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  1. I've searched this site, but can't find what I'm looking for. I would like to find out more information on how HAL does the airport transfers from the ship upon disembarkation. Our flights are the next day but we're staying at an airport hotel. We've never used this before and are thinking about using it when we disembark in Vancouver. It's a combination sight-seeing excursion with drop off at the airport. Does your baggage go with you on the transfer bus; and does the luggage need to be placed outside your cabin the night before or can you walk off with it? Is it more convenient than using a taxi and not have to worry about having CAD to pay the taxi and we wouldn't get to the airport hotel too early like with a taxi direct from the port? I'm curious as to others' experiences with it. Thanks for you help!
  2. We had a one-time bad experience with a table for 8 quite a few cruises ago (not HAL), and have since requested and received a table for two with no problem every time. We always confirm as soon as we're on board.
  3. I guess I won't be sailing out of Tampa any more. There's no way I'd cruise on the lines left there and I've cruised them all at one time or another. It's such a shame, because the Tampa area is so nice, as well as the Tampa airport. I believe it's a mistake for HAL to leave Tampa, no matter which side initiated it!
  4. Thanks for the clarification VMax1700!
  5. Two completely different answers, I wonder which one is correct? I have a 16 day Hawaii cruise coming up and the allowance of two bottles of wine for that length of cruise doesn't sound like much.
  6. Thanks everyone, looks like Holland's pic are due for some updating. We loved having the TV, and Holland's movie selection surpass the other lines we've sailed. Nothing like grabbing some sandwiches and cookies from the lido deck and watching movies from bed on a inclement weather day at sea!
  7. We've sailed in a Signature Suite on the Westerdam and there was a large, wall mounted TV opposite the bed. Can anyone tell me if the Nieuw Amsterdam Signature and Neptune suites have this feature as well? I looked, but I can't find any info. Thanks!
  8. We LOVE the cafeteria style, less likely to acquire food borne illnesses with staff using gloved hands to serve rather than a buffet where everyone is using their nasty hands on the serving utensils! Just notice how many people enter the dining area WITHOUT using the hand sanitizer that's available at the door! Hope HAL NEVER changes this, it's just one of the many reasons we like HAL over the other lines! You don't get short changed at all, staff has always accommodate my request for a little more, or extra "whatever." Don't change a thing HAL!!!
  9. Have to agree with Hawaiidan hands down! We are diamond cruisers on Royal, but after taking one HAL cruise, we were hooked and committed to HAL for our future cruises much for the same reasons -- better food, especially the fact that buffet food items are served to you instead of everyone's nasty hands handling all the serving utensils; better service (IMHO); way better selection in cruise length, itineraries, and ports of call; a better non-smoking policy (a couple of ships have non-smoking casinos); and their ships actually have promenade decks where you can actually walk around the ship--seems every time we've been on Royal, their promenade is blocked off and you can't really walk the "loop." Royal is a good line, but I think we've just outgrown it as they try to be everything to everyone.
  10. We use a couple of Coleman camp stools that fold up and are fairly light weight. We take them on cruises for foot rests, but it also serves as a seat and will hold up to 225 pounds -- or so they claim. Don't have a pic, but here's the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00339911O/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I strongly disagree with this marketing ploy and believe, in time, it will come back and bite the cruise lines in the you-know-where! I'm thinking the next generation of cruising Millennials don't like pre-planning or losing money....
  12. I really hope HAL comes back to Tampa as it's one of my favorite ports to sail from -- and I don't like the remaining cruise lines in Tampa. Maybe after Tampa refurbishes their port, HAL will come back -- I sure hope so!
  13. My solution is to cruise Suite class and use the 3 drinks on my card if the Concierge Lounge is too crowded. On our last 14-day TA on Brilliance, if the CL and DL were too crowded (and that happened many times) we would sit in the main bar (forget which deck, maybe 6) and watch the herd of cattle Diamond members stand in a long, long line to get into their overflow DL near the main bar (both CL and DL were on deck 14, if I remember correctly.) There were no crowd issues on our first 14-day TA on Brilliance, not sure what changed. But the aggravation is just not worth it to me. We have a cruise on Vision coming up soon, and we'll use the same technique to ensure we have a good time with little stress.....because ain't that what a cruise is for????
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