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  1. We have done two cruises out of China, the first was a b2b2b which was meant to be out of Hong Kong but the middle section got switched to sail out of Shenzhen as a Chinese company chartered the ship. We went to Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam, it was an immersive cruise and I think about 99% of passengers were Chinese, it was great and you got used to going with the flow, there was a lot of gambling space but the bars were quieter and no one seemed to want a lounger so you could take your pick any time of the day, this was on Ovation and they charged for ifly and Northstar. There were queues everywhere for meals and it was something the Chinese like to do together and would spend quite a while in the venues, We knew about the culture regarding spitting and personal space so although it was off putting it was not a shock. The food was great, lots of Asian choices but still lots of international food too, it was the first time I got to sample deep fried frog. The Second cruise was from Tianjin to Singapore, this was after we had done a tour of China which was hectic so ready for a rest, we noticed that the passenger mix was maybe just 10% Chinese on this one (Quantum) and the rest was international. I would do them again and recommend them but always advise people to do the research especially about local customs and culture, we were shocked the first time someone just came and sat with us at the buffet without saying a word or if you got up to get something I had someone actually sit in my seat.
  2. Hi, we have an Alaska cruise and landtour for June next year, it was this year but was cancelled. We had flights cancelled and have a credit voucher but not booking flights yet just in case.
  3. We had ours for 2nd about 10 days ago, in fact we've had more than one invite even though the tests are booked.
  4. Hi, we were on this cruise too, we've done 35 cruises all with RCI so was not sure what to expect. We liked the ship, the food was lovely and the crew were really nice but you could see they were overworked and tired. Like you we saw the long, long queues for everything, the service was not great with this as the ship seemed understaffed, we went to the dining room for breakfast which took over 2 hours one morning, dinner was a lot better and we had nice servers. Has this been my first cruise it might have been my last but I hope the service and queues were just because of the pandemic. I would try another MSC cruise in the future but maybe not one of the staycation types as the ship just seemed so understaffed which did spoil the experience.
  5. Does anyone know if there is a discount on the coke package for D+?
  6. Quantum of the Seas from China to Singapore in October 2019, back on RCI in 3 weeks and cannot wait.
  7. Thankyou everyone for the replies. I did not realise I needed one when I booked as I have been vaccinated I thought they might accept a lateral test. I will look out for their email, at least we can get one done on our way back home to Wales on the Thursday to get the result by the Saturday. (and then keep everything crossed). Oh for the old days of just asking about shorts in the MDR!
  8. Hi, we are on the October 2nd Cruise, can anyone tell me about the PCR testing? Asking as we were due to be away in Devon the week before but now will have to get this done. We are in Cardiff so hoping there will be an option to get it done somewhere between here and Devon, also, it says within 72hrs of sailing so would we be OK to get it done within 48hrs of sailing?
  9. The best thing about an inside is the sleep seems better as it's so dark, on a short cruise I would book one if an OV or above was much more expensive, on a longer cruise I do prefer at least an OV.
  10. We booked the October 2nd one yesterday, it was on at the time as a spain/portugal, then they changed it but have not heard anything official, have been tempted to call but the price went right up and it would cost more to rebook which if RCI mess it up could happen. Keep us updated if you have any success.
  11. Thanks for this, we are already doing a UK cruise a couple of weeks before this so it's not ideal, I was prepared for the testing etc for being in Europe. You are right about the good prices though.
  12. Hi, was it for a spain/portugal cruise? I just booked it this morning on the RCI website as it was a great price, has it changed to a UK trip?
  13. I've just booked the October 2nd cruise which they are advertising as Spain and Portugal, was optimistic this would go after quite a few cancellations, just waiting for the change email now....
  14. Hi, I just saw a great cruise on Anthem in October, I had not planned on booking anything else after all the cancellations but decided to take a chance. I got to the payment page, I entered the details there for a FCC I had but as it's within final payment the website asked me to pay the full balance. When RCI credit the FCC will they then give me a partial refund back? I did try to call to book over the phone but was in a queue and worried that as it was a great deal the price could change quickly. In fact I checked just now and it's already gone up in the last 30 mins.
  15. I agree, we've had about 8 cancelled, we showed loyalty and took the FCC's for when things restarting, I completely understand that things are cancelled due to the pandemic but it's annoying when they then cancel and rearrange cruises just to suit themselves with no thought to the millions of customers who left their money with them in the bad times. This won't stop me cruising but with this and all the other changes it has made me look at other lines, in fact after 35 RC cruises we are trying our first MSC cruise in a few weeks.
  16. Thanks, the more I read the more I think it's better to pay for each drink, I am so used to prices on RCI where you'd only need 2-3 drinks to break even.
  17. thankyou for this, we got so used to RCI prices where a cocktail is $14-15 so nice to see lower prices on here. We are not huge drinkers but do like a coffee, juice, a beer with lunch and then some drinks in the evening so would probably get value out of a package.
  18. Hello, We've cruised quite a few times but only ever on RCI, we are trying MSC soon and looking to book a cruise with P&O on Iona in December. Pleasantly surprised reading some posts at how much more reasonable bar prices are than on RCI, can anyone tell me if P&O do drinks packages and if so what the approx cost is please?
  19. Been on Vision a few times, the Steam is better than the sauna, it has a little more space. Remember though that they may not be open yet, I thought I saw another post that RCI are not opening them due to the pandemic.
  20. We've just had the email for two Voyager cruises now cancelled, I've lost count now of how many have gone, and also getting confused with the FCC's which have moved to different cruises only to then be cancelled, I think I'm going to start asking for the refunds instead and hold off until there is more certainty, I know RCI are suffering too but it does not help when they do these rounds of cancellations when they may not be necessary.
  21. Thanks, I did it a few years ago for myself and got what was black membership at the time but is now Diamond.
  22. Thankyou, yes, he's D+ with RCI so will give them a call.
  23. Hello, I am a Diamond member of the Voyagers club but my husband is not yet a member, if he enrolls will he get the same benefits as me or does he have to work his way up to it? Tia.
  24. Hello, which ship are you sailing on? We sailed on Anthem where it was free, but then Ovation from Hong Kong where is was chargeable, a while after we sailed on Quantum where it was advertised for a fee online but once you got onboard it was free. Usually i've only seen a charge where ships are departing out of Chinese ports. Hope this helps.
  25. Nice to have something different to read, this looks great, we are sailing on her in September and hoping things will be in a better way by then so maybe some restrictions will be relaxed. Looking forward to seeing the ship as only ever sailed on RCI
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