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  1. Refund for deposit on our April 2021 cruise was requested on 3/31 and posted today (June 6)
  2. Sail Date. Explorer 4/20/21 refund of deposit requested via my TA: 3/31/20 No refund as of May 10
  3. ChristieSF, maybe 3 in Maryland--although they haven't said which ship exposed them to the coronavirus, we haven't heard about any others! https://www.baltimoresun.com/coronavirus/bs-hs-coronavirus-friday-20200306-tzmaqfm7bvbpvox6qdvdwha5te-story.html
  4. Don Bosco does great work. You can donate money to provide a scholarship for one of their students, as we did after we visited. Might be a really nice way for passengers or Holland America to thank Sihanoukville for their hospitality in allowing the ship to dock there.
  5. I agree, and we sent an email to Jason Montague stating this. If they are willing to alienate their most loyal customers over what is a small amount of money considering what we spend over the years, I suppose that is their business decision. Too bad.
  6. We are also considering other cruise lines after cruising Regent exclusively with 8 cruises over 7 years. This whole experience has us feeling very negative towards Regent. In addition to expressing our displeasure to our TA (who books MANY Regent cruises) we will also use the contact information kindly provided by a previous poster to contact Regent leadership directly. I think what annoys me the most is the disingenuous suggestion that we are somehow getting “price protection” because the cost of the cruise went up after we booked, when the reality is that we are not getting the cruise
  7. Good job, Regent. Way to alienate your loyal clients. There are other luxury cruise lines and tour providers, you know. I was just on a luxury land-based tour and singing Regent’s praises to my fellow travelers. What are the chances I’ll do that again? For many of us, customer service is important when making our purchasing decisions and travel recommendations.
  8. Right. I believe we get one less day in exchange for a $250 shipboard credit unless I have misread. No thanks.
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