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  1. Love your review! We leave in 10 days for Seattle and the Bliss. Already booked the thermal spa!
  2. https://www.ncl.com/travel-blog/six-musical-norwegian-cruise-line?cid=SM_NCL_PRO_BRA_FBK_BLG_WLP_CRUISEARTICLES_SIX8619_NA_NA&sfns=mo yes replacing Havana.
  3. I guess that is subjective, but definitely is worth it to me.
  4. One of the best reviews I’ve ever read. So great for me we are on this cruise in September in the Haven. You mentioned flowers in your suite from Pikes market, did you order those?
  5. Great review thanks ! I was glad to read about your experience with the luggage transfer to SeaTac as we are planning on using that for the first time, in September.
  6. No. An NCL Haven vacation is awesome. Sorry your cruise was crowded and A/C shut off. Often A vacation is what you make it. Have fun on Carnival - worse cruise line ever.
  7. Fantastic review ! We go first week of September, you gave me so many great tips. Thanks
  8. Latest is hiding rubber ducks , for anyone to find and keep or rehire. https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/the-latest-cruise-trend-is-an-invasion-of-rubber-duckies.html
  9. Looking forward to following along, we are on that cruise in September!
  10. No advantage, do it yourself. Not at all happy with mine.
  11. Amazing how much you can make by cutting services and raising prices.
  12. This ridiculous . Raise the prices for cruises and up charge everything.
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