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  1. BermyGuy

    Bermuda Taxis - Kings Wharf

    you can buy a 1 day bus pass on your ship it cost $12. the pass can also be used on the ferry. i am a born bermudian and hope that you have a great time here in bermuda.
  2. BermyGuy

    Bermuda Excursions - Questions

    yes toilets are on the ferries
  3. BermyGuy

    are there toilets on the ferries

    yes they have toilets and the public busses are not wheelchair accessable
  4. BermyGuy

    Bermuda Taxis - Kings Wharf

    There will be no problem getting a taxi for a tour but they are expensive if you are going to use a taxi all day. You would be better getting a 1 day bus pass and you can get on and off where ever you wish.:D