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  1. I've met the "brochure people" for another cruise line. Pretty good gig for a "seniors model": they are paid modeling fees plus a free cruise in the same area of the ship as the entertainers. As you can see from our picture, I think Joan looks better than the female model-LOL. Joe
  2. Is a photo for online check-in a new requirement? We've never had to send in a photo in advance of a cruise. Will a snapshot do, or do we need a passport-type photo? Our next cruise isn't until May on the Splendor, so we have lots of time to do what's needed.
  3. Ship geeks, your post reminded me of of one of my favorite Pete Seeger songs, Monongahela Sal, which includes the following verse: "He swore that he always would love herAs they locked through the old Emsworth dam.But that night, overboard he did shove herAnd then Moat Stanley took it on the lam." There are lots of versions of this available online, including Seeger's: https://www.shazam.com/track/60428288/monongahela-sal Global Fish, have a great cruise. You might even find it fun to ask one of the entertainers to play this song, if she or he knows it. There are many other great river songs. Joe
  4. Great review. Everything is in the timing. When we went on this route a few years, we had a lot of rain - which was welcome for the parched forests, not so good for us. We were at Bonneville during spawning season, so the fish ladder was one of the most fascinating things we've ever seen. Without the wall to wall salmon, it's probably a dull place. All in all, a great trip.
  5. We've just made our final payment and gotten our trip insurance. We hope there will be other CC members on our cruise. J & J
  6. Suzy, don't keep us in suspense: did the Jazz sail as scheduled, or did they cancel the cruise?
  7. At the pizzeria, the seating area was empty; but apparently the large group was either downstairs or somewhere else where we didn't see them. We didn't find out about the group until we received our incorrect pizza order. It's obvious that we had an untypically bad experience, so I've been trying to persuade Joan to try again. As noted. Silversea has some fabulous itineraries, including the Gulf of Bothnia cruise that we were on. We would love to have access to such itineraries. Our companions weren't rude: we told them that "good manners spoil good food". They sat with us until we were done, and they were charming. We eventually found out that a waiter other than ours had taken our order, and our waiter didn't realize what had happened. We went to the front desk at least four times, starting on the second or third day, asking for either the food service manager or the guest relations manager. No food service or guest relations manager, no apology, no contact at all from management then or after the cruise. On our cruise, the Grill opened at 6. Actually, we are surprised that no one from Silversea management has responded to this thread.
  8. Joan and I are definitely not "glass half empty" people. Actually, we tend to err on the side of optimism. I asked because I hoped to persuade Joan to try Silversea again. Based on her "we'll never sail on Silversea again" post (yes, both of us post on CC under the Joanandjoe handle), it's a lost cause. Just for the record: 1) I ordered a Margareta pizza in Spaccanapoli. The waiter didn't mention that there was a large group that was hidden from view and had just ordered more than 15 pizzas. After 40 minutes I received a pizza loaded with pork, which I don't eat. Yes, I went hungry on Silversea. 2) We ate at Indochine twice. Once was fine. The other time, we ate with another couple. They got their food promptly, but nothing came for us. Finally we asked the Maître D;' who said that our order had been lost. We got our meal 55 minutes after ordering, and after our companions had finished dessert. 3) Our order was also messed up in Silver note. Plus, I'm allergic to chocolate and Joan to strawberries. Basically, they didn't have a dessert for us, and everything next door at the bar was chocolate or a single shrimp in a gloppy sauce. 4) La Dame was marvelous. 5) We were never able to get a reservation at the Japanese restaurant. We also never had room service delivered in under 30 minutes. The meal at the Grill, which opens at 6, was so disappointing that we didn't try it a second time. 6) After the Spaccanapoli disaster, we asked to speak to the food service manager. He finally saw us on the last day of the cruise. Not much use. I give up. Bad dining experiences at 4 or five different venues may just be bad luck; but that's what our experience was. Have we had bad experiences on Regent? Of course, but they were rare, so we shrugged them off. On our Silver Spirit cruise, bad dining experiences were almost as common as good ones. I hoped that this thread would convince Joan to try Silversea again; but, based on her post, that won't happen. I wish all of you smooth sailing, and better experiences on Silversea than we had. Goodbye. Joe
  9. We will not sail Silversea again. Silversea is supposed to be a LUXURY line. You don't wind up eating cold cheese and bread from breakfast at 4 PM on a LUXURY line. Your complaints don't go unanswered on a LUXURY line.
  10. Thanks. Let s see if anyone joins the roll call.
  11. We have had one cruise on Silversea, on the Silver Spirit from Copenhagen to Stockholm via the Gulf of Bothnia. The ship was beautiful, and the unusual ports, most of which rarely welcome cruise ships, were great. Still, we were only partially satisfied with the experience. Why? Because we were hungry most afternoons, and didn't get to see any shows. We normally start dinner between 5:30 and 6:15 pm. Dinner time on our cruise was 7 pm, which was way too late for us, and made the shows too late for us. We never found a venue where we could get an afternoon snack to tide us over. Room service was very slow. There was no tea time, which is a highlight for us on other cruise lines (such as Regent). The pizza place was so messed up that it took 40 minutes for them to deliver the wrong pizza, which I couldn't eat because of the toppings. We didn't find out about the gelato at the pizza place until the last afternoon of our cruise. Have the meal times been expanded so that the dining room will be less full? If dinner time is still 7 pm, I probably can't talk Joan into trying Silversea again, even though the itineraries are the best I've seen and we loved having a butler. If dinner time is now earlier, I may be able to convince her to book another cruise on Silversea. What are the current dinner and show times on the ships (other than the Expedition ships)? Joe
  12. On our ocean cruises, we've always participated in roll calls for our cruise. We've connected with some great people that way. CC does not seem to have a roll call board for American Cruise Lines. Does that mean we should start our roll call on this board. Our cruise is a 7 night Chesapeake Bay cruise, Baltimore to Baltimore, on 11/14/21. If this board is the right place for roll calls, we'll start one.
  13. Pre-Covid, we chose small group tours when we were really interested in the tour, and they were well worth the extra money. When our interest was marginal, we did not pay extra for small group tours, and in one place - Greenland - all tours were pretty small. We wonder whether tours that are not small group in the near future will nonetheless be smaller than the group size pre-Covid. We have an excursion signup later this month, and will need to decide whether small groups are still worth the extra cost. We will probably decide YES.
  14. But maybe not Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space, possibly the worst movie ever made. We'd like to join the optimists; but, frankly, our next scheduled cruise, mid-September from Vancouver to Tokyo on the Explorer (19 days), seems unlikely, even if somehow Alaska-bound cruises are allowed to sail from Seattle rather than closed-to-cruising Canada.
  15. Thank you, Mighty Quinn and J Mariner, for clearing up this point.. So I guess an Alaska cruise would be difficult with the 7 day limit, but nonetheless possible. Joe
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