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  1. How early did disembarking start? Any issue with not enough customs agents?
  2. Congrats on your casino win! Wondering compared to other ships how smoky the casino was. Was there any ventilation? Any nonsmoking machines? Thanks!
  3. A question for those recently off the MAGIC. I' m Cruising on the MAGIC in October and have an 11::00 Flight home. I don't usually book before 1200 but it's a Sunday and I know the airport is close. If no emergencies and the ship is on time, what time does MAGIC dock and what time can Platinum self assist debark?
  4. Went to checkin for my October cruise and all the early times for check in are gone. I know you have to pick a time even if you are Platinum or above but can you still show up at anytime?
  5. All Maryland casinos are nonsmoking and are packed. I love the slots but can't breath in Carnival's casinos. If it was only the players that smoked it wouldn't be so bad. It's all the people that light up and sit at machines not playing or just light up as they walk in and stand there chain smoking. I really feel bad for the casino workers being on there for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week for months. I wonder if Carnival pays for their healthcare when they are diagnosed with cancer years later.
  6. Thanks for the review! I'd like to find out what airline you flew from DC. I only see JetBlue flying direct from DCA and the price is ridiculous!
  7. I'm not sure when MAGIC moved to Ft Lauderdale. Has anyone cruised on the Magic from there and could tell me the time they arrived in port. Wondering how early you can get off the ship and to the airport.
  8. For the minibus shuttle do they take US $?
  9. Thank you for your live review! Can't wait to get aboard tomorrow. Could you please post the time you dock and when you get off the ship. I'm assuming since you went through customs in Charleston you don't have to go through again.
  10. Following. We will be getting on when you get off on Thursday. I have a few questions. Did you hear of anyone attempting to go in the water? Were the mini busses going to Horseshoe Beach? Was theCasino open while docked in Bermuda? Thanks and I look forward to hearing about your day in Charleston!
  11. We will be on April 25th in the large OV. When I booked it was called spacious OV. I'm surprised they are calling then OV suite now since they are the same size as a balcony. Was there a separate line outside the terminal for diamond and above? I had read that now that they had the Key program that only they and suites had the shorter security lines. After security there is then a Diamond and above line to check in.
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