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  1. Out of the clear blue sky, my wife and I each received a check from HAL in the amount of $21.23 with the reference number P654 TF&P694. The check also reference a trans Atlantic that we took on the Prinsdendam 11/03/2016 and includes our Reservation Number. We have absolutely no idea what this check is for. We had no open claim with HAL. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. We just booked the Sydney to Southhampton and ultimately a TA to NYC in the Spring of 2012. We have previously experienced two TA's on the QM2 and enjoyed the intellectual and formal experiences of the passages. We are experienced travelers on HAL and Celebrity on cruises that are port intense. We are wondering how different life is on the QM2 on a cruise rather than a passage. Does the formality drop a notch? What are the lectures and the entertainment like on a world cruise. How does it differ from a passage? Does anyone care to opine?
  3. How did they handle it? My April Asia to Canada cruise is cancelled. For several months they have been refusing to give details. Did they offer a refund of your deposit?
  4. ClevelandOhio

    Grand Voyage Onboard Deposits

    Does anyone know what deposit is required for a Grand Voyage when purchased on board. I know that the regular $100 deposit does not apply to Grand Voyages.
  5. Does anyone know when the schedules will be introduced? Does the Prinsendam always do this trip?
  6. Does anyone know when the schedules will be introduced? Does the Prinsendam always do this trip?
  7. ClevelandOhio

    Laundry Bag To Stuff For Flat Fee

    HAL has a laundry bag in each room that can be stuffed for a flat fee. Does Celebrity have a similar deal?
  8. ClevelandOhio

    Todd English Reservations on QM2

    We are doing a passage on the QM2 this fall. Is there a way to book a reservation for Todd English before you arrive on the ship? I don't see a way to do it on the Cunard website.
  9. ClevelandOhio

    Renting a car in Hamburg

    I will be arriving in Hamburg in late April. Does anyone have a suggestion for a rental car company that is close to the cruise ship docks?
  10. I just posted a review in the review section. [url]http://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=63978[/url]
  11. We have booked a TA in Oct, 2010, on Celebrity which starts in Southampton and the first port is Le Havre in France. We have decided to board the ship in Le Havre and skip Southampton. We booked on board last fall and they assured us that our plan is not a problem. We are doing this so that we can spend a few days rather than a few hours in Paris. Does anyone have any experience with a plan like this?
  12. ClevelandOhio

    Car Rental (Car Hire) in Southampton

    I intend to rent a car in Southampton in a couple weeks. I am having problems finding a rental company in the area near the port. Does anyone have any information on this. The Enterprise Car Rental at the US 800 number suggested the airport. There must be a better choice.
  13. ClevelandOhio

    Verizon Blackberry on the QM2

    I was setting up my Verizon Blackberry Storm to use in Europe and the customer service rep from Verizon told me that if I use the Blackberry on the QM2 and do not use the phone that I will have internet access and there is no charge for data usage. The Storm is not wifi capable. The data access would come through the QM2 cellular system. Does anyone have any experience with this? If the customer service rep is incorrect, there could be a very nasty roaming charge when I return.
  14. ClevelandOhio

    Transatlantic Dress Codes

    My wife and I will be sailing East bound on Nov 5. I can not find a listing of the dress codes for our passage. All I see on the web site is that there will be a posting on board for one of the three "styles". Is there a standard dress code schedule? We have no idea what mix of clothes to pack.
  15. My wife and I have booked a November TA and will be taking the train from Washington DC to NYC. We will be arriving by train into Penn Station. Does anyone have experience or suggestion on a the best way to get to the Brooklyn Port? Thanks