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    St. Thomas Open Air Taxis/Transportation

    What I was hoping to find out if there are any people who have been to the beaches in these ports to see if there is accessible transportation to/from Meagen's Bay or one of the other beaches; hoping to transfer my son to a lounge chair w/umbrella, if there is a restaurant w/restroom, etc. just cant sit on a beach all day with him since he does not weight bear at all. would like to have him visit the beach alittle of the time, for the rest of the family:p
  2. But seating is a major issue with my son and he can't sit in a push chair with little or no support, so the ones that fold, would be out of the question, without exception. We have been on several cruises before and found St. Martin to be the best bet. What I was hoping to find is someone who has been to these ports before and if it possible to go, lets say to Magen's Bay, if there are lounge chairs and umbrellas there that maybe I could transfer him too, or a restaurant close to the beach (like right there) that he and I could stay by while my husband and other child go on the beach. Thats what we did in St. Martin and it was great! Thank you for any input you may have, but, unfortunately, i have to take this 200lb power chair with me.
  3. We were in San Juan twice with my son and navigated it okay save for the narrow streets in town. I am more interested in knowing if there is accessible transporation in each town. I thank you for your quick response. It was very helpful. Enjoy your trip...:)
  4. Hello, I am travelling to St. Thomas end of June on the Miracle..does anyone know of any open air taxis or other transportation that takes wheelchairs???? I have a disabled child. We would like to go to the beach or maybe a restaurant on the beach so long as he can transfer to a lounge chair or something else. Any input or suggestions for spending the day would be much appreciated. :o
  5. Any info on accessible transportation in Tortola/St.Thomas & Puerto Rico. We are travelling in June and need help. My son is confined to an electric, unfoldable chair. He does not stand at all. Any info regarding a beach where a lounge chair and restaurant are close would be great, or accessible rides in the ports of call. I am really in need of assistance! Thanks!:confused: