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  1. Maasdam at Komodo Island Westerdam in Santorini Maasdam in Moorea Rotterdam in Mahogany Bay Noordam in Syndey Zuiderdam in Bergen Eurodam in Puerto Vallarta Dave
  2. Kia ora, erewhon! Hi bluesplayer! Thanks for the send-off. I had not thought to do a live blog this time -- I used to live-blog all our cruises, and then started doing mostly after-the-fact reviews. But, I did live-blog our last cruise on the Voyage of the Vikings. Since the first two days of the PC cruise are at-sea days, I may start a live blog on this one as well. As bluesplayer may attest, it has been a very gray and rainy couple of months around Puget Sound, even by our normal winter standards. I may get into the tropic sun and get warm, lapse into a lethargy zone, and only come out of it in Puerto Vallarta. Dave
  3. We did this itinerary last year as part of a collector's cruise. I posted a review with photos and other info including the shore excursions we took. Here is a link if you are interested in reading about our experiences:
  4. Ann, Yes, I think this is definitely first choice -- it goes to Gulfoss, Thingvellir and Geysir. We did it on a previous visit, and enjoyed it greatly. Dave
  5. No, not when we went through, but we were after 9:30; they may have been there earlier. In some of the ports, we saw them lined up as we left the ship, and they greeted us as we passed. Dave
  6. Debarkation was pretty simple. The called us by color and number, and we went to deck three midships, then were directed forward to the Hudson Room. U.S. passports were inspected by CBP agents standing in the hall, others were sere sent into the Hudson Room. We then went to the forward doors, outside, and then back along the promenade deck to the exitway. Pretty painless. Once ashore, we got our luggage, waited for a taxi, and went to our hotel -- we had decided to spend a night in Boston and catch an early flight tomorrow. And, we are glad we did. As Ruth said, it is indeed a gorgeous day here. We might stroll into the North End for dinner. Thanks all of you who have complimented my blog. I found it easier to post photos than with the old version of CC ... which is why I posted so many 😎. I'm glad you enjoyed coming along on our voyage with us. Many thanks, Dave
  7. Sept. 3, Boston, debarkation Here is the voyage log: Also, here is a notice about how the immigration inspection will occur -- it will be onboard ship instead of ashore. This is the first time I’ve seen this. I will check in later to let you know how it went. Later, Dave
  8. Sept. 2, at sea (Cont.) Here is the last MDR dinner and dessert menu: And the last Lido dinner menu: More tomorrow, Dave
  9. Sept. 2, at sea (Cont.) All in all, we found Zuiderdam to be elegantly furnished with color schemes and designs we like. But, for complete disclosure, the ship has some issues. There has been a constant issue with the tile flooring in the Lido restaurant; once they tore up a bit of the decking for repairs. (And, I am still looking for that station in the Lido restaurant that serves the Godiva chocolate-covered caramels – I haven’t found it yet, but the search continues.) 😁 Also, DW has smelled mold or mildew occasionally (I didn’t, but my nose is not as discerning as hers). And, there have been water issues; last night, the ship secured the water from 1 to 6 a.m. to make repairs. But, all in all, the ship is in generally good condition, and the crew works continually to repair and refurbish things as needed. More later, Dave
  10. Sept. 2, at sea (Cont.) Finally, to finish up the ship photos, here are a collection of things that are not necessarily connected, but are just things that struck me as interesting. First, there is a station on deck one,, probably where the FCC used to be, that has a few computers and a printer where people can print their airline boarding passes: Then, the America’s Test Kitchen set: The art gallery on deck 2: The atrium staircase from deck 3 to deck 2 (or vice versa, depending on which way you are going): A statue outside the show lounge: And a couple of elevator landings with interesting carpets and design: More later, Dave
  11. Sept. 2, at sea (Cont.) Each HAL ship has artwork on the stairwells that vary from ship to ship. On Zuiderdam, the forward stairwell has the renowned paintings of HAL ships by Capt. Stephen Card: The middle stairwell has framed metal or metal-like engravings: The aft stairwell has circular blue plaques with bronze or brass outlines of vintage ships; each landing is different. Here are a sample: More later, Dave
  12. Sept. 2, at sea (Cont.) Here are the Canaletto food and drink menus: More later, Dave
  13. We never used it, and I never saw it when it was open ... if it was. It used to be the "martini" bar on the Vista ships, but I think mixology classes have moved to the Gallery Bar. Dave
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