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  1. I guess I am in the minority with my thoughts on this. They cancelled my cruise over one month ago, I have yet to receive a refund. This process should be much more rapid than this. They initiated the cancellation. Nobody should have to wait one, two or three months to get their money back. It is 2020, technology is in place to make processes like this quicker. I really dont think they are doing all that they can to expedite these refunds, and they should be. Dont think I want to cruise with them any more.
  2. If I did not hear or see the CD on any of my cruises, I would be just fine. To me, they are of no importance at all.
  3. No, you didn’t. Order a straight shot and drink it. Is it watered down or not? Having 6our wife dump it into a drink is not a true way to tell. If you are going to make a claim like this, which is pretty serious, don’t dilute the drink with soda pop or have your wife dump it Ning another drink. That’s goofy. You are already diluting it and stating that you know that they are. Try it straight if you want to make reckless claims like that. That’s the only way to tell, not by pouring into a Coke and comparing it to your favorite bar.
  4. Think we might do one of these trips this fall. We have not cruised for a couple years. Curious why this cruised is only in Sept and October. I understand the ship is being refurbished prior to this fall. I’m off to read some reviews, but I’d love feedback from any that have been on this cruise.
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