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  1. I've been getting that error message for the past couple of days. It's happened to me before then it goes back to normal after a day or two.
  2. Yep, we're in an obs OV on Sapphire, so I'm curious as to what we'll get on Royal.
  3. Exactly. Why would Princess offer free gratuities as a promotion when it would cut into people booking Princess Plus? I think all we can hope for now is some obc or perhaps an airfare discount.
  4. When I re-fared a cruise recently and got a new booking number, it took about a week for it to show up in the app. I had contacted my pvp and she had the medallion team put it on their list to check into, and a day or two after that it appeared in the app. I don't know if it would have shown up on its own or not.
  5. This is what dh and I plan to do on our next cruise. If we find that our usage overlaps too much and it's a bother, we'll each get our own package in the future. I think it will be fine though. From what you are saying, the now-defunct free minutes were perfect for you. Now you'll have to spend money or obc on an unlimited package, even if you only need or want it for 10 minutes a day. Unless you can wait to send your emails while on shore using free wifi.
  6. I think these things are frequently not thought about when people choose the Plus fare. If you are on a port intensive cruise, you may not be on the ship most days for a glass of wine with lunch or a mid-morning mochaccino. Or a few beers or umbrella drinks at the pool in the afternoon. Cuts down on your opportunities to get your money's worth out of the beverage portion of the Plus fare. I'm pretty sure the Princess bean counters have thought this all through, and they are not giving anything away for free. Also keep in mind that both passengers in the cabin have to purchase Plus, so if one isn't much of a drinker the other would have to pick up the slack to make it pay.
  7. Don't forget the 12 qty bottled water package you can order pre-cruise $7.08
  8. Me too! As much as I appreciate people on that cruise taking their time to report on changes, this was one thing that I had hoped would be answered. I haven't read through all the many posts from that thread so maybe it is in there somewhere, but from your comment, I'm guessing not.
  9. I reached out to my pvp and this is her answer: "I am sorry to hear your friends are unhappy with their vacation planner, they can call our (800)901-1172 number and press 0 or stay on the line until our support agents answer and can request a new vacation planner and they will transfer them to our supervisors to be reassigned."
  10. You definitely can because I did a while back. I was speaking to a regular Princess rep who was experienced and knew her stuff and I mentioned the lackluster service I was getting from my then PVP and she said I could be reassigned. I said yes, and very soon after that my current PVP contacted me and it has been smooth sailing ever since.
  11. Just thought I'd check in with the outcome of my issue in case anyone else faces this. I opened the app yesterday and like magic, my rebooked cruise was there. So it took about a week for it to appear. I don't know if it would have shown up on its own or if it's because I contacted my PVP and my booking got put on the list of uncooperative cruises. I was able to complete various steps in the app so it seems all is working well for now.
  12. Sure. I was assigned a PVP a while back and then was assigned another one after that one left. She always gets in touch with me when I put a cruise on courtesy hold. I can then either book it, have her cancel the hold, or extend the hold date if I'm still not certain. I have reached out to her a couple of times recently and she was able to assist with issues that the regular 1-800 number couldn't help with.
  13. Thanks for the clarification. I had been told in a FB group the same thing regarding the obc being refundable and only the net amount being charged if you wait to purchase onboard. I’m glad to see it verified. Hopefully the voyage-length packages, once they come out, will be reasonable.
  14. There was a discussion on the Elite Facebook page recently where the poster was a TA who had spoken to a Polar Online rep. The rep said for internet packages purchased pre-cruise, the discount would be applied to the onboard folio and would be refunded to the original form of payment if not used. She also said that if you wait to purchase until you are onboard, you will be charged the 50% discounted amount, not the full amount with a credit back. I'm not sure "discount" and "refund credit" mean the same thing in the fine print above. I read that to mean that if you don't purchase an internet package, then that benefit (ie, the discount) has no cash value to you. I don't interpret it to mean that the refund credit has no cash value. But I am not in the legal profession so take it for what it's worth. I guess we will find out shortly once passengers board for Alaska.
  15. Interesting. Mine definitely shows as a medallion cruise on the website. My pvp reported it to the ocean navigator team who said it was a glitch and added it to their list. I’ll just bide my time for now though since I’m not cruising imminently and there are many other passengers whose need is more immediate than mine.
  16. Logging in isn't the issue. I can log in just fine using my user name and password from the Princess site. My issue is that only 2 of my 3 existing bookings show up on the app. When I try to enter the booking number for the third cruise, it says the information does not match their records.
  17. I called the special Medallion number but a regular Princess rep answered who was no help at all. She put me on hold and spoke with the medallion people who told her that my booking was too far out to be recognized by the app and that it had to be within 75 days. I had already explained to her that this was just a new booking number for a cruise that had previously been successfully linked in the app. And also that I have a 2023 booking that is recognized by the app, so the 75 days explanation couldn’t be true. She then tried to tell me that they haven’t entered the information for this cruise into the app yet. I explained again that this exact cruise was successfully linked until I rebooked it. She then said that is what ocean ready told her and they would know. Sigh… I’ve tried a few times since Friday and it still doesn’t work. I’ve logged out and back in but no luck there either. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it still doesn’t recognize the booking number. I’m glad I’m not sailing anytime soon.
  18. What do you have to do if the app doesn't recognize your booking number? I get the red message "Your booking information does not match our records." I have checked and rechecked the booking number and what I am entering is correct.
  19. Keep in mind you can purchase a coffee package for unlimited brewed coffee and 15 specialty coffees for the duration of your cruise for $36. If your son likes blended coffee drinks you can share those from the coffee package with him. You can also purchase packages of 12 bottles of water delivered to your cabin for $7 precruise. Your internet would cost $10/day for up to 4 devices, so that would cover both you and your son. The classic soda package is $11.79/ day per person.
  20. Ok, I think I might have figured out the puzzle. It turns out that this 15-day TA was originally sold as a 16-day, but Princess dropped one of the ports and made it one day shorter. So somewhere in the computer where it figures out price changes, it could still be listed as a 16-day. That's the only thing I can figure.
  21. Yes! I refared on Friday and rebooked under my captain circle number because it was $150 pp cheaper than under my husband’s number. We thought it was really strange that there was a price drop for me but not for him, but we took it. We did lose some obc but no biggie. I had to go through my pvp because the regular customer service rep insisted that I would also lose the obc for using an fcd if I refared. My pvp did it correctly and I lost only the obc for that promo that just ended.
  22. How long does it take for a new booking to be recognized by the app? I rebooked an existing cruise on Friday to get a price drop so now I have a new booking number. The previous booking number was linked to the app (it is no longer since it’s canceled) but the app says the new booking number does not match their information. Does it take a few days? I’ve triple checked to make sure the number I’m entering is correct.
  23. If you like specialty blended coffees like Starbucks serves, you can also purchase a New Grounds Coffee Package for $36 (either ahead of time or once on board) that includes unlimited brewed coffee (much better than the syrup-based coffee served on the older ships) and 15 specialty coffees. The package is good for the duration of your cruise, however long it is. I know this doesn't qualify as "included" but if you're a coffee drinker it's a convenient way to expand the offerings without purchasing the plus fare.
  24. I thought it was strange too. Previous to the price change it had been the normal $40 difference. But after the price change, the difference between basic and plus is $640 for a 15-day cruise. Now, if it were a 16-day, it would be the $40. But it's not, it's a 15 day.
  25. I just checked one of my future cruises that had a very recent price drop, and the difference between savers and plus was now $42.66. I thought that was a little strange. I checked several different categories and that difference held.
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