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  1. I was on the Aug 9/19 Canada New England cruise. If you didn't get to the early show at least 30 minutes before and the late show 25 minutes before you would not get a seat. The cruise director told everyone on the first night to get there 30 minutes before. The singers and dancers shows were standing room only... The other shows, people just left.
  2. I was on the cruise too. HAL offered some of their tenders to get our passengers to shore quicker! That's great co-operation!
  3. I've done four of these. I got my elite perks. I had a party in my room and my friends helped me drink the mini bar. I also got bag of goodies in the bathroom. Not enough time for laundry turn around. It's on and off. No tendering and you carry off your luggage. The only hold up can be Canada Customs and Immigration in Vancouver but on my last cruise it was much better. I agree with the British Invasion show, it is stale. I am not doing the Oct 5 Star Princess, but I know someone who is. I am driving them to Seattle to make it easier to get on the ship. Last time we used Quick Shuttle from Campbell River store and it was so disorganized! The driver had no idea who was to be on his bus, we got turned back at the border! We left at 8 AM and got to Seattle at 2 PM! Dining room is open for lunch but they don't tell you. If you go, enjoy and if you book a single room you get 2 cruise credits. Lots of people do it.
  4. I traded in my mini bar for the coffee card. I got 15 free coffees although I wasn't that impressed with the coffee. Starbucks it isn't.
  5. I'm on the CB right now and I've blogged this trip. If you want to read my blog: http://linfish69.blogspot.com/ One thing I forgot to post is the crew is awesome!
  6. Fisherwoman


    On other cruises we've been on you are allowed to carry on one bottle of wine per person. We are booked on the Queen Elizabeth to Alaska out of Vancouver. Does Cunard allow us to bring on a bottle each? Thanks
  7. Thank you! We booked March 2020 but all the minisuites and balconies are sold out. Also, the Sun Princess is getting quite old and after being on the Royal, I'm sure we will be disappointed. Would like to see the Regal or Majesty in 2021.
  8. Does anyone know when Princess will publish Australia cruises for spring 2021. Celebrity has already announced and I need to make a decision!
  9. We booked a cruise for Christmas months ago. Daughter is pregnant and baby is due in August. We want to take the 4 month old on the cruise but RCCL will NOT allow a baby under 6 months. They are charging us $100 PP for rebooking for 2020. It's their rules that are stopping us from cruising. Travel agent says they will NOT waive the $100 PP fee. This is ridiculous and very unfair!
  10. Thank you everyone for your replies!
  11. If you purchase a bottle of wine in the dining room, drink half, can you take the rest of the bottle to your room or does Princess have to store it until the next meal? May want a night cap.
  12. Westjet also flies YVR to LAX and is a cheaper alternative. You can also take Quick Shuttle from Canada Place to Sea-Tac for $59 and catch a much less expensive flight from SEA-LAX. International flights out of YVR has huge taxes and fees.
  13. A friend just got this upsell from Princess. They are booked in a ME mini-suite Royal Princess Aug 5/18 CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING SUITES (rates are in addition to fare already paid): Full Suites (Cat S3) size from: 440 sq ft $999 US per person And no, they are not taking it! If it gets dropped they may consider it. They are Elite
  14. They opened ours on the Solstice by tipping the room steward. We'll see if that works. Thanks for your help!
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