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  1. @StLouisCruisersSandi, so sorry to hear about Nancy's passing. This has been an extremely difficult time for you and your family. I know you have fond memories of your visit with her recently. I love the picture of her sitting in a rocking chair in Heaven with the twins in her arms. Love and prayers to you and your family. Laura
  2. @StLouisCruisersSandi I'm so very sorry to hear about the twins. I liked your comment that soon your sister will be able to hold them in heaven. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family at this terribly difficult time. Laura
  3. @St. Louis Salso sorry to hear of your tailbone troubles! I remember when my older DS was born (he was 10 lbs 2 oz), he broke my tailbone at delivery. I sat on a donut pillow for a few weeks until it felt better. Hope yours heals quickly!!
  4. Hello Dailyites! Love the three days - I also heard on the news this morning that it's World Reef Awareness Day, for all of you who have been lucky enough to visit one. We've been to Hawaii twice - first in 2011 on the Zaandam from Vancouver, and then in 2015 on the Pride of America. My photos from the Zaandam cruise would be very similar to those already posted - Waikiki Beach, the Arizona Memorial, and the USS Missouri. When we went in 2015 we stayed a few nights pre-cruise in the Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort, right on the beach. The views were amazing - but even though we were on the beach, we only spent about an hour and a half there (I burn easily, and get bored easily - after swimming for a while, I dried off and was done with the beach!). After the Arizona and Missouri, we went to the Pacific Aviation Museum. I was surprised to see holes in the building from the attack on Pearl Harbor! Sunrise over Diamond Head as we arrived in 2011 Sunset over Waikiki Beach in 2015 A rainbow while the sun is shining! DH at the Pacific Aviation Museum - had to get a picture of a Marine Corps helicopter! Hope everyone has a good day. @kazuglad you're earlier problem was solved, hoping this afternoon's visit will go well with no unexpected issues. Laura
  5. Good early afternoon from New York! We haven't been to Southampton, but did go to London before our Pacific Princess cruise around the British Isles in 2018. Originally my DH wanted to fly in the evening before our cruise - I vetoed that and said we need a couple of days in London, who knows when we'll get back there! We toured Buckingham Palace the first afternoon, and Westminster Abbey the next morning, and then took the Thames river boat up to the Tower of London. Unfortunately, it was packed with long lines, and we wanted to see Churchill's War Rooms, so we left and got a taxi to take us back. We still had to stand outside (in the rain, of course) for over an hour to get into the War Rooms, but they were definitely worth it. We then had dinner at the Red Lion Pub right down the street...and the bartender let us stand behind the bar! Our final morning we hopped on the bus to be transported to Dover for our cruise....2 hours through the English countryside.
  6. @NextOneso sorry to hear of Ron's passing. You and your family will be in my prayers. May your memories comfort you at this difficult time. I'm sure he's enjoying his new cruise! Laura
  7. Goode morning Dailyites! Love the selection of days - I'm not buying another musical instrument, have already bought a saxophone and tuba...and was gifted a piano. Plus I still have my violin from WAAAAY back when I was in school! National Maritime Day is close to me - since I work at the US Merchant Marine Academy. All our students receive a tuition free education (compliments of the Federal Government), but to be admitted they have to have a nomination from a Congressional representative from their district. We will celebrate Maritime Day on Monday, with speeches, the band, and the regiment of Midshipmen all in their white uniforms. Always very stirring! We've been to Seattle 3 times (I think) on our Alaska cruises. I LOVE Chihuly Glass - we've gone there a couple of times, and I never get tired of the beautiful glass installations. Of course we've gone up in the Space Needle (only once, not worth a second trip). We met friends from a cruise there, and went to the Boeing Museum just south of the city. It was one of the best aviation museums we've been to, and we all had a great time there. Pictures attached below. Sorry to hear of medical issues - I will keep everyone in my prayers for healing and better health. Happy to celebrate with all on the happy list - I may lift a glass of wine to you tonight! Enjoy your day...it's supposed to be in the upper 80s here with more humidity. Not my favorite kind of weather! Laura
  8. Good morning everyone! Interesting collection of days. Love spaghetti and meatballs - in fact, we had that for dinner last night! Not sure what tonight's dinner will be, have to go to the store and see what looks good (maybe chicken?) Haven't been to today's port, but hope to get to Australia after I retire (trips are too long for a work break). Happy anniversary Mr. Boston!! Enjoy the day, Laura
