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  1. Thanks for alerting us Jacqui. DW and I have long benefited from her knowledge that she generously shared, and hold fond memories of the cruise we met in person. We will miss her. Dave
  2. Winner! The port photo was a shot looking out over Papeete. The monument is in honor of Cook's voyage to Tahiti to witness the transit of Venus across the sun. The lighthouse was designed by the father of Robert Louis Stevenson. Dave
  3. The top photo of the two is a memorial to Cook -- but it is not in Fiji. Dave
  4. Winner! And a beautiful day it was when we visited last summer. Dave
  5. This should make it a lot easier. Here is the war memorial by the City Hall.
  6. Here is a shot taken as we approached the port. Dave
  7. Yes it is! (bennybear identified it earlier -- posts 1109 and 1110). Dave
  8. Yes, Kingstown, St. Vincent, in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: I always thought that island in the background of the first shot was Bequia. We've never been to that island, although I think Prinsendam visited a few times. Dave
  9. Yes, Hoonah/Icy Strait Point. The tricky bit is that the photo was taken in 2014, when it was a tender port. Now, they have a pier that cruise ships can tie up to, I understand. Here is what the port looked like in 2014. Dave
  10. This may be a bit tricky. Which port is this tender heading toward? Dave
  11. Correct! Here is a longer view of the ship, which makes it easier to know where she is: Dave
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