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  1. @superomaGlad you're through your first treatment, hoping the rest go well. The coverup is so nice, and knowing that someone made it gives it an extra dose of love. When I started my chemo (now immunotherapy) last summer she sent me a prayer shawl from her church, and every time I use it I can feel the love knitted into it. Never been to New Zealand. I know my DH would love to go to both Australia and NZ, but since I'm still working it would be too many days off in a block. Oh well, it will have to wait until I retire! Enjoy the day - it's in the low 70s here in NY, and is absolutely beautiful out! Laura
  2. @rafinmdSo glad to hear they have a plan, and it's less invasive. You know the prayers will be coming from all our Dailyites. Also glad you are able to continue your walking! Haven't been to today's port (actually haven't been to anywhere in Europe!), but enjoyed the pictures of sand. Thanks for all the happiness here - it's a very welcoming place to visit every day!! Laura
  3. Good morning everyone! Nice collection of days...thanks Rich for the daily and ship locations...thanks Roy for the care and celebration lists and your alternate menu...thanks ladies for the drink and wine information. I love reading this every day (and check back in the afternoon and evening) to be connected to so many wonderful people who would all want to be on a ship right now! DH and I did a full transit of the Panama Canal in 2009 on the Zuiderdam, and then in March 2016 we did a partial on the Coral Princess. We were able to take a ship's excursion in Gatun Lake, and we went to view the new locks as they were being completed. We then went to the Gatun Locks viewing deck, and watched our ship going back through the locks! They then bused us to Colon, where we had some time to shop before the ship docked to pick us up. My favorite part was watching our ship pass us by, knowing that we would be rejoining it very soon. Hoping everyone has a good day, staying safe, wearing masks, and booking and getting shots. Tomorrow will be my two weeks since my second shot, so I will be fully vaccinated....looking forward to going to a local restaurant for dinner (socially distanced of course!) Enjoy your spring day, hoping it's spring-like wherever you are!!! Laura
  4. Good morning all! @StLouisCruiserHappy birthday to you and your twin! I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, so will leave the artistry to others. I've always enjoyed visiting the zoo - have been to the Bronx Zoo many times, and also the National Zoo in Washington DC (to see the pandas). I heard on the news today that Jack Hanna, the famous zoo person, has been diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimers. So sorry to hear - he was such an advocate for animals! I haven't been to today's port but will enjoy any and all photos from there. Working from home today, and have to take DH to the dentist at lunchtime. Have a wonderful day everyone!! Laura
  5. Good morning all! @Norseh2oHappy birthday to your mom! I was so happy to see that Nanortalik is the port of the day. DH and I will be there next August (2022) on the Nieuw Statendam. Thanks @Quartzsite Cruiserfor your beautiful pictures - can't wait to visit! Thanks to all for the uplifting posts. I definitely hope to meet some or all of you on a cruise in the future! Enjoy your day (it's beautiful here in NY, and my DS is going to the Yankee game this evening), Laura
  6. Good morning, Happy Easter to all celebrating! We're having leg of lamb today - everyone in the family loves it! Because DS has to work tonight, we'll be eating at noon - so the lamb is ready and will start cooking soon. Today my church is reopening for the first time since before Christmas - I am SO looking forward to being there worshiping with the congregation! Our minister has been videoing the service, and then I put it on the website and our church Facebook page. I had my second Moderna shot on Friday afternoon, and then yesterday I had the expected flu-like feeling - first my hands were freezing, then I thought I was running a fever. Today I woke up feeling great, so I'm happy! I haven't been to today's port (actually, I haven't been to Europe at all yet!, but will enjoy everyone's photos. Have a wonderful day, stay safe! Laura
  7. No tweed here....but I love rainbows and try to get pictures of them all the time! I saw one over Waikiki Beach when we were in Hawaii in 2015. The second one was on my way to choir practice one evening, on a busy road in town. It looked like i was heading right for the end!!