  9. Thanks so much Jacqui - I'll be outside pruning in a little while!
  10. Good early afternoon all! I have really enjoyed the photos of Reykjavik - DH and I will be there next August, so it's great to see all the beautiful scenery and town pictures. The cruise will be doing a circumnavigation of Iceland with 6 ports (I hope!) - Isafjordur, Akereyri, Seydisfjordur, Djupivogur, Reykjavid, and Grundarfjordur. I can't wait!! I just planted my "vegetable garden" - 3 tomato plants in pots. They were part of my Mother's Day present from my DSs, which also included 3 azaleas and two strawberry pots. The azaleas were planted yesterday, and the strawberries are just waiting for a good spot to place the pots. I do have a question for the Garden Club members - I have a lilac bush in my back yard, that has gotten to be over 9' tall. How and when do I prune it? Thanks in advance for your help! So glad to hear of people getting better and moving to a new stage of healing. Prayers for all who are dealing with health issues. Congratulations to everyone on the celebration list! Enjoy the day - it's going to be in the mid 80s here on Long Island.... Laura
  11. Now that I'm home, I'll post some pictures of the Haines Library (the Hammer Museum and Haines Brewing Company have already been covered). The library is very near the Brewing Company, and has beautiful windows on the scenery. I would love to sit there and read all day!
  12. John, I was going to post my pictures from the Haines Brewing Company! We went there in 2019, and their beer was very good. I love to check out local breweries when we travel! Laura
  13. I agree - we went to the Hammer Museum in 2019 on our 21 day Maasdam Alaska cruise. It was amazing! I couldn't believe all the hammers, and the yard had a bicycle made out of them. Definitely something different! My pictures from both Skagway and Haines are very similar to everyone else's. In Haines we did go to the library (since I work in one we try to check out libraries everywhere), and also to a brewery. Pictures will follow when I get home from work later. Have a great day! Laura
  14. Hi again! Thanks Jacqui @kazufor the update on Roy - so glad to hear everything is going so well. Now to Cabo pictures....the glass blowing studio (outdoors), Cacti Mundo, and we also visited Mision de San Jose del Cabo Anuiti. Pictures attached below...
  15. Good morning Dailyites! @summer slopehappy 55th anniversary today! @GeorgeCharliehappy 50th anniversary tomorrow! We've been to Cabo San Lucas on our Panama Canal trip - I'm at work now so pictures will have to wait until I get home this evening. I remember we went to a glass blowing place - it was so HOT that I couldn't wait to leave! We also went to Cacti Mundo, a cactus preserve...another thing not to do on a HOT day! It was all very interesting, but when it gets too hot I lose interest quickly and would prefer a cool beverage instead of visiting places. Praying for @rafinmd's procedure to go well, so he can be back on here with his sunrise and sunset pictures! Be back later.... Laura
  16. Good morning all! Haven't seen any jumping frogs lately, no hummus on my menu, but would love to see a leprechaun! Once on the way home from work we were following a rainbow - it kept moving with us. At one point the road turned, and we actually drove through the end of the rainbow....but no pot of gold, unfortunately! We've actually been to today's port! We were there in 2010 on the Eurodam (Quebec to NY). It was a charming spot...there were dancers as we arrived, and we visiting the Chicoutimi Pulp Mill - very interesting to visit. We also enjoyed some sculptures near the river. I would love to go back! Have a great day....my DSIL is coming to visit, and we'll be going out to lunch (at the restaurant!!) Laura
