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  1. I was finally able to get on with Chrome -- and so happy I was! The EZAir fare on a nonstop back from LAX next month dropped almost $200, making it nearly $400 cheaper than AA direct. I nearly broke my fingers in my haste to type in my credit card number! That's pure windfall since I had already mentally spent the higher amount on airfare. Now, it'll be spend on London Lemonades and Chairman of the Boards (Chairmen of the Board? Chairmens of the Boards?). . . . And the last piece of cruise planning falls into place. I'm ready to go; only 12 more days!
  2. Because not everybody cares about the same things you do. I wonder why anybody would buy a car that's not a convertible, but some people don't mind that they're driving around in a dorky SUV instead of a cool ragtop. Priorities vary. Right now, I care more about Cancel for Any Reason, which Princess offers and other outside insurers do not, at least not at a reasonable rate. So, that's why I buy from the cruise line. You are as free to disdain my preference in trip insurance as I am to disdain your choice of automobile. Is this a great country or what?
  3. They have a lovely shrimp and avocado starter; one cruise I will get up the nerve to order two or three and just make that my entire lunch. I used to like the chickpea soup, but the past couple of cruises, it's been only so-so (way too much cumin). The main course salmon is quite nice; I've not tried any of the other mains. You're right that the selection is limited -- certainly in comparison to a buffet! But the pleasure of being served and just relaxing, especially after the bustle of taxis and security lines and funneling through the gangway tube and so forth, more than makes up for any limitations of the menu.
  4. It's not daunting if it's designer:
  5. I think the spray is for stocking stuffers for your more annoying relatives. I tied two together with a festive red & gold ribbon and they're destined for my sister's stocking next month. Ho Ho Ho.
  6. 'Cause I don't want to spend my vacation trying to wash my Yeti in the tiny bathroom sink every day. You do your vacation; I'll do mine.
  7. The Botticelli Dining Room, all the way aft on Deck 6, is the designated Traditional Dining Room. Also on Deck 6, located midships, the DaVinci Dining Room is usually Traditional for an early seating and then after that (about 7-7.30ish) opens up to be Anytime. The Michaelangelo, on Deck 5 off the Piazza, is Anytime all evening. Buon apetito!
  8. Prepare to be surprised . . . On my last two cruises, the cabins were not available until 1. The Grand had closed fire doors and cleaning carts blocking the hallway entrances from the aft elevator lobby. The CB did not, but my cabin steward appeared like a genie and was politely displeased with my presence, apologizing that the cabin wasn't ready like it was her fault. I got the hint and scrammed. These people work very hard; is it really asking too much to take yourself to lunch in the DR or up top for an hour or so until you're permitted official access your cabin? Most hotels don't even let you check in until 4; we could have it a lot worse.
  9. I'm just curious what your motivation was for this post. Did you expect the OP to respond, "Gosh, thanks, anonymous internet poster. We'll immediately cease planning to sample this special event we were previously excited about."?
  10. You keep asking this like it's some great big dealbreaker. The cruise line isn't going to revolve their entire logistical arrangements around a few outliers. It's very likely they simply show their in-transit card to whomever is policing entry.
  11. Wow, I wonder how early you have to get up to score one of those 3 aft-facing loungers in the pool area! You might have to sleep out there . . . Bon voyage, Colo! Looking forward, in a low-key kinda way, to more.
  12. You're wrong. Platinum status is effective on the 6th cruise credit, not after the 6th cruise credit. As in, on my 6th cruise, I sailed as Platinum for the first time. (Which I did, because the double-credit for solo sailings had not gone into effect yet.)
  13. Yes, it's definitely a courtesy to let your waiters know you'll be absent the next night. I don't think the promo is likely to be the first night, but if so, you can pop by the main dining room and let the headwaiter at the door know your table number and that you will be dining in a specialty that night. FYI, you can also ask for the day/time of the specialty reservation to be changed, should it be not to your liking (with kids, you may prefer an earlier time than they give you, for example, or prefer one restaurant over the other). You can accomplish this by taking the reservation card to the restaurant you prefer and the host at the door will make the switch for you. Some say to call the Dining line on your cabin phone, but I don't have the patience to sit on hold, not when there's a live person right at the door of each restaurant whose job it is to handle reservations.
  14. I hope you have a wonderful time. My PC cruise on the Coral remains one of my favorites. I liked the entire itinerary so much, I'm doing it again in December -- but this time aboard the Emerald through the new locks. Make sure you're up super early on Canal day and outside on one of the forward viewing decks on Baja or Caribe.
  15. When you walk into C630, the bed/closet/bathroom are on the right. I was down the hall a bit and so counted up from my cabin. Yes, the closet is noticeably smaller than on the other ships. I was on her for 15 days over last Christmas and had plenty of room to hang my stuff, but I was by myself. You might find yourself using more of the shelf space than usual, versus hanging space, if there are two of you. I don't think it's so tiny as to be a dealbreaker -- although I would probably balk at doing a world cruise on her! Not that you asked, but I really enjoyed sailing on her again (I did so back in 2003, as well). I thought her interior spaces looked lovely for a ship her age. There's some exterior rusting in spots, but hey, I don't look at good on the outside as I did in 2003, either, so there's that . . . Enjoy your cruise!
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