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  1. Hi, We stayed in 7330 during the 2/15 sailing that had 1500 kids on board. We didn’t hear any noise from the sky zone crowd. Natalya was a great room steward. Tina
  2. Thank you for the responses regarding cancellations. I will dig into this deeper to check terms, etc. We always bring gift cards but when we were on the Splendor last year, they gave me a really hard time about applying them. I was adding 2K and was told the limit was only 1K and that they would have to ask headquarters for permission to add the other 1K. I was told to come back in a few days to check. Our charges were already fairly high but in my mind, I already had $2K in prepaid funds. I prefer to go the GC route but was giving the Cruise Cash some thought. I also have an AMEX offer
  3. I have a question regarding cancellations. Is the cruise cash non-refundable in the event of a cancellation? I have a cruise in 2 weeks and I’m considering ordering some but what if, between now and my cruise, we have to cancel? Does insurance cover? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for mentioning this. I'm going to check on my order now. When I signed in, I saw that they added $100 Princess cards so I grabbed a few. I know there are a few other people looking for those as well.
  5. Thanks to pinto18 and glrounds for the answer to my question. Very helpful! Thanks OP for starting this thread. I'm looking forward to reading about anything Panorama.
  6. glrounds, Could you please tell me when the P/D Drinkathon was held? We made early dinner reservations at JiJi’s and was hoping it wasn’t the same night. Thanks to both of you for your thoughts and reviews. We sail in a few weeks are are looking forward to our new ship! Thanks, Tina
  7. YES! We had a problem applying all of our gift cards last month on the Splendor. In the end, they accepted all of them but I was told it used to be a $2000 limit but they have changed it to $1000. They had to e-mail corporate for approval and we had to come back the next day. It could also depend on who you get because the Officer behind the desk the following day wasn’t phased but the others seemed worried about taking too many. This was definitely a new one for us!
  8. We sailed on the Premier in August on the Splendor. Our host did a great job making us feel special and treated us to a few nice things but we did notice a change in the program. The Snowball drawings that were specifically for the Premier players was gone. No drawing at the cocktail party to start things off. We did have Fireball a few times but that's open to all players. Overall, we had a good time and received nice bounce back offers but we spent a lot of time in the casino and spent way more money than usual. Our last Premier was really fun with all of the drawings and
  9. Very sad to hear this. We are on the upcoming Premier on the Spendor. We had a lot of fun on our last Premier on the Miracle (2017) so that’s why I was excited to be able to sail on this one. We took a Premier on Princess last year and it wasn’t much fun so I was really hoping this was going to be better. The crowds are crazy though and It’s hard to get on a good machine.
  10. The drinks are only provided while playing in the casino. You won’t be able to get drinks at the bar, even if the casino is open.
  11. Sailor Taylor, We have used the AMEX offer on NCL twice so it’s possible. I haven’t seen RCCL though. We have used the Princess offer to purchase OBC only but this new Carnival offer seems to have more restrictions. Would still love to hear back from anyone that has tried. Thanks!
  12. Hello, Has anybody had any luck using this offer to purchase cruise cash? I saw a few earlier comments from people doing so but I don't remember them coming back to say if it was a success or not. Our cruise is in 2 weeks so I would love to take advantage of the offer instead of purchasing more AARP gift cards. Please share your experience if you used this offer on something besides a regular payment. THANK YOU!
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