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    Anyone live in St. Thomas or did a land vacation there?

    We spent a week on St Thomas and several days on St John last summer. It was great and an easy island to explore. We loved hitting megans bay after the cruisers and crowds left. Here are a few suggestions: * Rent a car if you plan to explore the island the roads are easy and it gives you alot of flexibility. That way you do not have to worry about timing you island exploration for when Taxis will be available or worry about last minute expenses. * Definately plan at least a day trip to St.John. If we had to do it again we would have swapped and spent a week there and just few day on St. Thomas. Do not miss Trunk Bay. We loved the town, beaches, and quaint shops there. It is easy to catch the ferry over there. * If you like ice cream, on your way to Megan's Bay be sure to make a stop at "Utterly Delightful". It is along the road with a big sign of a cow drinking a milkshake - it looks like a dive but the ice cream is wonderful. Hope that helps a little.
  2. KentuckyTraveler

    Horseshoe Bay - renting chairs

    We were there on Sunday. They had both plastic upright chairs and low beach chairs (reclining and non-reclining both). They also offered umbrella rental. Each was $10 with a $10 deposit.
  3. KentuckyTraveler

    Question about Horseshoe Bay

    We just returned from Bermuda on Sunday on the Caribbean Princess. Just a little warning about the bus transportation to Horseshoe bay. The lines to buy the bus token and then to wait for the bus took us about two hours to navigate. We were lucky when we finally boarded the bus the line was several hundred people deep. The bus from the Royal Dockyard to Horseshoe bay was $4/adult each way and $2/kid 16 and under. Quite reasonably priced and the buses were clean. The ride up the hill at horseshoe bay was $2 pp. Chairs and umbrellas were available for $10 each with a $5-$10 deposit. The only issue we experience was the time we lost waiting in line for the token and then the bus. I would recommend sending a member of your party off as soon as the boat is cleared to buy the bus token and get into the bus line as quickly as possible. We lost a good bit of time on a short port stop. The island reallly is quite beautiful and the people we encountered were friendly.
  4. We will be in San Juan for a day on our cruise in July. We have seen old town, rain forest and not looking for a beach day. Is there anything interesting we can do that might be a little different?