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    looking for group cruise advise

    How do the points work? I am also planning a group cruise with Carnival for July 2008 on the Miracle. I was tld by the group person at Carnival that each passnger would get 6 points for on board things. What can you do with points and is 6 points each a lot?
  2. JustJake

    Horse Races on Carnival Miracle

    That's good news! We bought one of the horses and had a blast with it. We won the big race and actually won some decent cash. Plus we won for best decorated and got a few rounds of free drinks as a prize. It was really fun...hoping they do it on the Miracle.
  3. JustJake

    Horse Races on Carnival Miracle

    LOL...I'm more concerned with what RCI did with the rest of the horse!
  4. We went on our first cruise three years ago on RCI. We had such a blast with the horse races. They do an auction the first day at sea and you buy one of 6 horses. If you get one, you decorate it and carry it around all week. (Its a pole with a wooden horse head on it) Then the last day of the cruise, they do races on the pool deck and the last race of the day is the 6 horses that were bought at auction earlier in the week. It was really fun. Does anyone know if they do this on Carnival? We are booking a cruise on the Miracle for July, 08. Thanks!
  5. JustJake

    Using a TA to book group Cruise

    I specifically asked the guy from Carnival if I could get a credit if the rates went down and he said yes. And from reading other posts it seems like we the cruisers need to keep track of prices and call the TA if we notice a reduction. So it seems like it would be just as easy to contact Carnival directly.. I guess I wonder about rates...Are there some secret TA rates that we can't get. I mean other than military and senior citizen rates and group onboard credits and a free passenger for every 8 cabins, all of which I covered when I spoke to Carnival directly.
  6. What is the benefit of using a TA to book a group cruise? I am booking a group for the 7/12/08 Miracle cruise out of NY. I called Carnival directly and I got the rates and the whole process seems pretty easy. What would a TA be able to offer that I can't get by dealing directly with Carnival? Also, I am apprehensive to use one becuase when we took our first cruise a few years back we used a well know chain agency and I was not very happy with the service. And every time I called the cruise line (RCI) they would not speak with me and told me I had to talk to the TA. Any opinons? Thanks