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  1. If you carry off your luggage and are the first off, it's doable as long as there are no hold ups in Customs. You can take Skytrain to the airport and get there in 25 minutes. You must be at the airport a minimum of two hours before your flight.


    I would take a later flight as you are taking a chance.

  2. We are in our early 70's and have been on more than 40 cruises. We've done everything from Carnival to Crystal. In November we took the family on the Harmony of the Seas in an Aqua Theatre suite. We loved the suite on the Harmony but do not go on one of the mega ships if you don't like children. Even in the suite dining room, lots of kids and school was in session.


    I would go Crystal! No extra charges and believe me we are fed up with the upcharges. The food and entertainment on Crystal is fantastic! It's a completely different cruise experience and would be my choice if price didn't matter! Enjoy.

  3. Without a visa, you just need to be with a local tour company. On our Baltic cruise last summer a lot of people used SPB Tours in St. Petersburg. They also get decent reviews on Trip Advisor. You could compare their pricing with your ship excursions. Of note is that the ship shore excursions will get priority getting off the ship there and it takes awhile to get through Russian customs.


    We went with SPB tours five years ago. We saved over 50% what the cruise line was charging. Buses were great, groups were small. They arranged the visa and were so professional! I would NEVER use a 54 passenger cruise line bus when a 25 private tour saves so much! We paid on the last day, not BEFORE the cruise!

  4. I live in Vancouver. Take the Skytrain to YVR airport. The Fairmont is the BEST place to stay anytime as it's right in the terminal. If you wanted to venture off shopping you could take the Skytrain back downtown or into Richmond. If the Fairmont doesn't do day rooms, check River Rock Casino Hotel. It's three stations from YVR and has a direct bridge from the train station to the hotel. Both hotels are great! Enjoy our beautiful city.

  5. I live in Vancouver and cruise out of the port frequently. Most cruises start boarding around 11:30. If there is a problem with customs or the ship needs extra cleaning it can be later. Luggage must have a tag showing your ship and room number. The shore workers have tags if you don't bring them, just ask when you drop off your luggage. Sometimes the rooms are ready but other times they won't let you into your room until after 1 pm. One of the dining rooms will be open for lunch. They will direct you to the buffet but if you want a nice quiet lunch, go to all the dining rooms and see which one is open.

  6. DW and I are doing a HOS B2B in March for our 30th anniversary. Sky Loft(1724) first week and Aqua Theater (8330) second week.


    Looking for thoughts from folks that may have done something like this in Star Class.


    Will we have the same Genie both weeks?

    We are looking forward to in-room dining. Any Tips? Inside or out on balcony?

    What don't miss Genie items? (Bridge Tour, Wine Tasting, Daily treats, ...)

    Can we get Starbucks delivered to the room each morning? How about Fresh OJ?

    What are your favorite snacks to ask for? (cheese plate, cookies, Guacamole, ...)

    What beverages are available in-room? Can you get Coke Zero?

    Will the genie get you a couple of bottles of wine each day?

    With just two of us traveling, what should we tip our Genie?

    What do you know now that you wish you would have known before you cruised?


    We were in 9330 and our genie was Daniel. We tipped him $100 per person in the room but there were five of us. We had all the soda we requested but we didn't request Coke Zero. We had champagne when we boarded and two bottles of wine we never even touched. We used the beer in the fridge and went to the bars and dining room for wine and other drinks. The Robot bar was great! My granddaughter asked for M & M's and they were brought to her! They left sunscreen, bug repellant and all kinds of goodies. I loved the coffee machine! We never ate in the room but ate at the Coastal Kitchen for breakfast and specialty restaurants for lunch and dinner. They were all FANTASTIC!!!


    I didn't realize we skipped the lines upon disembarking. We were off in 10 minutes!!!! That was a nice surprise.

  7. I've cruised many times on both HAL and Princess over the last 20 years. I found HAL service and employees have really deteriorated. Both lines have good food but the service on our last HAL ship was so slow on two nights we missed the show! The waiters just disappeared. We figured it was the kitchen but didn't know. It wasn't just us, it was all over the dining room. We heard many people complain.


