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  1. Thank you everyone for your jnput and thoughts. @lovelifethat is the cabin we are in 11717. Hopefully the slides dont block too much of our view. But either way, it will be an added experience for us!
  2. We have now adding our 15 year old daughter in our cabin due to some family members cancelling their cruise. We originally had an ocean view balcony but it did not allow a third person in our cabin. We now changed to a boardwalk balcony. Believe me, I know not even close to the outside cabin I wanted. 😞 But still excited to be sailing on the Oasis! Can anyone who has sailed on the Oasis and had a boardwalk balcony, tell me the good the bad and any other info you would like to share with me. We will be on deck 11. Thank you!
  3. Our itinerary is Grand Caymen, Rotan, Belize and Cozumel. Can anyone tell me which island would be the best (cheapest) to buy duty free alcohol. Thanks for any info!
  4. Thinking of booking the Stingray and snorkel trip through Captain Marvin's. Has anyone used this tour operator? Please let me know what you think of them. Thank you!
  5. Does anyone know the cost of a taxi from the port of Tampa to Tampa airport? Thanks!
  6. We are doing the stingray/snorkeling trip through Captain Marvin's. Would like to visit '"Hell" after that. Does anyone know the distant from where we will be for snorkeling and to the town of Hell?
  7. We are heading over to Paradise Beach when we get to Cozumel. Trying to decide if we should get the all inclusive package. Like to hear from past guest if it is worth it or just do the "ala carte" paying. Thanks!
  8. I see Nachi has free wi-fi (which my daughter will love). Does anyone know id Paradise Beach also has the free wi-fi?
  9. Our cruise will be in Cozumel this November. It is my husband, myself and our 14 year old daughter. Want to do one of the All inclusives. Would love to hear your views of which you liked better, Paradise Beach or Nachi Cocom regarding food, drinks, atmosphere and distance from the ship. Thanks for any info!
  10. Planning to book through Rony's for our private tour. I'm just confused about West Bay Beach. Roy;s offers quite a variety of places to go at West Bay. For example - West Bay Beach -free access *Free - West Bay Beach - Infinity Bay * $25pp - West Bay Beach - Mayan Princess $25 pp - West Bay Beach - Bananarama $10pp - West Bay Beach- Beach club Day PAss $10pp. ETC. Is there one better area then the other? And which on comes highliy recommended.!
  11. Can anyone who has done something like this with a private driver tell me what the cost was? Do you pay the driver and then pay all your own cost (ziplining, monkeys, etc) or does the driver give one total cost? Thanks for any info.
  12. Will be in Rotan in November on our cruise. Hours there are 10am-6pm. Some of the things we wanted to do are ziplining, seeing the sloths/monkeys, visiting one of the beaches and maybe even visiting the chocolate factory, lol. I know, a lot to do for one day. Can anyone give me their suggestions on their favorite things they did while in Rotan? I need to prioritize what is a must see or do. Any suggestions for a tour company or where to zip line would be a help too! Thanks for any info!
  13. Was planning on going to Paradise Beach for our stop in Cozumel in November. But reading some reviews saying the water may not be clear. Are there beaches in Cozumel with Crystal clear water like some of the other islands? Any beaches to recommend with these waters would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  14. Sounds like a fun day! Definitely looking into this for our trip in November. Thanks for the feedback!
  15. Our ship will be docked in Grand Caymen from 7am - 3pm. We are booking a tour (8:30am 2.5 hour stingray/snorkel tour through Captain Marvins). We will be picked up and dropped back off at the pier from the tour company. If time permits, we would love to get to one of the beaches after the tour and would be doing this on our own. Do you think time would permit this and is so, which beach would you recommend. Thanks for any info!
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