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  1. I got married in Jamaica 1/31/08 and didn't get my marriage license until the 2nd week of April. It was a very long time. I had just written them a letter, and then it was in my mailbox the next day.
  2. I am not a runner but wanted to share my pre-wedding cab ride story. We got married in Ochos Rios in January and the cab taking us to our beach wedding ceremony actually hit a woman in the arm (it was a very loud thud) and kept driving us to our ceremony. It was a pretty crazy way to start our wedding day off. It is pretty dangerous there in terms of traffic/pedestrians.
  3. Cayman Bride, That is so unlike Desiree. I worked with her for 8 months planning for January 31st 2008. She was so helpful. I could probably answer many of your upfront questions if you are nervous about the non-refundable deposit. Email me at kbkramer22@yahoo.com and I will help you as much as I can.
  4. Hubby and I actually just got married at Shaw Park Hotel on the beach January 31st. We were supposed to be married on Grand Cayman but didn't end up docking at the island due to a medical emergency. Where are you from and what kind of wedding are you looking for? Do you have a large group or will it just be the two of you?
  5. We just got off the 1/27 liberty sailing and the formal nights were the second night and the second to last night. I think that is pretty standard for the 6 night cruise.
  6. I just returned from the 1/27 sailing on the Liberty. It is a beautiful ship but there are some cons. Are you sailing with a group? We had 39 people including 4 children. They have a stadium pool deck and the pool setup is a little funky. There isn't really a good pool for kids. Personally, now that we have gotten back I would have chosen a different ship had I known. The food was great and the rooms were okay. We cruised on the Inspiration and actually preferred that ship to the Liberty (the beds were more comfortable).
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