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    Eating gluten free

    On my last cruise in January on Silhouette I recall the gf section of the buffet was pretty pitiful, but that could have just been on that ship. The pizza station will make you up a gf pizza if you ask, you’ll need to wait 15 minutes or so for it but it was decent. I also believe there is gluten free pasta available but I’ve never tried it. They also have gf bread available where they make the sandwiches. Celebrity suggests you speak to the head chef at the buffet who will guide you through what’s available. Other tidbits: The spa cafe had some gf breakfast bars in the morning which I enjoyed. Tuscan Grill had some really good focaccia bread which was a nice change. Coffee shop has gf cookies but they are coconut so not everybodys taste.
  2. gdpups

    Eating gluten free

    I have been on 5 or 6 Celebrity cruises in Aqua class so have eaten gf in Blu. If you go to dinner around the same time each night they try to give you the same waiter team which makes it easier, but in any case just let the waiters know you must eat gluten free and they will let you know what you can have and what they can modify for you. When I’ve had the same waiters each night they would have my gf bread waiting for me. I’ve never had a problem eating gf in Blu.
  3. Correcting the above, Woodwind is in Bonaire and Calabaza is in Barbados. Agree with both of those as wonderful. Be sure to book Calabaza ASAP, they book up.
  4. gdpups

    Is Concierge Deck worth it?

    I will add my 2 cents! I have not sailed Disney before and just booked our first Disney cruise about 2 weeks ago for a 5 day cruise on Dream next June. This cruise is for my granddaughter who will be 7 next year. I first booked an extended balcony on deck 5 that would be close to the kids club because I think she will probably spend a lot of time there. After researching these last few weeks I recently changed to a concierge balcony cabin for several thousand $$ more. Several reasons, my granddaughter has her heart set on the princess tea, I’d like to get a cabana on Castaway Cay, book brunch reservations, etc and I learned first timers can only book these things 75 days in advance whereas concierge are the first to book and are pretty much guaranteed to get what they request. I also like the perk of being on the ship first to hit the water slide, etc plus we have an 11:40 flight back home so can be first off the ship as well. My granddaughter will probably spend lots of time in the kids club so having the concierge retreat would also be a perk for my husband and I although there is also an adult pool area. Evening concierge happy hour will cover our alcohol needs so no additional money there, plus all the lattes my heart desires just down the hall. Just saying I weighted all those things and made the decision to upgrade on this trip, but we are seeing this as our major vacation for the year and will most likely never sail Disney again.
  5. The prices have increased and I just got off the phone with Celebrity they are not honoring the fact that the packages on the website still show the lower price but when you book it charges the higher price. Not cool Celebrity!
  6. I have a Gold American Express card and check my on line account for new special offers every morning. This morning I had one for Royal Caribbean, spend $350 get a $75 credit on your AMEX account. I was very happy to add that one to my card. I think it expired end of June.
  7. gdpups

    Ben Fogle excursion

    I have a Mediterranean cruise booked and noticed a Ben Fogle excursion appeared through Celebrity and was wondering if anyone has experienced one of his excursions and if so was it worth the money? The one I'm considering is in Dubrovnik and is very pricey, but I believe there are about 6 others excursions offered in different countries. I can't seem to fine reviews on any of them and it would be hard to ask on the ports of call section because it covers many different countries. If you look at the Ben Fogle excursions offered, they do look very interesting!
  8. gdpups


    I have emailed Calabaza twice now to make a reservation for next January and haven't heard back from them. Anyone else have problems with contact? Do I need to go with someone else?
  9. I booked my cruise in November through the big online TA that starts with a "C" and received the classic drink pkg as a perk. I just called the Celebrity Enhancement Dept to upgrade it to the premium pkg because another thread says the upgrade will increase after Feb. 18th. Celebrity said the drink pkg is not showing up on my booking. They left me on hold awhile and checked with group sales, as this is a group booking. They then came back on and told me I had to contact the travel agency to have it added. I called the travel agent and was told Celebrity is no longer adding the drink pkg until weeks before sailing, and is going by sail date. I have booked two cruises with this agency before and never had this happen. The TA said the prices will not increase for those who had the drink pkg through the promotion and upgrade. Just checking to see what others are experiencing and if this is true.