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  1. I have used the luggage valet service 4 or 5 times and just wanted to mention that twice my luggage didn’t make my plane. I was kept notified and my luggage was delivered the next day in both cases. The other times worked like a charm.
  2. I attended the Ultimate BBQ on Reflection last week and had a wonderful time. It was $69 pp and not covered by any package. We found out about it on a sea day, they were promoting it outside the Oceanview Cafe, but I’m sure you could book once you board the ship. We were told they only take 60 people and it is family style so long tables. You start on the lawn with cocktails, then sit down for dinner at the Lawn Grill. We were advised in advance to pace ourselves so we did. First we had several starters, then flatbread all family style. The meat servings reminded me of how they do a Brazilian BBQ restaurant, they came by with chicken, seafood, lamb, steak, etc. I can’t remember all of it but there was a lot of food. It ended with dessert which was cheesecake, apple crisp and I think carrot cake. I am gluten free so they were great at accommodating me, just can’t remember all the regular food that was served. They did serve and include wine, they served a red and a white, but we had the premium package so asked for a different wine and they brought up a bottle for us (we tipped well for that). As I said we had a great time and would do it again.
  3. I assume they mean he was the chef at a restaurant that was awarded 2 stars. Just what I was told on the ship.
  4. I had dinner in Eden several weeks ago with 3 friends and we had a wonderful time. I was told the chef in Eden is a 2 star Michelin chef and since the kitchen is open to the dining room it was fun watching him and the other chefs prepare the food. If you have an adventurous spirit you will love Eden and the food. Some of the Eden charatures help serve the food and do little performances around you during dinner. If you engage them they are delightful to talk to and will explain their character as well as the others so their performance later that evening makes sense. I think Eden is a one time adventure for me unless I am traveling with others who had not experienced it.
  5. You can also request a check which will show a zero balance and can add a tip to it which will be deducted from your onboard account. This is what we do as we don’t always remember to carry cash.
  6. I’m sailing Equinox in a royal suite leaving this Saturday and received the email from the shoreside concierge this Monday. I called her back yesterday and gave her my requests. I had heard they can contact you anytime between 3 days to several weeks prior to your cruise.
  7. I have a Gold American Express card and check my on line account for new special offers every morning. This morning I had one for Royal Caribbean, spend $350 get a $75 credit on your AMEX account. I was very happy to add that one to my card. I think it expired end of June.
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