    I love the Microsoft seminars on HAL but find the entertainment and activities better on Princess. For me, it's itinerary and price. The demographic on HAL is much older than Princess and the children's program is MUCH better on Princess.


    Your choice, depends on what's important to you. I'll choose Princess but if the price is right and I like the itinerary I would go HAL.


    I agree with the previous poster Princess has the BEST past passenger program.

  8. The 4 bedroom Royal Family Suite is a Star Class Suite. It includes almost everything; WiFi, Specialty restaurants, Ultimate Drink package. You can ask your Genie to stock your mini-bar with water, sodas, juices and beer.


    Our Genie asked what we wanted. We have Evian, Pellegrino, lots of pop, and Stella for beer. We ran out of beer and they brought it right up. We had champagne on ice for sail away and still have two bottles of red wine we haven't even opened and we are on day 5! Evian comes in small and large bottles. You will get everything you need or want in a Royal Family Suite.


    We are loving the Royal Suite Class perks!

  9. We are on the Harmony of the Seas right now in a 2 bedroom Aqua Theatre Suite!!! It's a Royal Suite Class and I think your benefits may be different but I can tell you it's AMAZING!!!! We have our own Genie, Daniel and he is excellent. The internet is wonderful, no worry about how much time you are on it. Our fridge is stocked with everything we want. We have never eaten in the dining room or the buffet. It's specialty restaurants every night. Central Park 150 and Chops were amazing. We went for lunch to Izumi and the bill would have been $252.00 for four of us. It was zeroed out, no charge for us! There are five of us in this room and it's awesome!!!! The entertainment has been fantastic!


    Enjoy your suite experience! It's so much fun!!!!!

  10. We sailed out of Canada Place May 17, 2017. Never again!! It's a shame, as we love Vancouver - it's such a great city - but we have never encountered such a disorganized cluster as we did on embarkation for this cruise.


    Don't blame the Port of Vancouver. US Customs staff's the clearing area. THAT'S what the problem is. If they only send one agent, it's their fault, not the Port of Vancouver. They have NO control over US Customs.

  11. I was one of the people who were lucky enough to get a Move Over offer. We live on the West Coast of Canada and our cruise was out of Southampton. We had two balcony cabins on Caribe. We rebooked for next year. I look at is as winning the lottery. Will I tell anyone on my rebooked cruise, NO! I will keep it to myself and count my blessings. Princess is a corporation and they need to make sure their ships sail at 100%. People cancel last minute and that's what they count on. Obviously they needed our two cabins and I was elated to get the offer. I'm Elite on Princess so I've paid full price a long time.

  12. Free internet: 100% crazy talk! :evilsmile:


    Princess is a business and they are not interested in you sitting in your stateroom for an entire cruise surfing the web. They want and need you to be surfing the shops, excursions, bars and any other profit centers on and off the ship. The current fare structure will never allow for free internet for all passengers. Now, free unlimited for suites and for those with 100+ cruises, maybe.


    I agree with the above post. It's all about on board revenue. From expensive drinks (they don't pay the taxes as on land), overpriced shore excursions and specialty restaurants surcharges I wouldn't expect free internet anytime soon!

  13. What did they offer to move over?


    I was booked on the Caribbean Princess Aug 5th out of Southampton 12 day British Isles cruise. We had two Caribe balcony cabins booked. My TA got a move over offer which she forwarded to me. If we gave up our cabins we would get a free cruise up to 14 days, a refund as an OBC on our rebooked cruise, an upgrade and $500 air cancellation fee for each air ticket! I called the number and left a voice mail. The voice mail said they would return calls as they were received. 90 minutes later I got the call and we moved over! As we leave in two weeks we are still going to the UK. I have friends and relatives there and we will have an awesome holiday! Next year we have two mini suites on the Royal Princess same itinerary! Newer ship, free cruise and a huge on board credit. If we don't use all the on board credit they will refund. I have my new reservation and it's exactly as it says! I am elated! Thank you Princess!!!!

