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  1. Thanks! let me know if you think of the other one!
  2. LOL! PERFECT!!! Gotta say I love most of those movies :D
  3. I am just dying to know what movies they show on the big screen on the Valor. What else do they show out there? I heard that they have alot of CNN going on. Thanks! Z
  4. What movies did they show? Very very curious about that...
  5. We are cruising this Sunday on the Valor, one of our ports is Belize. Any thoughts on the flooding, do you think the cave tubing and other river type excursions may be cancelled or labeled as dangerous? Just looking for thoughts or any Belize experts opinions on this, we want to plan accordingly. Thanks in advance!
  6. For anyone else that may be confused about the rainbow bridge, it is a place in heaven where pets and their people one day meet again. Toronto - I never knew that there was a place actually called that here on earth, how interesting, I will have to visit some day :)
  7. From one horse lover to another, so sorry for your loss. You two will meet again at the rainbow bridge. Your daughter sounds like a very loving and brave young adult. Glad you enjoyed your cruise, can you tell me which dolphin swim you did? We are looking into the one at Dolphinarius. Z
  8. Wow I cant wait for the strawberries! Thanks for all the replies! I just know that they shut off the coriadors to the cabins for a while when they start embarkation so I didnt know if we would have to commit to being in our room or the pool or something. I did read the thread about the family that had all their stuff thrown away :eek: . I told my DH and he started freaking out!
  9. We will be taking a back to back cruise this June on the Valor and would love to hear from some folks that have done this before. We are just really curious as to what will happen on that Sunday when we change cruises. We are booked for the same cabin so therefor we have been told that we may keep our belongings in our room. Can anybody that has done a back to back trip please tell me what you do on the change over day. Are you confined to your rooms? Or kicked out of your rooms? Ect... Thanks a bunch in advance! Z :)
  10. They do send it overnight from the day that the state processes it. So that could be in 3 days, which is too late. I have a copy I just remebered about at her cheer gym. But I would be too afraid to try the copy thing. I cant exactly leave her at the pier, she is only 9. Still working on it.
  11. New Jersey, I am in FLorida. I ordered from Vital check and the best they can do is 3-5 days. Do you know where I call for overnight?
  12. I wonder if Carnival would do the same. I am having a problem with BC now. Originally It was just My DH and I going on this cruise, well my sister was supossed to stay with my DD and she cancelled YESTERDAY!! Les than 7 days to go. Well we will take our DD with us but just relised that her BC is with Passport processing. When I check the website for status it just gives me a number but no where to track it. I was on hold with the info center for 2 hours yesterday and ended up hanging up. I had to. I have no other choice but to take her with us. If they dont let her on then am SOL. So I wonder if Carnival will accept a notary and the cute hospital BC. Does anyone have a number to contact the big guys over at carnival??? BTW i have ordered her BC Copy but we can only hope it gets here by Friday. We may have a chance.
  13. Ok Here is the deal.. If your cabin is above or below or next to something other than other cabins then ther just mught be some sort of a problem...IF your cabin is just packed in with other cabins then do not fret. Check your deck plans look at whats above and below and then ask specifically. IE> my problem is that my cabin seems to be located BELOW Lido deck there fore I am looking for other folks that have had cabins Below Lido Deck and if they had any poblems. I think that just throwing out random cabin numbers is not going to get many responses. :D (JMO)
  14. CRUD!!! We have Verandah deck room 829*on the victory...can someone tell me how bad this will be? It seems to be right under the stage area of the lido deck. I am really scared about this becuase I am a very light sleeper. I just dont want to hear noise in the AM. PM noise is Ok. How hard is it to get your cabin changed when your less than 30 days from sailing?? Gee I really hate posting my cabin number.:(
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