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  1. Embarrassing ☹️
  2. We are really having trouble deciding whether to cancel now or just go ahead and make the final payment and hope for the best. We don’t know what’s likely to happen to next year’s pricing ( the same cruise in 2021 is considerably more than 2020 at the moment) so we wouldn’t be prepared to automatically swap to that one .......we could end up with a large FCC that we find difficult to spend.
  3. We are 2 weeks away from our TA’s final payment date for our Norway cruise in July. Does the ‘cruise with confidence’ guarantee mean that we can cancel now and get our deposit back as a FCC?
  4. We used to cruise exclusively in balcony cabins, but now we decide on a cruise by cruise basis. The veranda cabins on our Norway cruise in July are £2200 PER PERSON more than the OV 😳 .... it’s simply not worth that much more to us. Hoping to bid for an upgrade though 😉
  5. Oh, excellent.....just booked 4054 for our Norway cruise in July 😀.
  6. There’s a very long thread discussing this topic right at the top of the “Britain” page on the Ports of Call board. Hopefully that will answer your question.
  7. Agree... we were allocated one of these as a guarantee. I definitely would not book one. They are small, no sofa and we had someone working in the lifeboat outside our window almost everyday...an inside would be better.
  8. We’re definitely “on trend” 😁 South Africa in February and Norway/ North Cape in July.... very excited for both of these!
  9. uktraveller


    We did this just a few weeks ago on Azamara Pursuit in November. It’s a real advantage to be docked directly in Seville, beautiful city. Check the timings though if one of the highlights for you is the actual river transit....we went both ways in the dark.
  10. If I bring aboard white wines or sparkling, how does chilling work? Can I take the bottle to any restaurant or bar in advance and ask them to chill it for later?
  11. That may have been the case in the past but it seems like more and more are being posted very late in the day.....we are sailing early February on Quest in South Africa and July on Pursuit in Norway and neither have an Azamazing evening on the voyage planner.
  12. We just got off the Spain Intensive cruise on Pursuit which visited both Valencia and Seville. There is plenty to fill two days in both places imho. We love Valencia.... it has both the old city and excellent indoor market plus the City of Arts and Sciences, the Aquarium and the riverbed parks. The only downside would be the need to take the 20-30minute shuttle each time from the ship to get to the old city, it is not walkable from the cruise terminal. Seville is beautiful, the old city has the Alcazar and Cathedral to see and the Plaza Espana and nearby park is stunning. Plus the s
  13. Yes, just home today from Lisbon. A very enjoyable cruise, I will try to post a review if time permits.. White night was scheduled for the first night in Seville and despite a very cool strong wind it went ahead as planned......with lots of blankets!
  14. We are currently on the Pursuit and have just (6pm local) arrived in Lisbon. We sailed from Seville last night and it was quite a bumpy 24 hours! Off to enjoy the last evening on board.... hope you all enjoy the crossing.
  15. We are on the Pursuit looking right back at you 😀. Having a fabulous cruise... hope you are too.
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