  14. We got a moveover offer yesterday afternoon (for the Regal, 11-day Baltic, Aug. 7) and I returned the call 20 minutes after the offer landed in our inbox. I got a recording and left a message. This was about 4:15 p.m., and we didn't hear back, so I'm hoping to get a call this morning.


    The basics are:


    * 100% cruise fare refund (as refundable onboard credit). * One Free cruise anywhere in the world up to 11 nights. * Free stateroom upgrade pending availability on new sailing. * Air or hotel change fees covered up to $500 per person * (Princess EZ Air Protected)


    We are flexible and likely to take it, probably just for same thing next year.


    My questions are:


    1. Would I get a courtesy call back if they solved their problem before they got to us, or will we only get a call if they still need our cabin?


    2. Do I have to give them a replacement cruise on the spot, or can I just say yes to the concept and work out the details later?


    3. When they offer "a free stateroom upgrade," does that mean from our mini-suite guarantee to a better mini or a club class mini or a full suite?


    Thanks to anyone who can help. I just want to be prepared if and when they call back.




    We got the same offer yesterday. I left a message and got a call back in 90 minutes. His voice mail said he would return calls as they were received. These calls take a while. I gave them the replacement cruise because we'd already decided. Not sure if you have to do that. As far as the upgrade, I didn't ask. We had a balcony on Caribe. Good luck and I hope you get it. I was thrilled. Our cruise was the Caribbean Princess Aug 5th but his voice mail said they also over booked the July 25th cruise too. I suspect they are very busy. Please report back and see what an upgrade is. I am over the moon! We have two rooms and are still going to the UK this year. Next year we will do the cruise. Nice to have family in the UK, we live in Canada!

  15. Not sure if this is an answer, but I received this from my TA a few minutes ago.


    "FYI, my co-worker came across this earlier today. Apparently Princess is having some kind of computer glitch just for the Ruby Princess – Apparently fares are not coming up and reservations cant be made Nov/Dec and January sailing until tomorrow - - but I’m getting this 2nd hand. – The cruises are going as advertised, just a glitch which will be fixed by tomorrow morning. – affecting just the Ruby"


    Two friends booked on the Ruby Princess Oct 14/18 6 day wine cruise YVR-LAX got an email from Princess saying their cruise was cancelled. They were told to rebook on the Island Princess in September for a 7 day wine cruise to Los Angeles. The cruise price is more of course. They have been offered $15.00 on board credit each. They've got their deposit and they have 30 days to decide. I think $15 OBC is an insult!

  16. I was in Europe a couple of years ago for an extended trip. I decided it was much easier to get my fill on board hoping that boarding day it may be cheaper. Well it wasn't. When they handed me the bill I added a 20% tip only to find out later in the cabin when I put my glasses on they automatically added an 18% tip and I tipped on top of that! I was so choked I will NEVER go to the spa again. The price was a total rip off and there were very few nail colours to choose from. Live and LEARN!

  17. There were three ships in port on the day of embarkation. The Crystal Serenity sat in the harbour waiting for the first one to sail and they took the berth. Only three ships can dock at Canada Place at one time. It was not the fault of the cruise line but the lack of space at the cruise terminal.


    The only alternative is Ballentyne Pier a few miles east and it's a horrible pier for a cruise ship. Crystal made the right decision to wait for the first ship to leave.


    Canada Place

    Sunday May 22, 2016


    Celebrity Infinity 07:00-16:30

    MAASDAM 07:00-17:00

    Crystal Serenity 18:00-23:59

    Zaandam 07:00-17:00


    I was on the May 6th sailing from San Francisco to Vancouver and our service, entertainment and food was excellent.

  18. Thanks everyone. We are booked on a group tour with Viktoria from SPB. I am sure it will be great.:)


    We used Viktoria at SPB for four ports in the Baltics! It was the best private tour company we've ever used. Her husband met us in Berlin and when we ended our tour in St. Petersburg she personally thanked us for using her company. I can't emphasize what a great tour it was!

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