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  1. Thanks again everyone. The goccl site was a great help. The balcony divider can be opened. Getting two balcony rooms together on the floor I preferred was limited due to the cruise being popular (ABC Islands) I guess. One of the rooms is next to a connecting cabin which would have been very convenient had it not already been booked by someone. The few other cabins that were an option were not in a location I wanted. Now it's just to rush to guest services to request it be opened before theres a huge crowd but I will also ask my TA if she could make a note on the reservation.
  2. Thanks everyone. I was thinking it would not be a big deal but glad I asked. Looks like i'll head straight to guest services.
  3. Horizon deck plans show stairs in the far aft. Can these be used by passengers to get to the lido deck or will we have to walk forward to the elevator/stairs?
  4. Family of four will be on Horizon with 2 balcony cabins. Will I be able to have the balcony divider open between the two cabins? I did a search but did not find the answer. It would have been ideal to have the connecting cabin that's next to ours but it was booked already☹️
  5. OMG...I'm only on page one but I had to stop reading and comment. This is soooo me. I wonder if we're related😁. I'm from VA and will be on the Horizon next year and staying one night precruise at Hampton Inn. Early is on time. On time is 3 minutes late. I'm the planner and hubby goes with the flow. I'm not social but that changes on cruises for some reason. Can't wait to read the rest to see what else we have in common😁
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