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  1. WOW 11 lbs that's great .. Understand about the bourbon and the wine. I am starting Tomorrow we had so much going on. I'll keep you posted. Happy Birthday
  2. Ok I ordered my Kettle and fire on line yesterday. So 5 days a week I will have 3 clean meals and two Bone broth snacks and 2 days I will have only bone broth and 1 snack a day which consists of a protein, fat and a veggie. Does that sound right?? Thank you for your help, Sheri
  3. Hi, I would love to know more about this. I have been doing low carb and it is very slow. I would love to try this. Could you please give me more information I really don't want another "diet" book. I know it says 2 days a week drink 6 cups of bone broth or 5 and a snack?? What's the snack consist of? What do you eat the other 5 days? I would love to start this on Monday. Do you make or buy your broth? Thank you for your help, Sheri
  4. Hi all, What is the dress code for the Steakhouse the first night?? I know normally first night in the dining room is more casual. Wondering if DH can wear nice shorts with nice shirt first night?? Thanks
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