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  1. There’s only one minor child. We needed 5 cabins. My in-laws (2 people) and my SIL, her hubby and minor children have all sailed NCL before. So each of them are in a cabin with one of us newbies.
  2. We’ll definitely work it out somehow. Parents, 3 kids, 2 kids-law, 3 grandkids & a significant other. We all play well in the sandbox together. Will know more at the end of the month when final payment comes and we attempt to switch. And yes, it was the 20% promo.
  3. I figured. We’ll just wait till we are paired up correctly. Pretty sure mom-in-law isn’t interested in gettin boozie 🤣
  4. Thank you, everyone! You’ve been super helpful! Really looking forward to our trip! Last question....maybe 🤣 When the NCL agent booked, she scrambled us all up. For instance, my roommate is currently my mother in law, my husbands roommate is currently my nephew, etc. She did this because 5 of the 11 are repeat guests and she was able to afford us a discount. Once final payment is made he’s going to see if we can switch. Do the perks need to be the same for both members? Makes sense if they do. I’ll hold off calling till the end of the month if that’s the case.
  5. We have a Specialty Dining package and $50 shore excursion promo
  6. LOL! The woes of being a newb. This was a gift, so we didn't do the booking, or the research prior to. Definitely gonna check out trying to switch!
  7. I'll look into this. And that would be the "ultimate" package? I don't do beer or wine. Lots of martinis 🙂
  8. Thanks, Deb! We have AT&T, so that's promising! Our add-ons include a specialty dining package and shore excursion credit. Really looking forward to it. My in-laws were with us last month when we were onboard Harmony of the Seas. Hubby and I were talking with the NextCruise desk about Alaska, and my mother in law was struggling keeping the secret!
  9. Hubby and I have cruised mostly with RCCL, but that doesn't mean we're not excited about our upcoming Alaskan cruise on the Norwegian Jewel! My amazing in-laws have gifted our family a Vancouver to Seward sailing this coming May. There'll be 11 of us, and it's going to be a great time! Because the cruise and airfare are "paid for", we were considering splurging on the beverage package, and were comparing it to the price on RCCL. On Royal, it would have been a little over $700 for the 2 of us, and I'm seeing on NCL it is over $800 each adult? Am I reading this wrong? Also, for
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