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  1. I'm a Mets fan...need I say more?? They lost to the Nationals today 15-5 - 8 pitchers gave up 11 walks. Oh well, wait til next year!!! Laura
  2. Roy, You're right - it is a sunrise picture! I should know better since we live east of the city. Sorry folks, just not thinking well this morning!!! Laura
  3. Good morning all the Dailyites! I love Rich's list and map of where our beautiful ships are....and Roys' care and celebration lists are always appreciated. The photos of flowers, trees, sunrises, and any others posted bring a bright spot to my day - thanks to all for posting! I have a sunset picture to share - it was also from our 2010 Eurodam cruise (Canada/New England), and it was taken as we were pulling into New York harbor...sorry to see the cruise end, but since we live less than an hour from the city, nice to get home again. Hope everyone takes care of themselves today, and has a wonderful Saturday!! Laura
  4. Thanks Rich, Roy, and all the posters who add the beautiful pictures and comments....this is the best place to start my day, and I keep coming back during the day to see who's added more! I finally found a sunset picture from one of our cruises - this was as we left Newport in 2010 on our Canada/New England cruise on the Eurodam. Hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy and keeping their social distances. The better we do with this the sooner we can cruise again! Have a wonderful evening, Laura
  5. Good morning all! I may not post frequently but am a regular reader...what an uplifting page to read each day! Thanks Rich for the locations of our beautiful ships. Thanks Roy for the care and celebration lists. Thanks everyone for the beautiful pictures! I've been searching through my cruise photos, and finally found a sunset photo from this date to share (sorry haven't found any sunrises, I'm not usually up that early!). This was from our 2010 Canada/New England cruise on the Eurodam. We spent the night in Charlottetown to avoid Hurricane Igor....and then when we left the next day we ran into a secondary low with HUGE waves and wind...in fact, I was in the Crow's Nest and a wave broke onto the windows up there! Have a beautiful and safe day! Laura
  6. This day is always difficult for me...I work at the US Merchant Marine Academy, which overlooks the city. I was in the Administration Building in the Academic Dean's office when the first tower fell....we were all in shock and said it didn't feel real, more like a movie. I lost two very dear FDNY friends that day, and others that I knew. Never forget..... And now to a brighter note - here's a sunrise picture from JFK Airport as we were waiting to board our flight for our first Caribbean cruise on the Zuiderdam in 2004 - a beautiful morning at the start of a wonderful cruise! Thanks Rich for the daily reports...thanks Roy for the care and celebration lists....Prayers for all who need them and cheers for all!! Laura
  7. Thanks Rich for the daily on our beautiful ships, and thanks Roy for the care, concern and celebration lists! Since I work at a college, my colors are Silver and Blue (United States Merchant Marine Academy, the Federal school for merchant marine officers - some of our graduates are captains and engineers on cruise ships!). The drink sounds good...I'll have to remember that for a future cruise Happy Hour. Have a wonderful day everyone - hope you all stay safe and enjoy the weekend! Laura
  8. Good morning everyone! Thanks Rich for the locations of all those beautiful HAL ships....looking forward to being on one, hopefully in 2021. Thanks Roy for the care and celebration lists, and for your beautiful photos. I have followed along on your blogs from your cruises and always enjoy seeing things from your point of view. Thanks Copper 10-8 for your behind the scenes photos - so interesting to see!!! Hope "my" hurricane isn't too damaging to those in its path - and I apologize for them naming it after me!! Have a wonderful day everyone! Laura
  9. Good morning everyone! I've been lurking here, following along on all the wonderful positive notes and pictures, for quite a while. It's always a wonderful way to start the day, and check back in later in the afternoon. Thanks so much Rich for keeping track of all the wonderful HAL ships - wish I had a cruise planned right now! Thank you Roy for the care and cheer lists, and your beautiful sunrise pictures - they really are so special, and I keep all those in my prayers (both cares and cheers!). We don't have a dog, but have been able to enjoy dog-sitting for our niece Charlene (pure-bred Poodle). She had to be put down earlier this spring, as she was suffering from kidney and other problems. She was such a sweetheart! Hope everyone enjoys the day, stays cool as possible and safe from storms! Laura
  10. I know this one - we were here on our 21 day Maasdam Alaska and Pacific Northwest cruise last year! It's the Astoria Column in Astoria, Oregon. Thanks for reminding me of a fantastic cruise! Laura
  11. We were on the Maasdam last summer, and did this excursion. We've been to Hubbard Glacier before, and thought it was magnificent....but this excursion brought us SO much closer to the face of the glacier! We were told we were within a half mile of it, while the Maasdam was a couple of miles back. This was definitely worth the cost to us, and I would do it again. Enjoy your cruise! Laura
  12. HI all, I've been following along on the Coral Princess issues - I just now saw this posted on Facebook: Coral Princess guest disembarkation continues today, as we've arranged 9 scheduled domestic charter flights. Guests requiring shoreside medical care are disembarked and being treated. Following today’s efforts, about 90 guests will remain onboard given current international travel restrictions. Homeward travel arrangements will be made for these guests as soon as arrival clearance is obtained by each country. We announced a voluntary 60-day pause of operations on March 12, becoming one of the first companies in the leisure travel industry to take this proactive measure. Coral Princess remained in service longer than expected due to a series of port closures, airline cancellations, and other actions taken, which impacted the onward travel home of the onboard guests and crew. Details here: https://*****/2JLyN1q I hope all remaining guests will be able to disembark soon and head on their way home safely. Laura
  13. So happy to wake up to the good news! Hope all can get a good rest and enjoy being together again. Thanks for letting us come along on this challenging journey. I'll raise my coffee cup in celebration! Laura
  14. I've been following along with the saga....SOOO glad they've landed in the US and are on their way home. We met John (Copper10-8) on one of our Alaska cruises, and he's a gem. Thanks @Copper10-8 for being such an amazing guy! Hoping the rest of the trip will be non-stressful and they'll be home today! Laura
  15. We have saved our beers from the bucket, brought them to the room and kept them on ice, and then brought them to another bar or the Lido the next day to enjoy. Enjoy the savings!!
  16. First, happy anniversary! Second, thanks so much for your wonderful travelogue of the cruise. We've been to Alaska 5 times (in June on the Maasdam for 21 days), so this brings back great memories. Your insights are always right on, and make for an enjoyable read. Hope the rest of the cruise is fantastic! Laura
  17. My DH and I were on the same cruise with jokerstef on the Maasdam. The Orange Party was on the same night that the ship had the Bar Hop. We did the Bar Hop and ended up in the Crow's Nest...after 4 drinks in 4 bars we were ready to party!! We didn't have anything orange, but the bar staff had given us orange beads and an orange glow stick, so we were ready for the party. It was a fun night and quite a few of the officers were up there enjoying the party also.
  18. We were on the Maasdam for 21 days to Alaska, May 28-June 18. I had followed your blog for the South Pacific trip, and found many helpful insights for our trip. Looking forward to following on your new adventure, and to hear who's still on board from our trip (I know Rachel Moreno, one of the EXC experts, was staying on for at least part of your cruise). Bon voyage, have a wonderful trip! Laura
  19. We were on the Maasdam in June - it was served on Hubbard Glacier day, on Deck 6 in the lower Atrium. On College Fjord day we also had seafood chowder served in the Atrium on Deck 6.
  20. Thanks for the cheery sendoff....can't believe it's finally here! We booked this itinerary as soon as we heard about it, in January 2018. Looking forward to our fifth trip to Alaska with lots of new ports!! Laura
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