was discharged from the hospital this afternoon. All is well, the surgeon did what he had to and got it all. I've missed so much, but will try to go back and catch up. Prayers to all needing them, and cheers to all celebrating! Glad to be back with my CC family, I've missed every one of you!! Laura
  9. Good morning! Thanks to all for the good wishes and prayers. Surgery was successful, I'll be in the hospital until Friday. Love all the days, not interested in the menu or drink, and we've never been to Europe. Prayers for Jim and Sam, and for all others on our care list. A toast (water only here!) to all on our celebration list. Enjoy the day, wherever you are!! Laura
  10. Good afternoon everyone! Love the selection of days....my DH and I have never had any pets together (we had 2 sons, I refused to get a dog until the boys were housebroken....still waiting!), but I had a 4 legged brother (black poodle) when I was growing up. He would sit on the end of the couch and watch TV with the family! I only knew my 2 grandmothers. One grandfather died long before I was born, and the other died when I was only 2, so I really don't remember him at all. I know I don't post every day, but I definitely read everything (even going back if I missed a late post). I will be missing a few days - I'm having surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor and fluid from my chest. I'll be back as soon as possible!! Prayers for all on the care list, and cheers to the celebration list. Congratulations on those already cruising, either leaving for a cruise or returning....looking forward to ours next August! Laura
  11. Good morning everyone! I haven't been posting for a while, but I've been reading everything every day. This is such a wonderful group of caring people, it's a joy to read, laugh, cry and rejoice with everyone! I have teddy bears that were made by a friend from my mother's mink stole and Persian lamb coat - unfortunately, they're put away so no pictures, sorry. The only time we were in Whittier was at the end of the land portion of our Coral Princess cruise. We took the train from Denali to Whittier....the train let us off directly across from the ship, so we never got to see the town. The tunnel was interesting, having to wait for cars to exit. The cars going in our direction had to wait for the train to pass first. Maybe if we get back there (we've been to Alaska 5 times!) we can visit the town. Busy day today with doctor appointments. Hoping everyone will have a good day, stays safe and is kind to others! Laura
  12. @irishjimJim, I'll be praying for a successful surgery and easy recuperation. Laura
  13. Good morning! We've been to Halifax on the Eurodam in 2010. We did get to Peggy's Cove, and also visited the Titanic Museum and the Fairview Lawn Cemetery, where the Titanic passengers are buried. The graves are in the shape of a ship, with a gap where the iceberg had hit. It was very moving, especially the grave to the unknown children. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Prayers for those needing them, and cheers to our celebration list. Stay safe!! Laura
  14. @StLouisCruisersSandi, I'm so sorry to hear of Copeland's passing. Hoping Brenda will continue to recover quickly. Prayers for her family as they go through this loss, and praying for her brother also. Laura
  15. Good morning from a steamy New York! With so many days to celebrate, I'm choosing to celebrate lakes - especially my favorite, Lake George in upstate NY. I've been going there since 1961, and finally got back after a 10 year break (cruising!!!) this summer. The water is crystal clear, and is used for drinking water. Prayers for all in need, hoping for ease to their troubles. I'll have a beer to celebrate all on our happy list. I'm wearing my mask most places to protect myself and others. Looking forward to being on a BHB and hopefully meeting some of our Daily friends in person!! Laura
  16. @Copper10-8Maria and John, happy anniversary and many more years to come!
  17. Happy birthday @richwmnRich!!🎂🍰😁
  18. @StLouisCruisersI'm sending extra prayers for Brenda and Copeland. Hope he will be able to come home soon, and hoping she will recover quickly.
  19. Good morning everyone! Don't have any daughters, but will happily celebrate our two wonderful sons! Not a fan of the beach (in spite of living 10 minutes from it), so don't really wiggle my toes in the sand often. Not a calligrapher, but love to see it when it's done. We've been to Kauai twice - once on the Zaandam in 2011, and then on the Pride of America in 2015. First trip we did a tour to Waimea Canyon, which was beautiful. On our return trip, we went to Smith's Luau, which was a great experience. The grounds are beautiful and we had plenty of time to walk around before eating. The show after dinner was wonderful!
  20. Good afternoon everyone! I haven't had time to post this week, but have been faithfully reading every day. My best friend (friends since kindergarten!) came to visit from NC, so we've been sitting and talking, shopping, and just having a wonderful visit together. Prayers for those lost on the float plane and their families, and for the cruisers on the NA dealing with this difficult tragedy. DH and I did a float plane trip to Misty Fjords in 2017, and it was a wonderful experience. Prayers for our family who need them. Will lift a glass to all celebrations and cheers tonight at dinner. Stay safe, Laura
  21. Amen...prayers for those who perished and for those left behind. 🙏
  22. Good morning Daily friends! Love chocolate chip cookie (my DS is our usual baker and does a great job); kids day is every day (and I'm still a kid at heart so it's my day!!). The Coast Guard is so worthy of celebration - we have a Coast Guard station here at the Merchant Marine Academy, and they help protect all of New York Harbor. @smitty34877 what wonderful news about Camilla! So glad she is home with her family, and that everyone will be watching out for her. @kazu love your memes every day - they are a great smile producer! @cat shepard thanks so much for your amazing narrative and pictures of Iceland! In spite of your injury, you really got to see some amazing places, and enjoyed some wonderful food! I can't wait to get there next year on a BHB! @StLouisCruisersso sorry to hear about the possible COVID issues. It's really very inconsiderate not to let people know if you've been exposed and might have it. Sorry about your travel plans, but it's probably better not to take that chance. @St. Louis Sal hoping that today's procedure goes well with no pain. @ger_77 sending prayers for your friend, for an easy recovery. Hoping everyone has a wonderful day, with rain (where needed) and no rain (where it's been too much)! Stay safe, Laura
  23. @cat shepardThanks so much for sharing your Icelandic adventures. We'll be there next August, and I'm picking up some tips from your narrative. So sorry you had an accident, but it doesn't seem to slow you down!! Laura
  24. Good afternoon! We did both a full transit (Pacific to Atlantic) in 2009 on the Zuiderdam, and then a partial transit in 2016 on Coral Princess. On that cruise we were able to disembark in Gatun Lake and take a tour of the new locks (not open yet), and then go to the Gatun Lock observation deck to watch our ship go through! We then went to Colon to meet the ship. Laura
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