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  1. chickenclown, Come by our Roll Call. cfralc and I are lonely! esper10.... thanks for the review! Looking forward to our trip in August.
  2. Hi, I asked this same question a few weeks ago and it was suggested that we wait until we board. Actually, I think it was Astro Flyer and Idahospud that helped guide me so THANK YOU! We just got off of the Caribbean Princess on Saturday for 7 days and I was so glad we waited. Original price on-line was $59.99 and then it had gone up to $69.99. They also added a 4 device plan for $14.99 a day for about $104. Signed in first day and my offer was $35 for one device or $70 for the 4 device plan. I had to give up my free minutes but that was fine. We only ended up using 3 devices because DH was being stubborn but our 20 somethings loved having fast and unlimited internet. Thanks again! Tina
  3. Thank you for your thoughts. All ships and cruise lines have their pluses and minuses. We’ll be on the Caribbean Princess next week and then on the Carnival Splendor in August. We’ll enjoy both ships.
  4. VaCruzers and idahospud, Thank you both for answering my question. Seeing the screen details and flyer really helps. It seems like we should wait and purchase on board. ehogan..... the Elite minutes are alive and well, if that’s all you want. We sailed on the Royal in March and it was really fast and we managed just fine with the free minutes. This trip on the CB, we’ll be sailing with our internet sucking kids so I’m just trying to figure out which plan is better and compare costs. It would be great if they could just share but easier said than done! Thanks again! Tina
  5. Hi VaCruzers, I have a question about the Caribbean Princess internet. As soon as the ship sailed on the 14th, Princess raised the on-line 7 day package from $59.99 to $69.99 but they also added the 4 device plan as well for $104 or something like that. We are a family of 4 so we’ll probably go with the 4 device plan (although DH wants to make the kids detox LOL!) but we should have the Elite discount so I was curious about how much they are charging Elite’s for the 4 device plan on board. Everybody keeps saying it’s cheaper to buy on board and get our discount on the first day but I also get nervous about surprises that could raise prices if we don’t buy the “discounted on-line rates” in advance. I just wish they had Elite on-line rates so there wouldn’t be a question. Thanks, Tina
  6. YAY!!!! My cabins have been paid! I'm so excited. I'm printing luggage tags right now! 🙂
  7. Hi CalLuvsCruisingTo, I’m happy to hear that you finally were able to print your luggage tags. We are still waiting for our cabins to be paid. We just got off of the Royal Princess a few weeks ago and my husband and I both received bounce back offers from the casino before we left. They were left under our door but fairly close to departure time. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to use the offers because we have other cruises booked already and no more vacation time but it’s nice to be asked. Tina
  8. Grey, You lucky dog! LOL! Both of our cabins are still unpaid. 😞 As Crystal04 said... the OBC should be in the purchased section of the Travel Summary. Ours is listed above our bottled water. I hope CalLuvsCruisingTo has been sorted out by now. Printing those luggage tags are a highlight for me! LOL! Tina
  9. Hi Greyhound3, Yes. We paid the $100 deposit pp but it's on our account as OBC. That's their way of getting something if we don't show-up. I'm OK with the OBC because we'll spend it... probably in the casino LOL! Our last certificate had the same wording but we were not charged. Our current rep told me that their computer systems and/or agents couldn't figure out how to post it so many of the agents just skipped it. Supposedly, they fixed that glitch last October so now it's done this way. Tina
  10. Hi, I'm having this same problem. Our cruise is not as close as yours but I'd like to get everything in order and print our documents. I've called as well and I was told the Casino just takes their time. Maybe because it's Tax Season and they are working on win/loss statements instead? Please come back and let us know when your cruise gets finalized. Crossing my fingers! Thanks! Tina
  11. I was on the Dawn last week. I had brought some reusable straws for my frozen drinks but didn't actually use them. Since the straws have been eliminated, they now blend the frozen drinks until they are watery so straws aren't necessary. The drinks don't taste as good this way but they are drinkable.
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