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  1. Hey,

    Hope this finds you well. I want to leave a comment here because proposed to my ex fiance on RCL. And it was AMAZING.


    So, I didnt use the package. I Had made a scavenger hunt and then wanted to propose at bingo cause that was Our thing..

    So I emailed the food and beverage Director to help set up the scavenger. The day i boarded the ship he sat down with me and helped with a whole crew to have the items in the right places. It was awesome.

    Then, i emailed the Cruise Director and told him my plan. He had me be the bingo commisioner on that day. called me up. And when i was finished doing the "bingo thing"

    He handed me the mic and i called her up. wrote a poem and memorized.

    Well as a good gesture they actually videotaped it for me. And gave us the dvd of it


    GOOD LUCK. I wish you many happy years of success

  2. Since I have not posted in a while. I figured I would like to chime in.

    Being a D+ when they first came out with the package I was skeptical.

    Using the CL and Generous tips to the right Bartenders across the ships worked out usually pretty well.


    on average usually spent 200-400 dollars (cash tips) Drink worth recieved Higher hundreds - thousand. (depending on cruise length)

    That said the ease of the good poor and "extra shot/drink" became more difficult without getting the amazing Bar staff in trouble.


    So several cruises ago on the Oasis. I gave in and tried the package.

    I was recently single and since I was traveling with family and a large group. I thought it would come in handy. ( I think it did )


    If for no other reason, Piece of mind. Knowing, I did not have to worry about how many drinks I have had and how much it would cost.

    - but then there is the fact that I had only "free drinks" during CL time. which is not bad for most. but thankfully I am still relatively young and the only time I can really " let my hair down" is on vacation when i dont have to worry about who the DD is.


    - allows me to try more interesting Drinks which I wouldnt have ventured to try without the consequence of wasting a drink/ and money

    -I Love specialty coffee, and Fresh OJ atleast once a day (on vacation)


    Would I get the package if it was full price (yes) I just did for my cruise on allure in 16 days.

    But would I not even think twice if we got a Discount. Amen too that.


    Thank you in advance for reading my poorly grammatically incoherent nonsense that i am writting during my time on Night medicine

  3. Since you had them everywhere, I doubt they were bed bugs. Bed bugs bite in one particular area. If they were bed bugs you would notice a pattern. They like to bite in a straight line. You would have one straight line of bites on one part of your body, not a bad rash everywhere.



    they may be in a "linear type pattern of 3, but more so in clusters and can be everywhere if there is an infestation of more then just a few bugs. they prefer specific areas but enough bites can cause significant reaction.. and can be a bad "rash every where"


    not a straight line...

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