  8. Prayers for a good outcome of the surgery, and healing. 🙏
  9. Good morning Daily fans! Hope everyone is enjoying the day - it's pretty chilly here in NY, but we're supposed to warm up next week. I wish the weather could make up its mind - spring or winter?? We were in Dominica in 2017, on the Oosterdam. We took a HAL tour of Trafalgar Falls and the Emerald Pool. It was listed as "easy"....but when we got to the Falls, there were 133 steps (not even, some small some large) to get there, and then another 149 to get to the Emerald Pool!! My DS has some walking issues (he uses a cane), and it was an experience to do all those steps. When we got back to the ship we told the Excursion person that it should be changed to at least "moderate" or even "strenuous" and she agreed. Who knows if they ever changed it - we haven't been back! I'll attach some pictures. This afternoon I get my second Moderna shot.....in two weeks I'll be fully covered!! YAY!! Still having issues putting descriptions between pictures, so they're all here: A school bus that was crushed during a hurricane, not far from where we docked Entrance to Trafalgar Falls and the Falls Entrance to Emerald Pool and the Pool (no, I didn't go swimming)
  10. Good morning everyone! I do like chocolate covered raisins, but haven't had them in years! We will be going to Sydney on our upcoming cruise (August 2022 on Nieuw Statendam). We were supposed to go there in 2010 on our Eurodam Canada/New England cruise....however, we had to stay overnight in Charlottetown because of Hurricane Igor passing by. When we left there the next morning, we ran into a secondary low following the storm, and had 30-40 foot seas most of the day. In fact, in the morning I was in the Crow's Nest and a wave broke on the windows up there! It was the only time I got seasick on a cruise, and spent most of the day in the cabin laying down. My DH was up and about all day. At one point he was near the shops when we hit a wave, and LOTS of bottles of booze fell off the shelves and broke! It was a rough day. The wind and waves let up around 3pm, and even though it was a formal night we ate (lightly!) in the Lido - the thought of getting dressed up for dinner was definitely NOT in my plans!! Good news - my older DS got his first COVID shot yesterday! So now my younger DS and DH are both complete with both doses, and I'll be getting my second dose next week. Looking forward to seeing people again!! Have a great day - I have a two day pre-retirement seminar today and tomorrow, on Zoom. I'll still check in here later to see all the updates! Laura
  11. Good morning everyone! DH and I have been to Alaska on 5 cruises, so we've seen Juneau 5 times - 2008, 2012, 2014 2017 and 2019! We've done whale watching, Mendenhall Glacier, Mt. Roberts, flightseeing to Misty Fjords, drinks and lunch at the Red Dawg Saloon, and lunch at the Hanger. I'm including pictures of Misty Fjords - what an amazing tour with beautiful scenery! Have a good day and stay safe everyone! Laura Misty Fjords from the seaplane, and Bill and I standing on the pontoon when we landed!
  12. Well, we haven't been to South Queensferry, but we have been to Edinburgh. In August 2018 we were there on Pacific Princess. We took a ships tour of Edinburgh in the morning, where we had lots of time to wander throughout the castle, and then drove around the city, seeing lots of the beautiful architecture. We went back on another ships tour in the evening to attend the Tattoo....what an AMAZING experience! We had purchased our tickets through the ship before we left, so we were able to get good seats near the entrance area (but VERY high up - excellent views). We were fortunate that the weather was good (threats of showers but I don't remember any). Definitely something to see!! Have a great day! Laura (sorry, I don't know how to comment on each photo. First shows the 3 bridges across, second a piper on the street, 3rd Bill and I at Arthur's Seat, 4th Sunset over the Castle, 5th light show on the Castle during Tattoo - it was a special military themed program, 6th the massed bands at the end)
  13. Good morning - I'm on here early today! Love bagpipes, and hear them once in a while at work. Some of the students at the Merchant Marine Academy are very talented, and will play as the regiment marches in for lunch. Very uplifting to see and hear! I can't celebrate middle names....mine is Louise, and I can't tell how many times people would call me Laura Lousy! I never liked it and never use it. I do pack my lunch occasionally for work, but it always seems to be such a chore....easier to go buy something! I am loving the Port of the Day. So far I've only been to Grand Cayman, but will be going to Qaqortoq next year on our Nieuw Statendam cruise. I love seeing all the pictures and hearing all the options at the other ports, thanks to all who have been there and shared! My DS got his second shot yesterday. My DH will be getting his second shot on Saturday. I have to wait til the end of the month for my second. Looking forward to seeing people again!!! Have a great day, stay safe and masked. Laura
