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    Anyone live in St. Thomas or did a land vacation there?

    We spent a week on St Thomas and several days on St John last summer. It was great and an easy island to explore. We loved hitting megans bay after the cruisers and crowds left. Here are a few suggestions: * Rent a car if you plan to explore the island the roads are easy and it gives you alot of flexibility. That way you do not have to worry about timing you island exploration for when Taxis will be available or worry about last minute expenses. * Definately plan at least a day trip to St.John. If we had to do it again we would have swapped and spent a week there and just few day on St. Thomas. Do not miss Trunk Bay. We loved the town, beaches, and quaint shops there. It is easy to catch the ferry over there. * If you like ice cream, on your way to Megan's Bay be sure to make a stop at "Utterly Delightful". It is along the road with a big sign of a cow drinking a milkshake - it looks like a dive but the ice cream is wonderful. Hope that helps a little.
  2. KentuckyTraveler

    Horseshoe Bay - renting chairs

    We were there on Sunday. They had both plastic upright chairs and low beach chairs (reclining and non-reclining both). They also offered umbrella rental. Each was $10 with a $10 deposit.
  3. KentuckyTraveler

    Question about Horseshoe Bay

    We just returned from Bermuda on Sunday on the Caribbean Princess. Just a little warning about the bus transportation to Horseshoe bay. The lines to buy the bus token and then to wait for the bus took us about two hours to navigate. We were lucky when we finally boarded the bus the line was several hundred people deep. The bus from the Royal Dockyard to Horseshoe bay was $4/adult each way and $2/kid 16 and under. Quite reasonably priced and the buses were clean. The ride up the hill at horseshoe bay was $2 pp. Chairs and umbrellas were available for $10 each with a $5-$10 deposit. The only issue we experience was the time we lost waiting in line for the token and then the bus. I would recommend sending a member of your party off as soon as the boat is cleared to buy the bus token and get into the bus line as quickly as possible. We lost a good bit of time on a short port stop. The island reallly is quite beautiful and the people we encountered were friendly.
  4. We will be in San Juan for a day on our cruise in July. We have seen old town, rain forest and not looking for a beach day. Is there anything interesting we can do that might be a little different?
  5. KentuckyTraveler

    Considering a downgrade. Am I crazy?

    Go for the inside and use the saving on a great extra excursion! We have taken 3 cruises with an inside after booking a balcony on our first cruise to Alaska. After having the balcony, we decided it was definately not worth the extra money. The views in Alaska are amazing but the view from a room is so limited that if you want to experience them you go up deck to see. You may not be on the right side of the ship to see the shore anyway. Also, with the 18-20 hours of daylight, it is nice to not have to use the blackout curtains at night. Take the money and run on shore to something more memorable!
  6. KentuckyTraveler

    Venice Hotel/inn/B&B for under $300

    We stayed at the Olimpia www.hotel-olimpia.com for two nights in June. I would gladly stay there again. It is very conveniently located next to the Pizzale Roma - easy walking with luggage. You can actually take a land taxi to the Pizzale Roma for around 40 euro (or so) and the driver should be able to point out the hotel. Don't let them sell you a water taxi, it is much more expensive. We found the hotel very clean and the staff very welcoming. It was a hotel but had a feel of an inn. Very pleasant. Two suggestions: --> After you book keep watching their website you get closer to your arrival date, we were able to rebook for substantially lower rate than orginally available (under 200 Euro a night for a triple and a quad). --> Also, after you recieve confirmation on their website, go ahead and email the hotel to recieve a confirmation that everything was recieved. The best part of the hotel for us was also the location. You are a nice distance from the hectic tourist areas but they are only a nice walk or vaporetta ride away. Our favorite memories of Venice were walking the side canal, and getting lost in Venice. It is a wonderfully special city. The neighborhood around the Olimpia was a delight.
  7. KentuckyTraveler

    Need help with Amalfi driver

    Sorry if I left the impression that it was not a pleasant experience or that we felt unsafe in any way it Giovanni. The roads are very tight and curvy. It was just a wild ride but totally amazing! I would not have missed it and would go again tomorrow.
  8. KentuckyTraveler

    car rental Santorini

    We visited Santorini this June (moment a silence to remember it fondly...) We rented a car from Spiridakos. We reserved in advance over the internet. When we arrived they did not have the vehicle we reserved "not yet returned" but provided us with comparable automatic sedan with air conditioning (much appreciated as it was over 100 degrees the day we visited). The rental car location is in Fira very easy to find after you get off the cable car. I highly recommend exploring the island on your own. Do not miss Oia it was one of the most memorable moments of the trip. Just one note to beware, depending upon your ship departure time, plan on plenty of time to take the cable car back to your ship. Our ship departed at 11 and when we returned at around 10 not problem. However, another ship was departing at 5 and the line at 4 was quite long to take the cable car down. Have a great visit to Santorini!
  9. KentuckyTraveler

