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  1. Meant to say we were to get an email with changes in February not January.
  2. Has anyone on a Hawaii cruise that has changed from from San Diego to Long Beach received the promised email? We were supposed to get this back in January but I haven’t received one. It was to state the new itinerary and reduced price and promised $200 OBC. I see the itinerary changes on my cruise manager but no change to price or the $200 OBC.
  3. I had hoped to move our April 2021 to April 2022 but they have just short cruises on Miracle that month. We ended up moving to October 2022. Not happy they moved the Hawaii cruises to Long Beach and dropped Kauai.
  4. I have two cruises booked for 2022. I will take the vaccine as soon as I can get it but it’s not 100% and we have no idea how long it will last. I don’t know if things will be back to normal by then or really ever. If I have to wear a mask and reserve all activities on the ship and do only ship excursions I think I will wait. I have a 14 day Hawaii cruise October 2022. Since that’s almost 2 years away I have hope!
  5. We booked a 15 day journey cruise to Hawaii. Wondering if there are 2 or 3 elegant nights. What special things do they do on a journey cruise?
  6. Thanks all! For some reason I thought it used to be 170.
  7. Hi, it seems like I’ve been Platinum forever and thought I was close to Diamond. I was surprised though to see that you need 200 points to move up to Diamond. Am I imagining it used to be around 170?
  8. I’ve been on three Alaska cruise although none on Carnival. I would say that Alaska in the most important place to have a balcony. Especially on the glacier day(days). The people with inside and OV rooms crowd the decks and camp out by the windows in the lido. The captain slowly turns the ship around in circles so all cabins had views of the glaciers. Two of the ships I was on we had an aft balcony and that was the best because as the ship was leaving the glaciers you saw them for a long time.I’m not sure if the Miracle has aft balconies but that would be my first choice. I’ve been doing mostl
  9. Was the $600 OBC per cabin or PP? If your new cruise offer has OBC do you get both? Thanks!
  10. April Hawaii a big birthday for me. Doubt it will sail☹️
  11. Our governor in VA is a little late to the party. He just today closed gyms and theaters and made restaurants takeout and delivery only. He did close schools for the rest of the year. On a personal note my daughter's long planned April wedding is postponed indefinitely as is our retirement and moving plans.
  12. I would hate to be in an interior room. I think I'd go crazy.
  13. We are on the April 2021 cruise also. We have 7299 also. Pictures of the room would be appreciated! Do you recommend the hotel you stayed at in San Diego?
  14. This may have been answered earlier but did not want to go through 12 pages. Since you don't have a card to put in the slot machines how do you get credit for your play?
  15. Carnival is switching to Pepsi. Wondering if all other cruise lines under the Carnival umbrella will follow suit. I personally hope not.
  16. This will be my first time with the drink package. If the drink is over $12 can you get it and be charged the extra amount? We will be on an Australia to New Zealand. I didn't realize that the drink prices will be in Australian dollars. Many drinks on that menu were over $12.
  17. Thanks all! I do always tip a $1 per drink but still sometimes spend about $50 waiting for my "free" drink!😉
  18. Going on my first journey cruise. It's 15 days and I'm wondering if I need more than 1500 points for the drinks on us card.
  19. Looking at all options to cruise Hawaii again. Did NCL several years ago. Plus side- great way to see the Islands. Went to both sides of the big island, had overnights in Maui and Kauai. Cons- all American crew that did not have the same incentives to work 12 hour days for 6-10 months. Service was awful. Con for me was no sea days but that might be a plus for you. Flights were very expensive and you need to stay a few days in Oahu to see that island and the hotels are not cheap. We stayed 3 nights precruise so we could have done. 10 night cheaper. It was a great way to see the islands but now
  20. Thank you! Looking at a long cruise and will love more dining options.
  21. Looking at the Miracle for spring of 2021. Noticed there isn't a Guys Burgers. I'm wondering if she is due for refurbish soon and if there are plans to add Guys. Thanks!
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