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  1. I couldn't recall the weekly interval...it's only been 28-32 years since I did that work. I helped run them on the floating rig, and those can get interesting...could be a simulated fire in the galley up to an uncontrolled kick on the rig floor. In those drills often the lifeboats were even launched....nothing better than seeing how small you look in a lifeboat bobbing in the GOM driving away from the rig. Rig looks small from a helicopter...at least we had neighbors about 10-12 miles away.
  2. yes regular drills are required by SOLAS for all ships, so with no passengers they are like a tanker or container ship with all the same SOLAS requirements and drills. Just may not happen only while docked now. My first crew drill (small ship in oil industry) was conducted half way between Virginia and Bermuda, and it included donning a survival suit, firefighting air pack, going over how to launch the life raft, etc...never hurts to know how to launch a life raft as it is generally the same for those giant white container held life rafts on the cruise ships.
  3. if you have been made whole, why do you believe you are owed a profit from the cancelled cruise? As someone else said the TA is doing a lot more work than they would have for the cruise anyhow. As for TAs getting paid, if the cruise lines said you have to continue to help with these cruises and pay back commission already paid, shops would close up leaving a huge issue for the pax and cruise lines to sort out. Also, many other tour operators aren't giving TAs anything for tours the operator cancelled, so the TA gets to deal with the client to sort out the cancellation while
  4. The average day is get up, eat, work, research stuff for the ranch or business opportunities, work, eat, sleep. It gets kind of boring. I do spend more time cooking and probably eating healthier than when things were the old normal where I ate out 5-7 nights a week because of how work, school (my dd is in college nearby), and wife's work had us all so busy all the time. Thankfully a couple times a week I put go to the ranch and tend the herd into the mix. I then get to keep check on progress of interstate highway 3rd lane construction, births of calves, how the wildflowers look,
  5. It is a great thing to do for places you want to use in the future. Today I saw 2 specials offered up to places we go but that are unlikely to survive given they were both nearly dead already. There are a lot of local mom and pop places that I would get gift cards to in order to help them now and they give me good food/service later when they can sit me at a table. One has been doing small specials every week and we have been there probably on average every other week since the virus hit.
  6. It's a site that needs clicks to make money, so why not put something out that sounds good, isn't absolutely false and gets clicks. But when folks use a critical eye as you have and point out it isn't an official RCCL statement it becomes clear it's someone interpreting where they are with cancellations. As many have said and makes good sense cancelled cruises are coming in blocks to make it manageable for the company, both in terms of time to process, and of course cash-flow. If everyone would take a critical eye to all news, and a lot of health related studies (not CV19 related spec
  7. I'd expect there to be a lot more crew cleaning and serving food in the buffet. As already mentioned it may help cut down on noro outbreaks as well.
  8. A key to the drill is knowing where to muster, because it varies by line/ship (I've met in theaters, dining rooms, and out on the deck below hanging lifeboats) and it is also a great idea for those who've never experienced it to see what it is like to muster and be counted as present. (When I worked offshore every Summer in college, we were a few days into the first voyage to Bermuda to take supplies before I was ever put thru a muster drill, and one of the deck officers thought it would be smart to have me put on an immersion suit, which in an emergency would have been critical, so I can sp
  9. Yeah, that's an idea....doubt we will be getting to WDW this Summer. I do wonder when DL & WDW will really open back up. Zero social distancing there. As for Summer cruising, even if the ships are there some of the airlines are already cutting flights to Europe for part if not all of the Summer season, so getting there could become very difficult and far more expensive, at least for those not already ticketed. Then there is the issue of what level of exposure might exist in some of the port cities, leading to modified sailings that folks aren't happy about. As
  10. To a large extent I agree. Some specific lines may take it a step beyond what others do to stand out and use as a marketing ploy, but all will have to meet a minimum requirement that would be consistent across the entire CLIA member fleet. As others have said I would expect the cruise lines to cancel sailings a block at a time so they can handle all the processing. What we may see first is that new bookings on some sailings are blocked before they are more formally cancelled. Eliminates more cancellation work down the road. I know some international tour operators a
  11. Based on comments from one cruise line official today, there are a lot of changes being worked out by all kinds of parties affected that will work to ensure a safer cruise ship environment for passengers and crew alike. Sounded like for one the buffet will no longer have kids tasting and putting the cookies back on the serving tray (I actually saw it happen one time in 35 cruises, but saw many folks including numerous adults grab food with hands and sometimes push other food around to grab the one item they wanted, all with bare hands...saw crew immediately trash large platters of food).
  12. Now we have the new CDC ban on sailings to and from USA for 100 days or until end of Public Health emergency, likely be August or later. In fact for the lines with ships not yet over poised for AK, (and I didn't go look to see where all the ships are) it is quite possible the AK season will be abandoned by many of the ships. Of course redeployment requires that ports be open to cruise ships and many aren't likely to do so until they feel like ships won't have any possibility of bringing the virus to their island/country.
  13. Agree on that, especially since Canada (a required port of call on all Alaska sailings from Seattle) is closed until July 1st or longer. Not sure why any cruise line thinks it is ok to give out completely false information. Princess knows they can't operate the sailing in May. As someone else pointed out Seattle doesn't really want folks flying in and possibly causing #s to climb there again. In Texas travelers from some airports around the country, and anyone crossing on leisure travel from Louisiana are required to quarantine for 14 days and have to report to state police whe
  14. lots of great points here. I feel sorry for those who have been waiting a year for an early season Alaska sailing, especially where it's a once in a lifetime trip. (I've been to Alaska many times and love going back and being there during the Texas Summer months since it is like Texas Winter temps where we go.) I see some talk about the cruises not being cancelled yet. A few considerations, not that I am defending Princess, they have lots of ships tagged to Alaska cruises, so it is a big job to go in and cancel each of the cruises. Also, keep in mind the cruise line can adjust t
  15. Happy belated birthday. Those doctor notes will become a big deal, especially to the many of 70+ crowd who are healthier than many younger people. Given the moves in the past day or two by Disney, more on the park side, but it would seem to indicate they believe it will be a while before leisure travel gets back to normal, I would bet you will see your cruise cancelled by them. I tend to believe the ships will probably at least in the near term when cruising starts again, probably do some sort of testing to those without proof of immunity. If what has been said is t
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