    When do you book your flights to Europe

    I would definately go for the non-stop option if the price is even close. It removed so much stress from the trip - one boarding, one transfer of luggage, and on long flight. Last fall I started watching ticket prices for Europe in June (to Venice) the lowest prices I saw were in Nov-January and then they rose steadily until departure. Like the stock market, that does not mean it will go that way this year. One thing we have been able to do with Delta Airlines in the past. After we purchase our tickets, I watch the price for the purchased flight. If we see it drop, I have called Delta an rebooked the ticket and recieved a credit for the difference between the ticket prices less a service fee (I think it was maybe $50 a ticket). We then used the credit on a future flight. Since we fly pretty frequently on Delta it has worked nicely. I think you need to book it with the Delta directly to get the benefit.
  10. KentuckyTraveler

    May or June for Western Med.-weather?

    We went in June. The weather was quite hot and more crowded (from what I have heard) I would go for May.
  11. KentuckyTraveler

    Venice dock to Plaza Roma

    I too would recommend the Secret Itinery tour at the Doges Palace. It allows you to bypass all the line and see behind the scenes that made the whole visit to the Palace more enjoyable. You can book it directly with the Palace at: http://www.weekendavenezia.com/bigphp/mus.php?mus=ducaleveis&skin=alev They can be purchased online for 16 euro and avoid the service charge of the tickitaly.com. One word of caution, the website can be challenging. Prior to using your credit card, make sure the credit card company has been notified to approved european purchases otherwise the transaction may be denied. The tour is hot, has cramped spaces, and many many steps - but well worth the effort. If you plan to get to Venice from the dock on your own, bring with you very detailed directions. We went on the Millenium in June and spent 2 days pre-cruise in Venice. When we boarded the ship and inquired how to get back into town, the "guest services" desk was very uncooperative in offering any suggestions other than the cruise line's $20 per person/per day shuttle service to St. Mark's square. I had to pressure them to admit there was another option to walk to a vaperetto stop. They would only offer very sketchy details. Go prepared! Enjoy! Venice is a wonderfully memorable city!
  12. KentuckyTraveler

    heli in Kauai or Maui

    Ditto! To quote our favorite guide book for Hawaii - "Going to Kauai and not taking a helicopter tour is like going to the Sistine Chapel and not looking up!" So much of the beauty of the island can only be seen by air. It is a truly amazing experience. We booked with Blue Hawaiian and had a wonderful experience!
  13. KentuckyTraveler

    Road To Hana Do it yourselfers?

    We also did the road to Hana in a convertable. It a truly amazing experience! The convertable let you feel at one with the environment and to truly experience the road. We had a Chysler convertible with 2 adults and 2 teenagers. One thing to note that we learned after arriving on the island, the waterfalls on the Raod to Hana are not always flowing. During certain time of the year the island divert the water from the waterfalls on the island to other areas thus the famous waterfall on the road were little more than a trickle on our visit last July. Even without the waterfall it was a wonderful experience. Be sure not to miss the "Taco" stand in Hana. It is about the only spot on the road that has refreshments. It is a roadside stand that offer fish or pork taco made Hawaiin style. Truly delicious and memorable.
  14. KentuckyTraveler

    Cave Tubing Water Level Question

    Absolutely! The excursion starts with hike thru the jungle that you will want sturdy shoes to complete.
  15. KentuckyTraveler

    Suggestions on Tour Company in Rome

    We used www.driverinitaly.com for our tour of Rome and had a good experience. The driver as late picking us up dock but make up for it the rest of the day. It was not the best tour of the trip but good. One note in my memory, while waiting for the driver, we experience very rude mocking from the Driver in Rome drivers who were waiting for there passengers to arrive from the ship. When we asked them if that was the correct and only location to meet drivers they laughed at us and mocked up behind our backs. Truly unprofessional behavior. I was careful to learn what company they were with to ensure I never gave them business in the future.