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  1. Can you all get a sense of how full the ship is? Did sailaway seem as crowded as it would have been in the before times?
  2. My three most recent cruises (CB, Grand, Emerald) did indeed have a prohibition on going to cabins before about 1pm. I think we were handed a little slip of paper notifying us of this as we boarded. On two of the ships, I recall not even being able to access the corridor from the aft elevator lobby -- blocked by linen carts. Seemed a pretty strong hint that they were serious about the rule. I don't recall seeing any fine print that said it was okay to ignore the prohibition if you had a really good excuse.
  3. London Lemonade -- which I don't think is on the cocktail menu anymore, but is definitely still in their little black book of recipes. Tastes like a good tart lemonade but with a nice kick of gin. Not to be confused with the Lemon Drop martini, which is way too sweet for my tastes.
  4. It's $40 per person per day. Of that $40, $14.50 is the crew incentive, so that leaves $25.50. Figuring a cocktail or glass of wine at about $11 and a mocha or latte at about $4, are you planning to have more than two drinks/one coffee per day? Or a bottle of water (small) is about $2, same for soda. How many of those would you drink per day? And then, if it weren't in the package, would you buy an internet plan -- gotta add that in. In short, I think for most people, the plan works out to save them money. But there are also those who never go online and who don't drink anything other t
  5. Are the targets, by any chance, photos of the IT team?
  6. The smoking side is starboard, so you can book on port and be away from smoke. Some people have reported hearing noise from Club Fusion in the last cabins on the hallway; book closer to the elevators to avoid the stage. That said, nothing in that venue goes later than about 11pm so to me, it's a non-issue. I've had a minisuite on Dolphin and had no issues with the uncovered balcony. I loved how bright it made the room, and I think there was only once or twice, on a couple of sailaways, when anyone above was actually standing at their rail and thus in a position to look down at
  7. Yes, before the pandemic shutdown, lobster made an appearance on the menu on at least one formal night. Who knows what happens when things get back underway, although we'll find out next week, when the first sailing heads out of Seattle to Alaska (a Live has already begun). I guess it will depend upon availability (although one would think that a 17-month halt in cruiseline demand for them would have allowed the little devils to reproduce with abandon -- it could be lobster at every meal now).
  8. This made me laugh -- I can just picture it, a solitary figure sitting pierside, gazing fixedly with burning, unblinking eyes at the huge white behemoth towering above them, raptly waiting for the captain to extend the gangplank and bid them welcome. I wish you an early and smooth embarkation, and thanks for taking all of us along (no wonder you're taking a large suitcase!).
  9. I used to look for cheap transfers and endure shared shuttles that took forever and finally decided that life was too short. You're paying thousands for a cruise; it's not worth the effort to scrimp and save for a few bucks when compared to the convenience of just doing a taxi from point A to point B. Or Uber Black, if you're a app person.
  10. This seems to fall under the old "if your friends all jumped off a cliff, would you do that, too?" rule. Just because Royal doesn't care about packing their ships with non-vaccinated disease vectors doesn't mean Princess will do the same.The last thing they can afford is another Princess ship becoming the face of Covid at sea.
  11. It's a for-charge area of the ship. You have to reserve either by the day, half-day, or for the entire cruise and on most warm-ish itineraries, it fills up quickly on embarkation day. Some people rush up there the instant they board the ship. You pick a lounger, which is yours for the duration of your reservation, so you can come and go. Some ships have lots of full sun in this area; some have more shade. The cabanas are, I believe, an extra charge on top of the extra charge? No kids allowed.
  12. If you tell us the ship and the cabin number, we'll be able to help you better. If your cabin is on Marina or Lido and faces forward (i.e., M101 or L101, for example), then yes, there is a notation that the balcony may not be available while underway -- this is because of wind. But many posters have reported that it is not disallowed; you can still access the balcony. Whether it'd be a comfortable place to be is another question, of course. DW cabins on the sides of the ship have no such limitation. But the ones toward the bow on Emerald deck do have metal balcony railings inst
  13. I'm bemused that someone would think port schedules are a more legitimate source of information than the business that actually owns the ship. And it seems a rather cumbersome way of determining a cruise itinerary. But, hey, you do you.
  14. Earthworm, I have a similar memory, so I think you're right. Of course, as you say, it's been a long time since last spring, so who knows what the plan now is. Off-topic-ish, I was just thinking about last spring when the resumption of cruising seemed like a fantasy. Not even a glimmer of a glow of a light at the end of the tunnel. It's still not time to pack yet, but jabs are going into arms and real steps are being taken to get us that much closer to our first martini upon boarding. There's some light emanating from the end of this tunnel now. Yay science.
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