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  1. We were on the Explorer of the Seas and a couple left their iPad in the buffet. They remembered as soon as they exited the buffet and went right back. It was gone. The people around the table said the only person there was the bus boy who cleaned the table. They insisted the cameras be checked and sure enough he picked it up. They went to his cabin and couldn't find it. When he left the ship at the next port they found it in his carry on. He was fired from the cruise line and sent home.


    You always hope the employees they hire are honest but unfortunately not all of them are. I really hope it gets returned to you.

  2. Do you have to arrange for your own visas if you book a non-ship tour?



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    We did the two day tour with SPB tours. They arranged the visas for us. We did tours with them in Tallin, Berlin and Helsinki. They were fantastic! St. Petersburg was our last stop. Viktoria personally met us and thanked us for using her tour company. I cannot say enough about how professional and well managed this company is.

  3. My friends got to Ballentine pier early and didn't have to wait too long. Because they are Platnium they waited in the lounge with cookies and juice. They didn't start boarding until 12:30. Getting off took over an hour of standing in line. Customs was the problem in Seattle. They were fingerprinting most passengers. Everyone wants to get off at once because everyone has carry on! These are the first cruises of the year and it takes some getting used to.

  4. Looking at doing this in September of this year. Anyone that has done this would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you.



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    I did it once. It's far too short for me, but lots of people love it. I know a couple who does it twice a year just to get the points to reach elite. They have a nine year old child and if you calculate the meals, overnight bed, babysitting etc. it is cheaper than staying in Downtown Vancouver for the night. You have to consider the bus fare (Quick Shuttle is $59.00) or get someone to drive you to Seattle. They just off the Grand Princess yesterday and I picked them up. I left South Surrey at 6:30, picked them up and we shopped all the way home. It made for a great day! Try it once and see for yourself! They have already booked the for September!

  5. Cruise Junky and YVR Cruiser, I see that you are Vancouver-ites. We are flying into Vancouver a week from Friday for the 7 day Alaska cruise on Crown. It's my first time in Van. We are staying at the Pan Pacific Fri. night and want to pick-up our wine in town before embarkation. Is there a good place for decent prices anywhere near there? Also, Cruise Junky, I read a post of yours from last week about busy embarkation at Canada Place. Will it still be bad the weekend of 5/24? I will need to warn my family! Thanks and cheers!


    We live in Vancouver and buy our wine in the US. The prices are MUCH cheaper in the US. Bring it up with you if at all possible! The first cruises of the year are always busy. You are staying right upstairs so get there before 11 AM and you will be first in line. Even if they aren't boarding you will clear customs and have a nice chair to sit in waiting for the ship to start boarding. Have a wonderful cruise!

  6. I don't think that Celebrity plays with the taxes and port fees to make a profit. On our last cruise after we were home we seen a refund on our credit card from Celebrity for a refund of $24.86 for ports fees or taxes.



    On other cruises we were also given refunds for the same. Celebrity could have very easily kept that money and we would have never known that there was a refund.




    This is a $71.00 price increase in two months. It seems a little fishy to me. If there were port fees or taxes of this magnitude don't you think we would know about it! If it was a few dollars I wouldn't have cared but this is excessive. And exactly what are fees????

  7. Did you book in US or Canadian dollars? If you do not book in US$, taxes and fees may fluctuate with currency fluctuations. In the UK, we can hit this problem when making changes to a booking - e.g. adding flights or hotels. The system then picks up the latest taxes and fees. It takes manual intervention to get the taxes, fees AND gratuities back into line. However, I am not sure what the position is for a price decease. You may have to accept the current taxes, fees and gratuities. I am not sure.


    It was booked in CAD $ and the Canadian dollar has decreased less than 10%. I went in and made a new reservation and it clearly shows the increase in taxes and the decrease in cruise price.


    We won't ask for a price adjustment as the tax increase wipes out any savings.

  8. A friend booked the 7 day Alaska Millennium Aug 15 cruise on Feb 1/14. Today we noticed the pricing in the cabins was reduced slightly. When we checked the taxes and fees have gone from $148.00 to $219.00! Is this an increase or is Celebrity playing games with pricing????:mad:

  9. I got a shellac manicure last year on my B2B cruise on the Eclipse. It cost $20.00 to have the shellac/gel removed. They only had 10 colors to choose from. My salon at home charges $5.00 to remove and has over 150 colors to choose from. She did a good job but it was super expensive! If you have to get it when your away then be prepared to pay heavily for it.

  10. I agree with Happy Cruiser. Princess has the best itinerary. Too bad their food and entertainment are not great. Celebrity is a much better cruise line but this cruise is so port intensive I would book Princess!