  17. Hello everyone.... It's been a busy day today - I had to go for my infusion (every 3 weeks), and since it's my birthday I brought Dunkin Donuts for the nurses. Our family celebration was last night, since younger DS has to work tonight until midnight. It was absolutely delicious, and nice to celebrate both Mother's Day and birthday on the same day. (I was actually born on Mother's Day - nice present for my mother!!) @rafinmdyou'll be in my prayers as you get ready for the procedure. Hoping you'll be back on line soon, and the recovery is quick. @kazuThanks for taking on the creation and maintenance of the lists. I'd be happy to join the garden club, but more as a cheerleader. My gardens are filled with iris, daylilies and hostas - all plants that grow with healthy neglect! @StLouisCruisersso glad to hear your sister is doing better with the medication change. Hope it continues and she can move to the rehab facility soon...the sooner she gets there the sooner she can return home. Prayers for everyone I haven't mentioned, and especially for the people in Israel right now. Stay safe, and enjoy the spring weather! Laura
  18. I loved that today was Clean your Room Day.....we're getting ready to have some work done on our sons' bedrooms on the second floor. They're both adults, but not too good about cleaning up in their rooms! They've been working on it for a few weeks and have made progress, but I think they need the "Mother" touch to get them motivated to finish. It should be interesting!! Hope everyone has had a good day....praying for healing for @StLouisCruisersfamily members and also for @rafinmdfor his procedure on Friday....and for everyone else dealing with health issues. Prayers are heading to all who need them! Laura
  19. No, we're all concerned and care about our Daily family. Hoping you sister and brother will be getting the care they need and be better very soon. Laura
  20. I had a total knee replacement done in January 2018. I did ALL the exercises that were given, and recovered very quickly. I think I went back to work in about 6 weeks, with no walker or cane! Praying for his surgery to go well, and his recovery to be quick and easy.
  21. I'm so glad she's through the surgery, even with the complications. Praying for a easy time in ICU and a speedy recovery! Laura
  22. Good morning!! I was glad to see today is Tuba day. When my younger DS was in elementary school, they were allowed to choose an instrument to learn. He came home and said he had two choices - flute or tuba. Of course, he chose tuba!! (he was a big kid so it wasn't overpowering him). He continued to play all the way through college (even got a small scholarship for it), but the best was when he performed in Rockefeller Center in NYC with Tuba Christmas. We went in, and there were over 700 tubas on the ice and under the Christmas tree, and the sound was absolutely amazing!! It kind of wrapped you in sound, and was very impressive. Now that he's an adult, his tuba is sitting in its case somewhere in the house - maybe someday he'll pick it up again!! @StLouis Cruiserprayers for your sister and her surgical team. Hoping the surgery goes well and she recovers quickly. Prayers always for every one of our Daily family who are dealing with medical problems!! Have a great day, Laura
  23. Good evening - I've been reading along during the day, but finally have a few minutes to post. Praying for good outcomes from surgeries, and that recoveries will be quick. I was so happy to see all the pictures of Isafjordur - we'll be going there in 15 months on the Nieuw Statendam! It looks beautiful, and I can't wait to go (my DH is counting down the days already!!) Have a great evening, stay well so we can all meet on a BHB in the future!! Laura
  24. so sorry to hear about your fall. Hoping and praying that the surgery will go well and your recover quickly with no problems. You'll be in my prayers. Laura
  25. Good afternoon....busy day, went in to work today and just got home! We did one cruise on the St. Lawrence, Quebec to New York on the Eurodam in 2009. Captain Bowland was our captain too, and he was great. Our favorite times were when we were on our balcony (we had been upgraded from an OV to balcony....nice!), and we could look into the bridge wing and see the captain. We saw him enjoying his coffee, and when he saw us he waved!! @Horizon chaser 1957so sorry to hear your news...prayers for all. @VictOriannglad to hear your good biopsy news! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Laura
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