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  1. fulton garage has free shuttle to and from port
  2. Anyone have experience using CAS line at ncl terminal? could have used it last cruise, but lines weren't long and i was with others without CAS. any special perks besides different line?
  3. have you gotten close to 15 drink limit on an day?
  4. always amazed by lack of shame by some. i can't unsee these pics!!
  5. worked with wildlife rescue lady years ago, 1st animal was pelican. she didn't tell me until we left enclosure, 7 inch scare on her leg was from pelican!
  6. embarkation day you may see refineries and such, but returning usually will you're asleep. just my experiences. everything looks better in the dark lit up
  7. who you calling a ho? channeling marge simpson. have an incredible birthday! avoid mdr on birthday unless you like to be sung to.
  8. i have a little lighter that looks just like whats hanging from your neck. serenity area looks inviting
  9. don't know about shuttle or taxi, but my brother & SIL who live in moblie, uber all the time. haven't heard any complaints from them
  10. so?? 1st drink is? gonna guess something with tequila!
  11. have to say what everyone is thinking----Watch out world Sid is on the move!! there, got it out of my system
  12. used fttf on a 5 day last year. liked getting on fairly early, dropping carry-ons off in cabin, and sadly had to go to guest services several times (only 1 person ahead of me there, 1 time) regular gs line 20 people or more in line.
  13. been haunting ncl boards lately, due to cas cruise next march. been missing carnival, so jumped over for quick look and guess who i see is about to go live! happy cruising sid! will be follwing
  14. tried mock booking for studio, color code says up to 2 offers, but only allowed 1. called cas department today about my inside next year. he didn't know what i was talking about. sent email, but probably won't get answer until next week
  15. was playing around on ncl site, when looking at cabin prices i saw that inside cabins can get 2 free-at-sea offers. we're booked for next march. waiting to hear back from traveling companions as to which other offer they're interested in. has anyone who is already booked be able to get 2nd offer for inside cabin?
  16. there was a lot of road construction around the port in april 2019, anyone know when it will be completed? have another cruise out of N.O. march 2020. cruise port traffic was very heavy, so be advised if cruising out of N.O. any time soon.
  17. thanks, actually have deposit on another cas cruise
  18. how do you check points? just came back from cruise 2 weeks ago. btw-received cruise through hardrock in biloxi, ms. i've also gotten cruises from imperial palace, but those were carnival.
  19. got an email about pre-booking casino slot tournament, but wouldn't let me. not that urgent, just want to pre-pay as much as possible.
  20. I know I can order two drinks at a time (usually beer for me) any problem asking for bucket w/ice from bars?
  21. guest service desk will probably have change,
  22. i happened to read report this weekend, they mention wine station. are there self wine dispensers on board or do they refer to something else?
  23. thanks for review and replies. fun read!
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