  14. @rafinmdHoping all will go well with your scan and doctor appointment. We're all rooting for you!!! Laura
  15. So nice to see the ship we will be on in August 2022.....she looks beautiful!! Laura
  16. Jacqui, Please add us to this one: N Statendam - 03-Aug-22 - 24 day Canada, New England & Iceland R/T Boston Even though it's 17 months away, I'm ready to start planning! Laura (and Bill, cplbill)
  17. So, we bit the bullet and booked a cruise! We're going on the Nieuw Statendam from Boston to Canada, Iceland and Greenland, back to Boston. The cruise leaves on August 3, 2022....definitely hoping things are somewhat back to "normal" by then! We didn't plan to cruise in 2020, we were going to do a driving trip of Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion Canyons, which obviously got cancelled by Covid. Plus I was going through some serious health issues which would have postponed it anyway. Obviously things are better because we're ready to go back to sea in 17 months!!! Laura
  18. Good morning! Thanks to all for the wonderful positive vibes here on the Daily. I enjoy learning about different meals, drinks, wines and now ports! In fact, DH and I are considering a cruise on Nieuw Statendam from Boston to New England, Canada, Iceland and Greenland - and yesterday's port is one stop. Thanks Roy for sharing your brother's obituary. He was a very interesting man who served all. My sincere condolences to you and family for his loss. Hope everyone has a safe, comfortable day with only good things in their future. Enjoy!! Laura
  19. Now that I'm home I have news - I just got my first shot!!! I've been checking Walgreens multiple times a day, but they wanted you to schedule both first and second, and the appointments for the second day wouldn't show up. My son works there, and called me and said they had extra - so I went straight there from work. I got the Moderna one, so will have to go back in 28 days for the second. Glad to get it started! As promised, I found some pics from our Grand Cayman drinking trip....
  20. I make my pot roast with burgundy wine also! I add lots of coarsely chopped onions, and then baby carrots about an hour and a half before everything's done. My mother taught me this recipe, and we all love it.....in fact, we had it for dinner last night!! I'm at work right now, but when I get home I'm going to look for some Grand Cayman pictures. The last time we were there we had planned on just going to the beach, but the waves at the beach were way too big, so HAL cancelled the excursion. We ended up going to a brewery, distillery, and rum cake factory instead. Nice way to start the morning!! Take care all! Laura
  21. @cruisemom42Happy birthday - have a glass of wine for me! My DH got a call from the VA today, so he will be getting his first shot tomorrow. They actually could have taken him today, but we're getting snow and the roads were a bit icy (where were the plows????). I'm still trying to get an appointment, but I'm not a quitter so I'll keep trying! Have a great evening, thanks for all the beautiful pictures and happy posts - what a great place to visit every day!! Laura
  22. @rafinmd...Roy, I'm so sorry to hear of Roger's passing. My prayers and thoughts will be with you in the days ahead. Hoping that your procedure can be done by catheter. Laura
  23. Prayers for all who need them, but especially @rafinmd, we will miss his beautiful photos and interesting commentary. Feel better Roy!! Laura
  24. Roy, I'm so sorry to hear your brother is having problems. Praying for healing for him, and that he will try to follow the doctor's orders. Laura
  25. My compliments to everyone on this wonderful, friendly place every day - Rich for the maps, special days and quote; Roy for the lists (SO glad to see the care list smaller than the celebrations!); @summer slopefor the drink recipes; @cat shepardfor the wine information; and EVERYONE ELSE who posts photos, cartoons, and such positive messages every day. I am so glad I found this and have been reading it multiple times a day...I check in for the early posts, check back around lunchtime and then dinner, and also check it the next morning to see the late posts. I feel like I know you all and hope we can meet someday on a blue hulled beauty. Have a wonderful day, stay warm, keep masking, and pray that this will be over soon! Laura
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