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  1. 3 hours ago, christieSF said:

    I wish they were tabulating the cases from the past sailing of the Grand.  Living in San Francisco, I would really like to know what the numbers look like.  So far, it seems like 2 in Placer, 2 in Santa Clara, 2 in Toronto, 1 in Alberta, and now these 2 new ones in Contra Costa.  I have yet to find a single source so I've been trying to keep track on my own.  

    ChristieSF, maybe 3 in Maryland--although they haven't said which ship exposed them to the coronavirus, we haven't heard about any others!



  2. Don Bosco does great work.   You can donate money to provide a scholarship for one of their students, as we did after we visited.   Might be a really nice way for passengers or Holland America to thank Sihanoukville for their hospitality in allowing the ship to dock there.   

  3. We are also considering other cruise lines after cruising Regent exclusively with 8 cruises over 7 years.    This whole experience has us feeling very negative towards Regent.  In addition to expressing our displeasure to our TA (who books MANY Regent cruises) we will also use the contact information kindly provided by a previous poster to contact Regent leadership directly.  I think what annoys me the most is the disingenuous suggestion that we are somehow getting “price protection” because the cost of the cruise went up after we booked, when the reality is that we are not getting the cruise we paid for due to Regent’s cutting the cruise length by one day.  Who came up with that explanation?  Do they think we are stupid?

  4. Good job, Regent.  Way to alienate your loyal clients.   There are other luxury cruise lines and tour providers, you know. I was just on a luxury land-based tour and singing Regent’s praises to my fellow travelers.  What are the chances I’ll do that again?   For many of us, customer service is important when making our purchasing decisions and travel recommendations.   

  5. We did an extra cost excursion from Livorno where we went to a market and then for a cooking demonstration and wine lunch at a beautiful estate in a nearby town.  It was olive oil pressing season, so we tasted lots of dishes made with fresh olive oil.   It was a wonderful excursion, and I highly recommend it if it is available.

  6. Gilly, I thought of you when we got to the Falklands.  You were on Mariner, I believe, on the Lima to BA trip a couple of years ago while we were missing both Saigon and Borneo on Voyager due to weather.  We commiserated at the time.    Hopefully you’ll get to Stanley on a future trip.


    We are thoroughly enjoying our cruise thus far.  The ship looks beautiful, service is attentive, food has ranged from very good to excellent, and we’ve also enjoyed the entertainment, especially the guest entertainers, who included an excellent classical pianist who performed all of the Chopin etudes, and a very funny comedian who has another show tonight.  And the ACD, Evan Bosworth, is a terrific singer who did a Frankie Valli show and has another performance scheduled later in the cruise.  Sue

  7. Current offer for cancelling is a full refund plus enough future cruise credit to take a very nice cruise in the future...AND Regent will fly you home if you booked you air with them. How high can they go?  No worries for those with a guarantee, I’m sure eventually they will make an offer to good to be refused....


    Buenos Aires is sunny and beautiful today.  We look forward to meeting our fellow cruisers tomorrow.  Sue

  8. We took and evening food tour with the Lima Gourmet Company. They had Hotel pickup and drop off, and we went to four or five different places, include learning to make a Pisco sour and having snack and a restaurant with pre-Incan ruins. They offered hotel pick up and drop off. Highly recommended!



    Sorry, I meant hotel pick up...


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  9. We took and evening food tour with the Lima Gourmet Company. They had Hoya, pickup and drop off, and we went to four or five different places, include learning to make a Pisco sour and having snack and a restaurant with pre-Incan ruins. They offered hotel pick up and drop off. Highly recommended!



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  10. We too have the 2015 campaign medal (and lived to tell the tale!) I wonder, has the ship ever done the circle South America in a clockwise direction? If so, so, I wonder if the southern half of the journey was code-red-free?




    Gilly, we were originally booked on this cruise, but cancelled and opted instead for the 2019 Explorer cruise from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso in the hopes that starting in BA rather than Lima might decrease the chances of GI illness/code red. We will let you know next year how it worked out. The down side is that it doesn’t look like they have Terry Breen booked as the lecturer on that trip. A real shame—she is great.



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  11. We took the Cassis excursion when in Marseilles, and had a very pleasant day. Once in Cassis you were on your own, and it's a really charming town to explore.




    It was blazing hot in Portofino, and we chose to walk a little around the tiny town, have a lunch and then head back to the ship. So no help there.




    We took the trip to Avignon from Marseilles—it was very nice-the half day one that didn’t include the visit to the Popes Palace. We enjoyed walking in the city.


    For Portofino, we took the trip to Genoa, where we visited some interesting Grand homes with wonderful paintings and had time for lunch in a local restaurant. Be sure to have pasta with the local pesto and a glass of the local white wine.

    It was hard to get to...the trip involved a tender, another boat, and a fairly long bus ride, but we felt it was worth it.



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  12. For the same reasons, I cancelled the 2018 cruise and rebooked on 2019 on explorer. Both the fact that Mariner will be overdue for a refurbishing and the hopes that starting in Buenos Aires will make a code red less likely were deciding factors. We had also been to Lima and Machu Picchu before, and thought that starting from BA would make it easier to independently book a pre-cruise tour to Iguazu Falls.



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  13. Travelcat, norovirus is a form of gastroenteritis, which may be viral or bacterial. The precautions taken by the cruise ship would be similar, regardless of the source. The fact that it is not on the list from the CDC does not rule out norovirus as the cause, since, as you point out, they are not required to report.



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  14. I just spent a week in Cuba with my family. I went legally with a Cuban tourist visa purchased for 85 USD arranged through American Airlines. We arranged our own private tour guide through recommendations on TripAdvisor. It was fabulous! You can now (since April) travel legally to Cuba without an organized tour as long as you are going for a cultural/educational experience, and not spending your week in an all inclusive resort. We had free afternoons and evening, and wandered freely around Havana and the other cities we visited without restrictions.



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