  11. The Oasis and the Allure have the reservation system. It's awesome! It is registered on your key card. You make no charge reservations 60 days before you sail (or onboard). You show up 11 minutes before the show begins and you get a good seat. There is a standby lineup for people without reservations and those people are let in 10 minutes before the show. You can change your reservations on your interactive TV. No tickets, guaranteed seat, long shows. Princess needs to rethink their entertainment policy!

  12. I enjoy the shows and this now confirms I am moving to another cruise line. Sorry Princess I love your ships but entertainment is important to me and a 30 minute show is just too short.


    We just got back from the Allure where we saw a 90 minute production of Chicago. The entertainment was at least 50 minutes or longer in all the other shows. I love the entertainment and this is how I book my cruises.

  13. We did back to back cruises on the Eclipse last summer. We did Norway/Iceland and then the 14 day Baltics. I looked into private excursions and read a lot of posts on this site. I booked SPB tours with Viktoria the owner and cannot emphasize enough how professional and wonderful they were. We were a group of 20 on a 48 passenger bus in Berlin! Viktoria's husband came and greeted our bus at our first stop at the Berlin Olympic stadium. He thanked us all and answered all our questions. All the buses were clean and comfortable. As a frequent cruiser I am steering away from the ships tours of 48 passengers to the smaller private tours. I've never had a problem on any private tour and would highly recommend Viktoria and her tour guides. We booked the Baltic Pearls package tours and were thrilled everywhere! The smaller groups were SO MUCH better. On our last tour which was in St. Petersburg Viktoria came and personally greeted and thanked each one of us as we returned to the ship. What a wonderful way to start and end a trip!

  14. Thanks for all the great information. I knew I could count on you CC people.

    We are flying in the day before our cruise and Days Inn will pick us up at the airport. We under stand the hotel is just a couple blocks from skytrain. Next morning after breakfast we want to go to the port, check our luggage and then go check out Stanley Park.

    Do any of you know what time we can check our luggage?



    The earliest we've been at Canada Place is 10:30 and they were taking luggage then. I'm not sure what time they start.

  15. If you are staying at the Days Inn on Sexsmith Road you are very close to the Bridgeport Station. It's at the River Rock Casino. The website says the shuttle will take you to local destinations and I'm pretty sure they would drop you off at sky train. The ride is 18 minutes from Bridgeport station to Waterfront! Trains are very frequent depending on the time and day of the week. Great hotel choice as it's out of downtown and much cheaper. We've done Skytrain many times with luggage and it's super easy and cheap!




    It's a short walk to Stanley Park along the sea wall! Stanley Park is very large so if you wanted to see the entire park unless you want a very long walk you should hop on the Vancouver Trolley. You can see the park from the cruise terminal.



  16. Hi all, we are flying from Glasgow when we go on our cruise and when we fly out with the flights, connections etc we will have been flying and hanging around airports for about 16 hours which is insane when the exact same day there are flights leaving Glasgow to Gatwick then Gatwick to Orlando with no big lengthy stopovers, basically we are going to contact RCI tomorrow to see about changing these flights and I wondered if this has happened to any of you and what the outcome was, I wouldn't bother so much if it was just my husband and I but we have people with us who will not cope just as easily.

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    I can't speak for Royal Caribbean but NCL put us on an insane flight out of Honolulu. We got in to HNL on the ship at 7 AM, flight was at midnight to San Francisco. Then a three hour wait for another flight to Vancouver. There are direct flights that would have left earlier in the day. They would NOT let us change. We had two 80 year olds and a pregnant woman with us. I will NEVER book again without knowing my flights. I usually do it myself and use air miles or seat sales. That way I have control.

  17. We were on the Allure of the Seas January 12th and had MTD for the first time. I loved it! We made a reservation and then showed up when we felt like it. We always sat at tables of 6 and with different people every night. I would book it in the future. If you went at 6 PM there would be a long wait for an elevator. We only did that once and every other time got an elevator right away and were seated right away.

  18. We are heading out on Serenade today from New Orleans. This is our third cruise out of New

    Orleans. If anyone has anything they need or want to know for an upcoming cruise, let me know.


    I will be saving the Compasses to scan when we return.



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    I can't find the PDF anywhere. Would you please repost.


    Thank you!!!!!

  19. On our last cruise we were told NO dining rooms were open to proceed to the Horizon Court. When I told him I knew there was one dining room open as we are Elite and cruise often he directed me to the open dining room. I figure they don't want everyone to find out the "secret". Yes it is the best lunch on board and so quiet!

  20. We are staying at the Embassy Suites on 17th before our cruise. We plan to rent a car for the day before the cruise. Does anyone know of a car rental agency close to Embassy Suites or a car rental company that will shuttle you back to the hotel after dropping the car off?

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