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  1. collectingcoke

    Haven = Bleh

    Kids shouldn’t be allowed in the haven pool area. That’s why there are slides and pools on the pool deck. Or put the kids in the kids programs, we pay to relax in peace not listen to your kids splashing and taking up the spas in the haven area.
  2. just got off the getaway in a H-4 2 bedroom family suite, we paid 8,000. While onboard went to cruise next desk to look at the haven suites on the new Bliss for 2019. I couldn’t believe it when she looked it up and like it was nothing said they start at 17,000.00. Over 20,000 for deluxe owners suites. That’s for Alaska for Caribbean it’s a little less. That’s crazy.
  3. collectingcoke

    UBP - Must try cocktail/drink list!

    WWhat is this drink?
  4. collectingcoke

    thermal suite.

    It's awesome , relaxing spa, with no kids!
  5. Thank you so much for the clarification.
  6. I have a question if evacuation for example was required , do you have to pay the 20,000.00 etc upfront and submit for reimbursement from travel ins.?
  7. Last year we were on the Escape and the pizza delivered by room service was terrible. But 2 years ago on the Epuc it wasn't bad. We were wondering what it's like now?
  8. collectingcoke

    Escape - Thermal Spa Pass - Worth It?

    I loved it and never found it to be overcrowded. So relaxing.
  9. collectingcoke

    Super Bowl sailing...

    We did last year on the Escape. It was fun, the game was shown in many venues. Big screen in the atrium hot dog carts around. Fun atmosphere. The game was also available in the haven lounge. It was also on TV in your stateroom.
  10. collectingcoke

    My upsell experience today

    We are booked on the Epic 2/11 sailing. We had booked the haven 2 bedroom family suite. After final payment the price dropped. I know this happens and didn't really dwell on it. Fast forward to today where I saw that our cabin was now 2200.00 less than what we paid and only 600.00 more for the deluxe owners suite with large balcony. So today 29 days out I called the upsell number. After putting me on hold she came back and said the best they could do was 4000.00 more to upgrade to the owners suite. What ?? 4000.00 more when a new booking would only be paying 600.00 more than we paid. I politely said no thank you and as I started to hang up she said that was a large price drop I should call the reservation number. I did and got a very nice representative who after hearing everything put me on hold, came back and bingo - we got the deluxe owners suite with large balcony for an additional 399.00. We are very excited. Just thought I'd share our experience- if upsell dept. can't help try the reservation number!!
  11. We do it all the time - just love the extra space and closet.
  12. collectingcoke

    Question re: purchased OBC

    If you purchase OBC for your cruise will it be automatically applied to your account once onboard or do you have to go guest services to get it applied??
  13. collectingcoke

    Is there still Howl at the moon on the Epic?

    Thank you so much.